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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was lying in bed this morning at 3am, and I thought of a question to pose to you all. When you're alone thinking about stuff. Do you hear your own voice in your head? Kind of like talking to yourself but not actually out loud? (I'm hearing the 'voice' as I type this!!!) Hmmm voices.

I came up with this gem so inspiring that I got out of bed and scrawled it on my whiteboard.

'Murmurs in the dark, are merely whispers in my head'

I'm quite chuffed with that one.

Back to the topic of the blog. Inspiration:
When I was little, I loved Roald Dahl - My favourite book of his is James and the Giant Peach. I can remember my teacher (I can't remember what grade it was) reading it out loud to us, and my head filling up with the words Roald Dahl used to incite imagination. My 'little' self was literally beside herself. After that I remember reading Charlie and the chocolate factory, and being immersed into the world Roald Dahl created.
Years later as an adult. I was wandering around the library and came across a book in the returns trolley called 'Looking for Alaska' it was a young adult novel (I wasn't a young adult) but the description appealed to me. I loved the Catcher in the rye, and this book, somehow drew me to it. I'd never heard of John Green before. But the front of the book sported a sticker to say it had won awards. So I thought I'll have a read.
Whilst I read John Green's book - I had a realisation that my calling would be to write young adult novels. Why? Because it's an audience without judgement. Young minds leap into a book, adults tend to tread carefully. I want to write for an audience who will just launch themselves into the world I create, and hope that the twist and turns will lead them to an ending they feel is worthy of the characters journey.

John Green - made me want to be a writer. A young adult writer.

It is through John Green that I discovered Stephanie Perkins today. John recommended her book on twitter. I clicked the link, followed another link to Stephanie's website. Whilst reading Stephanie’s blog. I discovered a fellow writer - one who has been on a similar path.

Whilst I looked at studying Journalism. (Stephanie began it, then changed to creative writing) It was creative writing that drew me to the Uni I am currently at. It is the fine art in which they (the course writers/lectures) make writers look at a picture so large that at times you can't see the edges. By doing this it in turn will make us better writers. (Though I still suck so baldy at punctuation!)

So I wanted to give Stephanie a shout-out. Say 'Hi' from Australia and to let her know that John Green was my inspiration to write, and her story of how she got from point a to point b has given me a boost. While I'm not saying it will happen next week. I know in my heart that I will get Zoey and Heath's journey published one day. As there's a market out there for future dystopian Science fiction for young adults... Just look at Mary Hoover and Children of Morrow

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One down. Twenty-Five left

I lost a follower - How do I know this? When you only had 26 followers and now have 25 - it's not hard to tell that someone left. So farewell follower who has left - you no doubt had your reasons to hit that 'stop following button' Was it something I said? Perhaps it was something I didn't say.

To my other faithful readers - thank you for sticking around. You all rock and are very #rad. Once I move past the pure hatred and rage I'm feeling towards my father right now. I will update my blog so that it's not just another 'Sal's moaning about how much her father sucks again Zzzzz'

I'll be back soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful x-mas

That's all I've got.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA

Hello Readers,

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. A lot of things have happened. My Nan passing away was the biggest thing to occur. I miss her greatly.

I'll get back into the swing of things soon I promise.

Hope you are all well.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nano day six

Hello readers,
It's day six of Nano and I'm have just over 10,000 words so far. (see little thingo applet for Nano on the right hand side - over there!) I'm on track i.e I'm up with the word limit I need to be to finish on time.

My characters are a little 'chatty' at the moment - but I think overall it helps to understand the story arc etc.

So with a word count needed by the end of day six to be 10,200 I'm 'almost' there - I'm off to have some lunch now though.

Hi to my new follower. Thanks for getting on board - I hope I don't disappoint.

That's all I've got

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

N n n n Nanoooooooo

So I’m pumped and ready for Nanowrimo 2010 – I finished re-reading over my first novel this afternoon – found gaping holes in it the size of a small mini van and have a shit load of editing to do on it (The highlighter on the page is out there!) BUT I’m on track to start Monday morning the 1st of November for Nano 2010. I plan to write the sequel (Read: ending) to the first book I wrote last year. This way the ending doesn’t appear rushed, and also after re-reading over the work I did this past week – it has allowed me to make notes on bits I brushed over a little – I had some good ideas, but didn’t expand on them (as I was trying to get the 50,000 word count done) – so this will be addressed in the edit at the end of November where Scoman will be my proofer once again.

In other news I’ve finished Uni for the year and got my grades posted today – I got two credits and a distinction for the subjects I did this semester which I’m really happy with. I’ve got six more subjects to do and I’m officially finished this degree – My plan is to go on to do a post grad in librarian services so I can look at getting into the university libraries, or be a research assistant for some super high paid professor!! Either way I want to be able to still write as that is where my passion is.

Anyway with November comes writing everyday for nano – so I’ll do my best to add a post on here each day as well.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New idea for a Blog thingo

I had a moment of clarity last night. (Insert laughter here) Whilst trying to get to sleep on the eve of my exam (Which is in less than 2 hrs so I need to post this and haul my arse to Uni!) I've thought of a new idea for my blog. All will be revealed soon... i.e once I've got Uni for this year out of the way......

But in the mean time you can all be delighted in reading this :)


That's all I've got.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Assignment results

I just want to know how hard is it to get results back to students BEFORE the next essay is due? I handed in an assignment almost a month ago now, and I'm still waiting to find out the results. I could have failed it for all I know, and I'm about to hand in the next assignment for this class, not knowing if I'm way off the mark in relation to understanding the subject as I'm still waiting for my results and feedback on the first.

Am I annoyed? Yes I am actually.. I'm borderline fucked off, if I'm totally honest.

Anyway - I'm off to shoot things in video games - that will make me feel better!

That's all I've got.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm a gamer chick :)

The first video game console I was ever exposed to was an Atari – in which we played ‘pong’ It was the original ping pong / table tennis game – thus the name ‘pong’

Want to know more – click here (Link to Pong stuff)

After that we upgraded to the legendary Commodore 64 in which space invaders, and pac man were the games of the ‘times’

Eventually my brother went off to Uni and got a computer. This is when Wolfenstien 3d entered my life… It was so cutting edge and it was epic – my brother had this game, and a lotus car game. A lot of hours were spent on these two games when he’d bring his PC home on school holidays.

Not long after this I myself got a computer. It was the mid 90’s Window 95 was ‘huge’ and I entered the world of Duke Nukem 3D (Possibly one of my all time favorite PC FPS of all time – it was a delight to hear that the ‘rumors’ surrounding it’s return are looking more like truth than lie atm. (Click here for more info of new Duke Nukem Forever)

Sony entertainment released their first PlayStation, not long after many hours of 'Suck it down' (Duke reference there) I got a PlayStation as a birthday gift from my family. I loved this gaming platform, and I was thrust into the world of car racing, tomb raiding and slaying of zombies in Medievil.

Which brings me to my post today.

The other week I got a PSN card for my PlayStation 3 it allows you to buy games from the play station network (PSN) without having to give your credit card details etc. So I decided to shop in the ‘old school’ section.

To my delight they have both Tomb Raider and Medievil. I loved Medievil it was a fun game, you killed zombies and worked out puzzles etc. So I bought it for $8.00. I played if for the first time in about 13 years yesterday afternoon. I had to admit I can’t remember a lot of the game, so it’s kind of like playing it for the very first time. The graphics are very dated, and it was a little lagging at times on my PS3. but over all it was #rad.

While this game will produce new memories for me playing it in 2010. I guess I can never beat the memories that were first etched into my memory playing it back in the late 1990’s.

Overall – Gaming is a huge part of my life, and I’m proud to say that I’m a gamer chick, who also happens to be a geek and a nerd :)

Got the trifecta happening there, which I’m very happy with.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

B B B Bloging

I've got that David Bowie song in my head 'chh chh chh changes' Why? I'm not sure though at a guess I'd say it's just one of those random things. It beats the hell out of the bloody awful music the bogan neighbors play at top note. I got 'Galveston' on repeat this morning... Fuck I HATE that song. They are clearly country music fans, though I think one of them does like Queen, which is alright.

Hello to my new follower. I'm slowly increasing my numbers I've got 26 now :) Ta Daa

Talking of Ta Daa. Those who read this blog who are in Australia, the one commercial on TV at the moment that drives me insane is those coles ads with the little girl who totally steals the display items, then screeches at the top of her lungs 'look mum! Ta Daaa' I just want to put up a sign over the top of that kid saying - 'Yet another reason for birth control'

I'm almost at the end of this semester of Uni - it (The end) can't come soon enough. I should be writing assignments right now, but I'm taking time out to write a blog. Then I'll get back into it. There's only so much time you can look at sole parent welfare to work reforms in one sitting.

I'll stop procrastinating, I want to make my word count I set myself for today,(1,500) so I can have a little nanna nap this afternoon. Only 300 words to get there.. I should piss that in.

That's all I've got.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I found her

I found Sally. The girl I was named after. (See previous post) A bit of research and BOOM I found her. I e-mailed her to ask if she was the same Sally. She replied stating she was. I've since e-mailed her back re my mum and her connection. I'm waiting for a response from her.

When I told my mum I'd found her (Sally). The smile on her face, probably could have been seen from space. It's safe to say my mum is happy I've managed to locate her childhood friend.

It is a case of 'watch this space' for future updates on 'Sally'

That's all I've got.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What is in a name?

Everyone has a name. Mine is Sally (Though most people call me Sal)

I went out today with my mum, and whilst we were out we spoke about all kinds of things. But the most interesting was how I got to be called Sally.

Originally I was going to be called Cindy (My father’s choice!) – However the lady next door to my parents around the time of my impending birth called her dog Cindy… So Cindy got scrubbed (THANK FUCK!)

So the next suggestion was my mum’s. She had a primary school friend called Sally. To my mum Sally was her best friend, she was nice, kind and a gentle little girl, who obviously had an impact on my mum’s life (My mum’s upbringing wasn’t very nice) So to honor this childhood friend of hers. She named me after her.

What I’d like to do is try and track this Sally down. (Possibility of this is slim I know). But as I sat opposite my mum at lunch, and listened to her talk about Sally, you could see the pure joy in her eyes for this little childhood friend, as she recalled her memories of them together. I asked her what happened to Sally. She said her family moved to Sydney, and she never seen her again.

So, I’m going to try and find Sally for my mum. Why? Because with technology such as the internet it makes these things a ‘little’ easier. But also because I think it would be lovely to re-unite them.

As I embark on mission ‘Find Sally’ I’ll keep you all updated. In the meantime. How did you get your name? Were you named after a relative, or a friend of your parents? Or was your name just chosen at random? Did you parents wait until you where born to name you, waiting to see what you looked like, so they could say ‘He looks like a Mathew, or she looks like a Melanie’

Let me know – comment away people.. You know you want too.

That’s all I’ve got.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24th

You stole a piece of me that day, a piece that is lost forever and I will never be able to get back. I trusted you, thought you were a ‘friend’. Yet in that moment you turned into a monster and grew darker in the hours that followed.

Five years ago on this day I was abducted by a so called ‘friend’. This ‘friend’ who I had formed a friendship with, had hung out with, gone to the beach with etc. turned into a monster. What is worse was *after* the event it was revealed to me by a friend of yours that this was not your first offense. You’d done this kind of thing before. What I always wonder is why didn’t the person who told me this evilness about you after you violated me, had not told me before? Why had he not warned me, so I could stay the fuck away from you. Did he think I was ‘safe’ because I was gay?

No because in the sick and twisted world inside your fucked up mind. You befriended me, made out that me being gay was ‘no worries’ ‘all good’. But deep inside your darkness it was your mission to make me realise I was wrong to not like men, and the one ‘man’ to make this wrong, right was going to be you.

I’ll never forget the way you literally turned from ‘nice guy’ to psychopath in seconds. From offering me a lift to my car, due to leaving work sick, asking if I needed to go to a doctor, and then missing the turn for the cark park. The sound of the central locking of your doors, the electric windows being locked from the main control panel on the driver side door. The punches you unleashed on me, the threats to break my arm, then letting me know in no uncertain terms you were going to kill me, chop me up and scatter the pieces all over various parts of Australia. That I’d ‘never be found. I can smell the interior of your car still to this day, your eyes with no soul behind them. People spout statistics that if you’re going to be assaulted there is a high probability that it will be by someone you know and trust. I was in the category of ‘the people I’m friends with, would NEVER do something like that’ you did. You’re a cold fuck, who deserves to rot a slow and very painful death.

I’ve had many fights over my time. But the punch I manage to land in your face is still to this day the best one ever. I would break both hands over and over again if it meant I got to inflict some pain back onto you.

Five long years have passed, your ‘good behavior bond’ has finished, as has the terms of the five year AVO. I know this much. If you come anywhere near me, you won’t get off as ‘lightly’ as you did this time five years ago, I’m a very different person now. Different because that ‘goodness’ I had inside me was stolen by you, and I will never get that back.

You are a worthless oxygen thief. I sincerely hope you stop breathing soon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need to write more Take 2

I was halfway through this post, when blogger decided to get all temperamental on me and just deleted what I'd written!

Anyway - I've decided I need to physically write more, as in putting pen to paper and writing down the thoughts in my head. I bought a journal / writing book a little while ago, and dug it out today. I thought even if I can just write something (like 50 words) a day. It will have to help improve my appauling handwriting, and reliance on word processing softwares for my spelling (Even they fail me at times)

I noticed that I had a bit of a problem when I went to write on my mum's birthday card during the week. When I re-read what I'd written I was flat out reading my own hand writing, so I shudder to think if she managed to work it out.

So on my day off today. (No Uni work) I decided today would be the day I'd start 'hand writing' stuff. If I come up with something profound, then I'm more than happy to type it up and post it on here. But in the mean time. Combined with this online blog, I'm going to have a crack at getting my handwriting writing ability (Is that a correct sentence?) up to scratch.

In other news - Australia went to the polls to vote in a new PM over the weekend. I voted for Labor - it's currently undecided as it's quite close. I hope like hell that Labor gets in.

That's all I've got.

Friday, August 20, 2010

An abundance of TV shows

Hello Readers,

Thanks to @thisisscoman I’m now a *huge* fan of Dexter – to the point that I can refer to myself in the presence of Sco as the ‘Lundy Fan girl’ Yes I love Lundy (If you don’t watch Dexter you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you do. I’m sure you’ll agree.) I think it’s to do with the fact that he’s an older dude, who can still pull the young chicks aka Deb. Now Deb is *smoking* hot and the actresses who plays the characters in this case Jennifer Carpenter is officially on my list of celeb’s I’d shag in a heart beat. The character she plays in reality is my ideal woman, she’s brunette, smart, sexy, and can hold her own and well looks good with a gun strapped to her hip. (Admit it everyone loves people either in uniform or some sort of profession where there’s a gun involved.) Gillian Anderson will always be my first ‘celeb’ love.

Basically I’ve been having ‘down time’ of an evening after writing and researching stuff for Uni all day and Dexter has been a really nice surprise and welcome relief, to switch off. Another show I’d been put onto by my friend @vonbunnie is Trueblood. Now I’d seen a couple of episodes of TrueBlood, but I either forgot it was on, or had missed a few too many episodes to catch up. So I’ve recently caught up and have been getting my ‘adult vampire’ on.

Add into that the usual stuff I watch regardless of the events going on around me. (That’s code for Doctor Who!) I’ve been enjoying my evening veg out. It’s a little ‘quicker’ than watching a whole movie. A 45 minute TV show just seems to fly by, perfect as the ‘switch off’ tonic needed after studying about various sociological ‘stuff’ throughout the day.

So this evening, I’m off to eat a meat pie and some hot chips, and watch more True Blood.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Those who have no warm bed at night.

When you lay in bed at night, does your mind ever wander to think of those who have no bed? I wrote this last night, as my mind thought of those who haven't the luxuries that I have.

The cold trickles through the gaps of clothing and covers. Seeping into the marrow of my bones. The newspapers that cover me at night, keep out some of the cold, but not all of it. When first light breaks I remove the newspaper and fold it up.

Last night’s blankets will be today’s seat. I sit on my newspaper so no one can steal them. Theft is high amongst those who have nothing.

I will go to the salvos today and ask for a blanket as the nights are getting colder. If I’m to survive this winter, I’ll need to find more warmth.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parking - How hard is it?

In my small country town we have (Had) 45 degree reverse angle parking in the main streets. That was until last week when the local council finished upgrading the CBD to convert the reverse angle parking into nose-in front angle parking.

So we went from this:

To this:

As you can see from Image one - reverse angle parking isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, it is hard for some people to get in between the lines or even SEE the lines when they are reversing in on them, then there's people who can never park between the lines, thus putting out all the other car parking spaces around them, so it doesn't matter if you can park in between the lines as by the time you get to them someones car is right over the top of the lines.

Nose in parking (See image two) is a whole different ball game. You can see EXACTLY where you're putting your car, how it is lining up re the lines for the car space. So how the fuck someone can fuck that up is beyond me. But today whilst I was out there was a car 'space' but you couldn't park you car in it, because the fucking tool who got there before you couldn't manage to put his /her car in between the designated lines - going in a FORWARD motion... which scared me as I think fuck if you can't see what you're doing in front of you - how the fuck did you manage to park before when you had to reverse!?! Maybe that's the asshole who backed into my old Gemini once and didn't bother to leave their details other than the green paint work on my front fender!

Anyway - parking... It's really not rocket science I mean it's not like they are asking us all to parallel park!

That's all I've got.

**NB please note neither image above represents the parking in my town. I just Googled 'car parking - nose in and rear angle' and got those two results (Along with a heap of other SHIT!!!!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules on kissing people!!

Hi readers,

How are we all? I'm sick :( Yes I want to come on here bitch and moan about my illness and hope to get some sympathy from you all :) Did it work? I can hear a few 'oh suck it up Sal!'

How did I get sick? Well here is my theory...

On Friday night a group of us went out for dinner. (Don't skip ahead it's not food poisoning) What I want to know is... when did kissing people on the mouth become the new 'greeting'? I mean these people are 'friends' of mine, but none of them I want to kiss ON THE MOUTH! so they all just dive in for the lip kiss - one in particular then announced she hoped we'd all get whatever it was she'd had! How fucking nice is that!

Being sick sucks, it drains you of your energy, you feel like a spew all the fucking time, your head pounds.... Oh wait - isn't that just the 'woman' curse!' yes I got blessed with my uterus falling out the other morning at 3am also! (YAY for me) However this 'illness' has progressed and I even phoned to try and get into the doctors this afternoon.......... I know I'm clearly unwell if I think I'll seriously get into see the doctor in under two weeks by which stage I'll be well again and I'll be just taking someone else's appointment who is 'really sick'

So I'll take my bucket, and haul my arse back out onto the lounge watch some TV and hope like hell this 'virus' passes and people stop bloody kissing me!! (Ewwwww) and I manage to get some decent amount of Uni work done - the bonus to all this (Yes there is a bonus) this is the 'off' week of lectures so I've got one less worry about non attendance.

That's all I've got

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello readers,

Check this lovely message out:

There was a problem accessing your account. Please try again in a moment.
Error #1

I've had this error for a week. Do you know how HARD it is to find the bloody link to allow you to get in touch with Ymail - Let me tell you.

Every bloody link wants you to sign into your e-mail account to contact the 'friendly yahoo team' HOW can I when I can't get into my fucking e-mail!!!

So I finally managed by pure luck (I.e don't ask me to do it again, cause I can't remember what I clicked) to get a feedback form up so I can send them a WTF??? E-mail along with a 'you should really make this link more VISIBLE so it doesn't take 20 mins to FIND IT!!!'

Will I hear back? Sure I will eventually. Lets put bets on, that they send their response to the e-mail account I CAN'T get into.....

Place your bets loyal readers - place your bets.

That's all I've got :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shhhhh it's a secret -

Hello readers....

Lets us discuss the anonymity of the web and how we can blog to our hearts content without anyone really knowing who we are.. I'm 'Just Sal' there's no reference here to my last name, for all you know my name might not even be Sal

I blog under a 'no real names' policy because I choose too. I don't want to be pulled up in a line at the supermarket and have people say 'Oh you where so fucking off the mark with your blog this week' Or be different around me as they might 'end up' in my blog.

It turns out that this week I discovered my sister-in-law has a blog. How do I know this? She sent an e-mail out advertising that she had one. Which is fine, she's clearly keen to use her blog as a tool in which to keep her friends and family up to date with what is going on in her life etc.

I don't blog for this reason. I blog for me and me alone - I write about shit from buying a paper on a Sunday morning (With a little cake) through to the fuckwit bogans who live on this street. I rant about my father, I talk about my family. But I never mention names. I like my anonymity. I like that no one knows my real name (With the exception of a few followers who I pay offf each month to keep their silence! You KNOW who you are!!)

I'm a private person, and this blog allows me to speak out without any fear of persecution, no "oh isn't you brother that... "Or I seen your uncle at the pub the other night...' Bullshit (See post office blog!)

I won't be 'following' my sister-in-laws blog, simply because I don't want her mother / family to know about my blog. Its like a double sided sword really. While I don't give a fuck, I kinda do.. Only because I guess I don't really want to be judged by people who know me. Some stranger I can easily say - 'Go get fucked' too as I'll never have to 'see' them again. But when it comes to extended family functions its kinda hard to make small talk to extended family members when you've told them to go fuck themselves in your blog.

Does ANY of this make sense? or am I just rambling on with shit as per usual.

That's all I've got

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Darkness is encroaching

I'd planned to write a light hearted, witty blog this evening. However, the darkness is encroaching on me once again. From time to time it likes to grab hold and wrap itself around me like a wet blanket on a cold and windy day.

In the past I've just soldiered on, did my best to fight the grey clouds from around me. But today there's something not quite right. There's a piece of me missing, and I'm no sure which part.

The deeper I search for the missing piece, the more confused and lost I feel. Maybe I should just let the darkness in and hope like hell it just passes through, leaving me slightly unscathed. My only fear with just letting it in is that this darkness is different, and it might just consume me. :(

That's all I've got.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to the grind

I'm back at Uni *Shhh don't tell the lecturer I'm blogging through their *cough* Lecture*

I used to sit near people who bought a laptop to Uni and think, WTF do you need that here for? Now that I have one and can access the free internet from this lecture theater. I can see why now :)

Just to keep you all up to-date. (In no particular order, it's just how the info came out of my head!)

1) This lecture is about religion and the state - it's a snore already and I'm thinking why did I take this class? Oh yeah I remember there was FUCK ALL ELSE being offered this semester! *Grumbles to self*

2) I've been out-bid on eBay (probably a good thing as its money I don't really have)

3) I had 24 e-mails waiting for me this morning, 12 of which was spam!!

4) Scoman is officially 'out of the blogisphere' breaking the 'rules' regarding his blog! *Naughty Sco!*

5) I'm about to post this update and head home.

6) I'm off out to dinner tonight with some friends, should be good.

7) I've got a review of the latest season of Doctor Who to post. Although I'll hold off on uploading it until it 'officially' airs in Australia as I fucking hate spoilers!!

8) Hello to follower # 25 :)

That's all I've got.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Those who read this blog, probably know of the great #rad Scoman.

He e-mailed me today to tell me his blog is MIA - Yes readers, someone has stolen Scoman's blog and it is 'no longer available' the blog has been deleted (Insert sound of cybermen going 'delete delete delete') ... or maybe not ;P

After more correspondence with Scoman, he has come to the conclusion that he *may* have breached the terms and conditions of blogger (So unlike him don't you all think?)

Personally I think it was that vegan Andrew G who probably conspired to have Sco's blog deleted.

Hopefully Sco will return soon, if not we'll throw him a party when he starts up another new blog!!

In other news!!!

Australia has a new prime-minister - and the coolest part is it's a woman :) Woohooo girls around the world are currently saying 'you go girl' because Australia is different to other countries that have had previous female leaders, as ours LOOKS like a woman!!! Thacher?? Sometimes I think it was a Muppet that got rejected, and don't get me started on New Zealand's former (I think it was a woman) 'leader' *lol*

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's raining....

I love the rain, there's nothing nicer than curling up in bed and reading a book or having a nap and listening to the rain fall down.

What I'm not a fan of, is having to go out in the aforementioned rain, when it's winter and freezing cold. The plus side. I lit the fire this morning, and so when I returned from being out in the sleet and snow *cough* HUGE exaggeration there! The lounge was toasty and warm, my dog has positioned himself in front of the fire complete with blanket he'd dragged in from outside!

I've spent the day enjoying the rain pissing down outside, the fire keeping me warm, and the latest book from David Moody called Dog Blood which arrived the other day.

Any low points? No
Any high point? Not really
Anything that made me laugh out loud? A phone call from my mum telling me how she ripped my dad a new asshole over being a cranky old shit! *lol* Still laughing over that as I write this. Go Mum :)

What has your day consisted of today?

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emotional states

When I was young my brother and I weren't allowed to cry - we'd get the 'I'll give you something to cry about' line from our father - because in his mind crying was a sign of weakness and his children weren't weak.

Has that effected me? FUCK YES! I'm emotionally retarded when it comes to moments one 'should cry' and times when you're left thinking. WTF am I crying for. However due to this 'rule' that was set down upon us. I'm the polar opposite of him, I'm a supportive person when people around me cry. I go into 'support' mode, telling them it's alright to cry, and things will be alright (That whole reassurance thing! *See previous post*) This also includes my nephews when they cry.

Children cry for various reasons, they are hurt, they feel hard done by, they are tired and need a serious nap. But being supportive is what I personally believe is important. When I ask 'four' what's wrong and why is he crying. He will give me an answer. It might be that his little brother is hogging the toy and won't share, that he feels sick, or is afraid of the dark. But it's these answers that hold the key to the emotional state of the child / person at that very moment.

If your kid is afraid of the dark, give them a nightlight simple. Why traumatize the child by forcing them to sleep in a darken room, when they are clearly visibly upset from the situation. I think I hit the nail on the head with my brother when I was with him last re his kids crying. I just simply uttered the words.... Don't be like our father!

The boys now have a night light :)

That's all I've got.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please don't pass me the dictaphone :(

I was washing up today and had this realisation. Everyone of us are story tellers. All of us. Each of us has a tale to tell in relation to how we meet our friends, partner etc. How we may have left a job, or how we got a job. So in reality being a 'writer' is well nothing really special, because deep down all of us are, in some form of another, 'story tellers.' It's just the really talented ones or those who have the money to grease the right palms that get published. (This is going somewhere I promise)

What shits me is that I've done two and a half years at Uni in a writing degree, and in that time I've worked my arse off to achieve the grades I have. But it seems that 'learning' a trade isn't important anymore, you just have to be good looking, charming, fucked enough people, play football, or suck a lot of cock to get a book published these days! FUCK industry training - that's for nerds, geeks and wanna be writers. It would appear to me that if I a) get a job which involves little to no skill. b) become addicted to drugs, which will bring me media spotlight and then on top of that c) Fuck a lot of football players. I'll get a book published without a problem!

FOR FUCK SAKE Society!! When are we going to see that we want QUALITY over QUANTITY! I want to read books worth reading, not buy some book by a fucking washed up pop star who hasn't managed to get his cock sucked in the last hour by some wanna be groupie with illusions that she / he could be the next "Mr/Mrs fake fuck"

Am I annoyed? Yes a little. I'm a little pissed off that people in this country get a book deal, just because they are a fucking politician, or some dead shit football player! Both of whom probably didn't even write their book, they just spoke a load of shit into a Dictaphone and some poor sap (Probably a writing student!) typed it out.

If my future holds a place for transcribing other people who think they are someone important when they aren't fucking shitty story :( I think it's time to source out a high building.

That's all I've got.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Submission for Best of Australian Anthology 2010

Hello readers,

You asked for it - and here it is.

This is the piece I submitted today to the comp I spoke about in my last blog.


White blinded vision

Switch Flicking
fuzzy lines


F e e L

Twitching in your neck, invisible hands touching you, burning like the sun, sun burn prickles and spread up into your scalp, crawling, itching, tingling, living lice infestation, spreading like an oil spill.

S e

Flickering lights, fuzzy lines dance across your vision, strobing causes white colour blindness, bright and unfailing, impairing your vision.

H e Rrr
e a

High-pitched frequency, cancels you out to the world, with that Screeching noise, a constant throbbing beat, the pressure makes your ears bleed.

m e l
S l

Crushed ants, damp towels, damp ants, crushed towels. Senses cause confusion salicylic acid causes a chemical reaction, releasing effervescent bubbles that smell of lemon tang, foliage from the tree in your back garden scrape your skin like razors, breathe in and out don’t get smothered by their aroma.

T a t e
s t

Bitter pills mixed with water, clear a path for fast release pain relief, gulped down acidic bubbles make your tastebuds tingle from the fizzy cocktail, swallow hard and lay back to allow the drugs to take control.

You are Sally’s

Neck pain, spreading like a virus, moving upwards in a shiver, tingling the scalp, crawling sensation, like an infestation of lice. Burning eyes with one hundred tiny needles stabbing like a tattoo on the retina, impaired sight, flickering lights like an emergency beacon. White blinded vision causes spasms, affecting the optic nerve.
Eardrums, ringing like the safety lights at a level crossing., never failing alerting all those around.

Through the haze you find the medicine cabinet, shelves filled with drugs like books in a library.

You are the hissing of Sally’s aspirin, effervescent bubbles try to escape over the edge, taste buds tingle, tingling taste buds, lemon tang multi strength aspirin. Nostrils become the pipeline to your olfactory glands, filling them with the smell of crushed ants and wet towels, lemon tang, codeine phosphate, oxycontin. The inside of your head expands, as pressure builds ups with no form of escape. Thick dark curtains drawn to help eradicate the light, total darkness a requirement against the white blinding light. Churning stomach rolls in waves of nausea, causing involuntary muscle movement as the liquid ascends your oesophagus in an attempt to escape. Mouth welded shut, to keep the stomach contents imprisoned, if it escapes there's no chance to stop it, as the oxyacetylene has run out.

Finally you become horizontal and let the warm sensation of S8 painkillers take flight.

You are Sally’s MIGRAINE, grinding a halt to life, for a non specific time frame.

Disallowing normality, with pain and misery, the loss of hearing and sight.

I am once again blight on Sally’s existence.


It's a bit out there - it was for a class called writing from the edge.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a general catchup

Hello readers,

I just thought I'd say hello. So 'hello.' Firstly thanks to Scoman and Hillbilly Dun for your books. I'll add them to my list and check them out.

My week has been kinda eventful. I got sick of my PC being a right prick locking up, not booting, etc so I smacked it around a few times, still no change. So I fixed it good and proper! I formatted the fucker! Yes I hit that 'fdisk' program like it was a pinball machine and delete delete delete. Since then *touch wood* it's been going really great, except for this evening after a WINDOWS update it just gave me the c: prompt for 5 mins, so I had to reboot it, I told it to sort it's shit out and it booted up fine :) YAY.... Word however is still being a little 'odd' but hey it is Microsoft after all!

Along with formatting my PC - I submitted my piece for the poetry competition. I put a very brief note on the front, and thanked the person for taking the time to read my piece. This is kinda big for me. I've never entered my work into anything before. The only people who have read my work are those few I trust. So sending this off to a total stranger is kinda big. If you want to read what I submitted, let me know and I'll post it up here, and hope like all fuck no one flogs it! (I'm paranoid about ppl stealing my stuff as it does happen (Remember last years playwriting class, when one student tried to offload someone else's work as their own!)

The other amazing thing I discovered this week was ebay. I know its been around forever, but I've never bought anything on there, and this week I signed up and put something up for sale. (This was yesterday afternoon) This morning it was sold! I was like 'damn!!' So now I'm waiting for the $$ to change hands, I'll post it off to the new owner, and I'll buy the text book I need to buy this semester which is due to kick off again in less than two weeks. Where did my holiday go?

I've got car rego and insurance due by the end of the month. So impoverished is well and truly the key word right now.

Plus I've been re-reading over my NanoWrimo Novel from 2009 so as to refresh the story in my head so I can finish it. I'll then send it to Sco for proofing. THEN I'll start planning for this year's Nano which will be here soon.

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five Books

I thought about this entry while I was away, jotted down some notes and here I am sharing it with you.

If you had to pick five books all from 'different' genres (I use different liberally as some genres kinda mould into one another) What five would you choose to recommend to others and why?

Here is my list:

Romance / period piece: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë - I read this book at school when I was 14 and I really enjoyed it. Of all the books I've read from this 'period' aka Austin, Bronte sisters etc. This wins each and every time.

Horror: Hater by David Moody - Hands down the best book I've read in some time. You want to know what it's like for a zombie? Cause zombie's have feelings too you know!! Moody tells the story from the un-dead rotting flesh point of view.

Science-Fiction: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells + Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - When it comes to Sci-fi I can't split Wells and Bradbury. Both prolific world creators re futuristic settings. If you've not read either, I highly recommend both.

Autobiography / Memoir: Tigers Eye by Inga Clendinnen. I read this book as part of my Uni course. This woman's story was remarkable and I could relate to it (She tells a story of going through liver failure) My uncle died of liver failure and when I read this book, it in a way allowed me to see the world for a moment through his eyes. Clendinnen writing style is amazing and this piece is one of the best books I've ever read.

So pick five from various genres that you like, tell me a little about it and I'll add some to my reading list.

That's all I've got

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holiday update

Hello :)

Firstly to follower #24 Hi - thanks for the follow.

Alright my holiday with my nephews was #RAD and #Awesome. I had the best time hanging out with the boys, they have a jumping castle which we blew up on a few occasions. I worked out that if I sat with my back to one of the big side pillars the boys would jump and I'd get a full body massage! *For the Win* So I spent most of my time taking in that benefit.

Then there was the blow up mattress / bed thing I slept on, which the boys also discovered was very 'jumping castle' like and each morning I was woken by them coming in for a jump and a cuddle.

The bakery in town makes THE BEST cream buns I've ever had. Consequently I managed a cream bun a day, along with their sausage rolls (It was morning tea every day out there!)

I had planned to read some of the new book I bought while out there, but anyone who has children knows this does not happen. They are go go go from the time they wake up until it's time for bed.

I DID however introduce Four (Almost time to become 'Almost Five') to the joys of Play-station Two. Needless to say he's a mad champion on Spiro the dragon already. Plus he drives a pretty mean car in Grand Turismo (sp?) (Remember he's only four!)

So that was my holiday, lots of bad food, play-station, jumping castles and a awesome time spent with two very awesome little boys... Oh and my brother and his wife!!!

That's all I've got.

I'm back

Hello readers
I'm back and blogging from the comfort of my bed! I shall update later in the day with a full I've been away on holidays report which includes the words "cream buns" and "jumping castle"


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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm on holidays :)

Did I mention that I'm on holidays? I am - just so you all know....

What do I have planned?

I'm off to visit my brother and my nephews this week for a week, before returning to finish up editing and writing an END to my Nanowrimo piece I wrote last year. I'm going to re-read over it while I'm at my brothers so the storyline is fresh in my head, then I'll write an ending that MAY or MAY NOT lead to a sequel... I've been thinking of various ways to end it while I've been staring at the ceiling at nights.

I've also been thinking of story arcs for my 2010 Nano project, in which the main protagonist is to be called "Scott" in honour of 'Scoman' who is #Rad :)

Right now I'm in the process of packing to go to the back of beyond. Packing kinda sucks in a way, I've never been a huge fan of it, and I always leave it to the last minute, thus forgetting something, you'd think I'd have learnt by now!!

Anyway - I just wanted to pop my head up and say 'hello' and mention that I'm on Holidays!!!!

I'll try and be more diligent with my posts while I'm *cough* on holidays!!!

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Noticeable absence

Dear Readers:

I have been somewhat absent with the blog entries of late, which I apologise for. I've been up to my neck in Uni work, which is all coming to an end a little too quickly with far too high a work load. But I WILL be back to my regular schedule of bitching about people who can't indicate on roundabouts, through to rude people in the line at the post office and of course other shit that I chose to just moan about... So I'll be back to normal in no time. 21st of May readers... Final day of semester and a 3,500 word essay....

Sal :)

Double post I know - my bad but it kinda seemed odd to pin this onto the end of the Jess amazing talent post... Meh deal with it ;P

I am surrounded by talent

I'm a writing major, so it's expected that others in my class will have some exceptional talent. I gave some feedback to a girl today. Her name is Jessica. I won't put her surname up because if she's anything like me. She probably likes her anonymity.

I'll just post you the feedback I have just posted to her piece. She only gave us a snippet (You're limited to about 500 words in the workshop) she was a little concerned it was too graphic to workshop (it will make sense when you read what I wrote below)

Her piece is about child abuse. I've e-mailed her to ask if I can read the full piece, because as you can see from my feedback I offered her. She is a truly gifted and talented writer, and is able to write beautiful words on a subject that is horrendous.


Hi Jess,

I don't think this is too graphic to workshop. I think you have taken the essence of what is child abuse and given it substance for others to experience. (If you get what I'm trying to say. Sort of like putting flesh onto the bones.)

I was particularly taken by the following lines in your piece:

"froze the breath in my lungs and seemed to suck the air out of the entire room"

I could almost feel this gasp in my own chest and sense the feeling of everything around you kinda spinning out of control as those things that trigger a memory take over. This was very powerful, and I personally feel you really grabbed your audience here, and let them in a way know just what sort of ride you are about to take them on. Well done.

Then you gave us this line:

'I slammed the lid down on that memory, thrusting it back into that compartment in my brain, were it lurks, biding its time'.

So well written as to what we as human beings do when we try and shut out a memory, I thought the 'where it lurks, biding its time' was just a magnificent way to describe this.

"I felt the burning pressure behind my eyes that warns that tears are imminent, and I tasted acid bile at the back of my throat as I fought the nausea."

Again the description here of that burning feeling we get when we're trying desperately not to cave into the emotions that are causing us heartache enough to make us cry. (I don't know about anyone else, but my eyes don't 'burn' when I have happy tears, but they do burn like fire as I fight to restrain the unhappy tears) Again Jess, the way in which you use words to paint an image is beautiful, even when the image being portrayed is horrendous.

Well done on a truly remarkable piece. I look forward to a future where I can pull a book from a shelf with the authors name Jessica on it, and proudly say. "I went to Uni with her!"


Like I said I'm surrounded by talent.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twenty days to go

I have twenty days to go until I finish Uni for this semester. In those twenty days I have the following things due:

Genre creative piece re-write (2,000 words)
Sociology report on Asylum Seekers (2,500 words)
Genre assignment on.... Genre! (2,000 words)
Themes and cultures major essay (3,500 words)

+ some 'stuff' for the online contribution which is just Q & A really.

So what did I achieve today? NOTHING Not a thing. I did ZERO Uni work today, instead I watched TV, took my dog for a walk, cooked, did some washing, and generally just did sweet FA. Why? Because today I just didn't give a fuck about Uni, or what's due or word counts, or any of that shit. I just took some time out for me, and I feel better for it. I'll get back into it tomorrow, I'll punch out the usual shit I punch out for assignments. THEN on the 21st of May. When the final assignment is handed in for this semester. I'll re-assess my life and work out just what the fuck I'm wanting to do / achieve / live for.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From a great height

The shit is falling on me from a great height :(

That GPA I was talking about the other week.... Seems that's not the only class I'm managing to fuck up! I submitted an essay for theories and text the other week. This subject is by far the hardest I've ever done, so I've put a lot of time and effort into it, trying to get my head around the theories in which this subject breaks down, things like, Identity, subjectivity, displacement, ethics, communication (Insert very long list of 'theories' in here - or Google Derrida, Foucault or Harraway that will explain a lot!)

With that in mind, I submitted my 'proposal' for what my major essay will be about. I got the mark back today. (I'll get the physical paper in my hand Thursday when I goto Uni) I got a pass - Take note of the (-) sign!! Which means... You passed, but only by a bee's dick! It's a 1/2 grade higher then a pass conceited which means (You're fucked, and you've failed!!) so I guess there's that... My biggest problem is... I put a lot into that paper, and I only 'just' passed it. This is not good :( If I fail this subject, well I'm fucked if I fail it.. I don't know what the fuck I'll do then. As it's one of a final two subjects for my writing degree!

All I can do now is wait and see what the lecturer wrote on the feedback and see what the fuck I'm doing wrong. Option One case scenario.. I just don't understand what I'm suppose to be doing. Option Two case scenario.... I'm just fucking stupid! (I'm going with option one) On a bright side... Yes there is light at the end of this dark theories tunnel. The final major essay isn't due for three weeks. SO in theory I can get feedback Thursday, speak to the tutor / lecturer if need be, and sort out my shit for the final assignment. Otherwise that PASS I was worried about in the Genre class with the lectures from hell will be nothing compared to this.

I'm out
That's all I've got.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why are the shitty memories the ones that are always on replay?

I’ve got that suffocating feeling again, like I’m stuck in a deep pit, and while air is able to fill my lungs, the oxygen just isn’t travelling through to the rest of my body. This huge weight seems to be dragging me down, and the more I try to fight and pull against it the more I struggle.

I’ve came to a realisation today as to why I never complete anything. I get bored easily. If I’m lucky and can sneak into that forward propelling motion of achievement regarding getting an assignment done, then I often surprise myself by the amount of work I can get done in a day. Each time that happens, I think to myself – now if I could just do that more often, I’d have my stuff sorted out and I’d get more time to do what I wanted, instead of feeling like I’m chained to this desk, endlessly looking at information I really don’t understand, yet attempting to make it sound like I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want someone to just hand me my degree. I want to say I worked hard to get it, but some days, like today, I think to myself – what the fuck are you doing? Will this all amount to anything? Or am I just wandering off on a tangent of something that takes my fancy like I always do. I remember a ‘friend’ and I use that term very lightly, used to tell me I was the most indecisive person he knew. I couldn’t make a decision and stick to it. I disagreed of course, but that one comment of ‘you’re so indecisive’ has stuck with me, and I was told that over ten years ago, that now I’m beginning to think, was he right? (This ‘friend’ is now on the list of I’ll prove you wrong you fuck!)

Another moment of your mind fucking with you! Memories are great, but I seem to have the shitty ones on replay :(

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A quick test of your typing ability... with your eyes shut.

I was in the kitchen today making a cup of tea and my mum was typing an e-mail to which she said to me – I can’t find the L key it’s run away. My answer was third line down four from the right, as I continued to make my cup of tea, all in my stride, as though I was telling someone how to turn on a tap!

My mum then does the ‘wow that’s amazing I bet you could type with your eyes closed…… (You know where this is heading.)

So I had a crack at writing something, anything with my eyes closed.
This is what I managed to come up with (This is not edited in anyway, this is how it came out after typing with my eyes closed.)

This is me attempting to write with my eyes cloed. I’m not sure just how this will go, but I’m haing a crack.

Not bad really, when I think about it, a couple of typos there.

If someone asked me tomorrow, where is the N on a keyboard, I’d have to think about it, I know where L is because L is in Sal and I use L a lot, but N isn’t high on my list of characters I use every day. So I’d have to stop and think about it, visualise it in my mind. I know N is on the bottom row / or 4th line down, as I’ve just used the letter N a few times in that last sentence.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog post now, as I just watched auto correct, correct a word I spelt wrong as I typed it. So maybe my ability to type with my eyes shut is really quite bad, and it’s the auto-correct that has got me over the line.

The researcher in me would state that I’d need to put in place the same sentence structure for each of you, so we all had to type the same thing, so we can evenly compare how we all type with our eyes closed.

Eyes closed typing and touch typing is different, as you’re watching the screen as you touch type (Which is what I’m doing right now) so you know if you’ve got the correct letters. Eyes closed though…. Totally different story.

So I ask you blog readers to ‘have a crack’ at typing with your eyes closed with the following sentence below, so we’ll all get the same results to compare.

*This is me attempting to write with my eyes closed. I’m not sure just how this will go, but I’m having a crack*

Stick em in the comment’s and no cheating.

That’s all I’ve got.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Writing exercise trying to get my confidence back

Hello readers,

I've written a piece in relation to a realistic image. Basically you had to find a 'realistic' image, and try to imagine what was happening, and construct a narrative around it. I've gone for First Person Point of View.

This was written this morning, after my massive kick to the guts re my confidence as a writer happened with the *pass* mark. So all feedback good or bad I'd appreciate.

Thank you

I scramble to position; deafened by the sounds of exploding mortar and gunfire surrounding me. My commander is on the radio ordering up an air strike, we’re coming under heavy fire from insurgents. The heat rises from the ground with the sand and dirt that are in my eyes, and its thickness get caught in the back of my throat. Just breathing feels like I’m standing looking into a glass furnace.

I thought I’d cope with the heat, being Australian, experiencing long hot summers of forty degrees and above. But this is not heat; this really is the fire pits of hell. The temperature soars up into the high fifties to low sixties degrees celsius daily. The sun burns downs on you like a heat lamp that has no off switch. There’s no escape from it, not even in the shade.

I can smell fear amongst us all. This is no training mission, this is real. The enemy on the other side want to kill us, and it has become a kill or be killed stand off over territory. They are cunning fuckers, they know how and where to hide, how to blend in to the surrounds. They appear to have infinite weaponry, and they hit hard and fast.

Our air strike will take most of them out, but waiting for air support will be by far the longest two minutes of my life. I can hear a whistling sound as a bullet comes far to close to me. I bunker down, regain my bearings, through the explosions and gunfire around me and fight it out.

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Academic standing just went to shit!

Hello readers

I'm 'attempting' to graduate this degree with a grade point average of 4.0 and above which apparently translates to Credit grades and above. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo When I get a fucking piece of creative work back with a grade of 'pass +' Why the put the plus on it I've got no fucking idea as when the grades come out it's just a pass, credit, distinction or high distinction. So the + is well a waste of a character in my opinion.

This particular marker I have for this class... well lets just say we don't get on much! So when I found out that I had this 'tutor' again for a subject I originally thought 'Oh fuck' but they have been reasonable thus far, however my thoughts have just fallen back into the 'oh fuck' category after checking the online grades board this morning for my mark. (I'm awaiting the actual hard copy that will come with comments that we'll get next week)

Am I pissed off - You bet I am. I'm a 3rd year writing student, and I'm thinking my 'creative ability' has moved passed a fucking PASS grade! Sure my punctuation etc. is well shit-house, but I'll be fucked if there was enough punctuation errors in that 2,000 word piece to pull my marks down to a fucking PASS!!

If I don't manage to get a credit for the next three assessment due in this class (Which at this stage I'm thinking I've got FUCK ALL chance of that with this tutor!) My entire grade average will slip and that is going to fuck me right off.

See I'm applying for a postgraduate course at the end of this undergrad, and the grade point average matters when it comes to being accepted into these postgrad courses. If it all comes back to this one subject I'm going to be extremely pissed. It's all fine an dandy that this 'tutor' has a PHd (Yet has no books published!?! WTF is up with that) and now they control my future with their fucking pathetic grade which could be the make or break at this end stage of my writing degree.

I'll sit on my hands and wait, HOWEVER if the marks don't improve I'll be taking my work to a higher level and asking for it to be marked by someone else. As I have a feeling this 'tutor' does hold grudges which in my opinion is fucking ridiculous when you're making or breaking someone's career.

*Rant over*

I'll be spending today catching up on Uni work for the online forum stuff (Questions and response stuff) Before tackling the next big assignment due on the 30th of April.

Thanks for the vent followers.

That's all I've got

Monday, April 12, 2010

I can feel a vent blog comming on

Watch this space :/

I'm back, and I'm 'calm' Here's what unfolded this morning....

So this morning….. My world was a huge pile of shit. Why? Because my father was in a ‘mood’ oh but wait I can hear you saying, doesn't your father live in a mood. Well this morning’s ‘mood level’ was turned up to fucking super fucked.

See if the free ADSL (it's my ISP contract, my modem, router etc) as opposed to the regular DIAL UP my parents have. If the ADSL internet doesn’t work in the 1.2 milli seconds after my father puts in the address he wants – then the entire thing is ‘fucked’ not worth a ‘pinch of piss’ and is consequently *My Fault* Yes Bloggers, clearly I have this ability to just chew up a box of staples and shit out a rescue disk (Not my quote that one, I worked with a guy in I.T who arrived with that gem one day and I thought it was brilliant) Anyway my mum tries to ‘calm’ the situation down by saying maybe the site he’s trying to access at the moment is down, or something. This makes no difference. Did you know there were two ants crawling across the floor!?! Yeah it was MY FAULT!!

I’ve calmed down significantly since this mornings ‘Watch this space’ post. If I’d have written what I was feeling then, well I think you’d have had to sift through a lot of the following words: Fuck, Fucking, Cunt, Fucker, Asshole, Prick, I’m sure you get the picture. Plus I know I already say fuck a lot in my blogs – but it takes a lot for me to break out the C word!! And I mean a lot.

My solution to the situation. I finished my assignment, and went out. I thought No Sal don’t bite, don’t let him get under your skin, just breathe, finish your assignment, go and hand it in and just move on. You’re the better person! (I know my self talking is quite supportive of me ;P )

Was there a solution to this you ask? There was.... My mum went nuclear on him, told him to pull his head in, that he got ‘fast internet’ for free while I’m here, and to basically shut the fuck up. Another reason why I love my mum.

That’s all I’ve got.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

200th post

This is my 200th post!

Way back in July 2008 I posted my first post in this blog. Now a year and a half later (Well close enough!) I'm writing my 200th post.

Will there be exciting revelation in this monumental occasion?

Ummm let see.....

I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I'm right handed.
I broke my middle toe on my right foot about 14yrs ago.
My favourite colour is blue
I have tattoo's
I want more tattoo's
I like Green Day.
I broke my right hand when I was 13 in a fight :( (It was self defence!)
I like strawberry milk / yoghurt / ice-cream.
Cliff Richard is my gay icon!! (Don't be dissin the Cliff!)

So..... How was that? Have you learnt something new? or will I be hearing from Sco saying. Blah tell us something we don't already know! Hi Sco, you know I think you're #Rad!

Technically I should be finishing up the assignment that is due tomorrow, however the 'Bogan' sized can of mother (It's an energy drink, like redbull) I drank this afternoon to 'perk me up' has kinda done the reverse of what it's suppose to do, and instead of waking me up and giving me energy, it's switched my brain to hibernate and I can't really concentrate on this assignment. **OR** maybe the Bogan has started to leech into me.... HELP!!!!!!!!!! *Sprays anti-bogan spray around*

**Please note a 'Bogan' is similar to a Chav in the UK, I'm not sure what the equivalent is in the states - maybe just 'stupid'!!

So in celebration of my 200th post. I give you this gem of an image: No it's not me - Pfff like that would happen!

This is my 'almost two' nephew, getting into the outdoor action. Which involves putting on the correct 'footwear' i.e boots... even if they are his dads :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Deep Heat and Dog Pyjamas

I kinda injured my ankle a few weeks ago, just how I'm not sure, but it's been kinda sore for a few weeks. I 'managed' to get into the Dr's today (After waiting three weeks) He had a poke and a prod at my ankle, said something about tendons and my Achilles and suggested anti-inflammatory and deep heat, before going to the expense of an ultrasound etc.

I've not used deep heat in probably 15 years. So consequently I forgot just how 'heated' it gets. I rubbed some in (With gloves - thanks to the chemist for giving me the heads up there. I think I've mentioned before she's 'stunning'!) waited about five minutes and thought - well this is shit! So I put some more on.... It was starting to heat up while I was rubbing in the 2nd dose. So lesson learnt - do be impatience wait about 10 mins as it will get hot.

On other news. I went out last night for my Uncle's 50th birthday dinner. I was due there at 6pm, so I got into the shower at 5:40pm got out went to get dressed. JEANS didn't fit! I bought these new jeans at the beginning of February, and now it's the beginning of April and they don't fit! I know the cause of it, shitty food, and consuming my body weight in chocolate over the Easter period.

So starting Monday. I'm getting of my arse and back into the exercise routine, back onto the bike, and walking the dog twice a day, as he too is putting on the beef. He's spoilt rotten though, Re food and smacko's so I only have myself to blame. But if I'm getting exercise, then so is he. He'll be getting long walks in the morning, and shorter normal walks in the afternoon, we'll both be back to our usual self in no time - Plus he needs to loose a bit of weight so he'll fit into his winter pyjama's Yes my dog has pyjama's for winter, as he's a short haired dog, and feel the cold.

*Anyone* stating that my dog wears a dress, will receive a growl from my dog (True story there) A friend of my mum's came over to my place in winter time last year, laughed and said my dog was wearing a dress. Scoob growled at him, and I was like Ooooo shit here we go. I told him (My mum's friend) to watch it, as Scoob is sensitive about his fashion!!! (which was code for Fuck off you arsehole!)

I handed in my uni assignment today which was due today, and I've got the one due Monday 'started' but I'll be working non-stop on that over the weekend. Now however is the point where I remove myself from my computer, and find something to eat, watch a movie and call it a night.

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Duck for cover readers. There's stuff flying everywhere.

Hello Readers :) :)

I've got an assignment due Friday (Worth 35%) I've got an assignment due Monday (worth 35%) I'm kinda happy where I am at the moment re my Friday assignment. I think I'll have it successfully finished by tomorrow. The one due Monday.... Well I kinda started it this morning! I know I know get your shit sorted Sal...

Truth is I'm not enjoying Uni much this semester. I've got two quite hard writing subjects (Friday's assignment is a writing one) and this Sociology unit which isn't hard, more that the lecturer is quite pedantic about the language we use in our assignments, online discussion etc. So it's a case of thinking about what you want to write, writing it, then going back and putting the correct terms in place (If that makes sense) However regardless of my enjoyment level of uni I'd rather be studying than in a job I hate. So I'll suck it up and get on with it.

My memory card is full atm and I can't find the camera cable otherwise I would have taken a photo of the mess that is my desk. I'll paint you a picture of what my desk looks for you all though.

Paper - LOTS of paper, various journals extracts, newspapers articles, reviews etc that I've got off line, and I'm currently trying to decipher what these 'experts' have had to say and then put it into terms for me to understand it!

My desk is woody brown colour, and at the moment you can't see any of the woody colour, as it's all white, green and various colours of the books I've had to de-construct for these assignments, not to mention the fucking massive text book I have for Sociology.

So it's head down arse up for me at the moment. If I manage to sort out Friday's assignment by tomorrow. I'll breathe a little easier, then I'll be getting my sociology on regarding asylum seekers over the weekend in time to have this assignment in by 5pm Monday.

I'll no doubt get bored / procrastinate between now and then, so be ready for more blog updates. Until then....

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I forgot about BEDA - Doctor Who

Last year I did BEDA (Blog every day in April) I'm only seven days into April before I remembered it was a blog entry per day. While I'm not sure if I'll get an entry in every day. I'll do my best to have a crack as they say... So here we go.....

Dling ding ding, dling ding ding, dling ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, dling ding ding……

The above is my attempt at the old theme tune to Doctor Who as the new one goes like this <………………………………………………….> Insert the sound of shit!

Yes blog readers. Doctor Who is back for its 5th season under the new format with Matt Smith new to the role of ‘The Doctor’ after the great David Tennant departed at Christmas. There’s been a shit load of hype surrounding new Who and I finally got to watch the new episode last night.

What did you think of it Sal? I can hear you all asking. Which is really nice of you to ask, because this blog is about my thoughts on the new Doctor Who!!!!

So started off with a ‘grab you by the throat scene’ (I LOVE those!!!) Grabs your attention and you think Fuck yes! Then roll intro credits. *Dun Dunnnnn* First fuck up is under way. They have taken the theme tune which is SO WELL KNOWN and well fucked it up considerably, not to mention the fucking intro titles! I mean WHY fucking change it? Sure change the logo as the logo was a little naff, but don’t fuck with the time vortex opening sequence OR the fucking theme tune!!!

*Rant with excessive use of the word fuck over*

The episode kinda looses momentum a little, but soon picks up and we get to see what usually happened when a Doctor regenerates, he’s confused, not sure what he is like or what he likes re food, etc and there’s a quite comedic scene where the lead tries various food, only to spit it out over and over again (Though that kinda got a little repetitive) Before he settles on fish fingers and custard. Quite the taste sensation I’m sure.

Then the threat is revealed. The Doctor is there to save the world, new companion who is a little ditzy for my liking, but I may warm to her over time. A spiral of witty lines, action, ranting and fast talking and you’re at the end of the episode and you’re left thinking FUCK YES Doctor who is back once again! :)

I’m a Doctor who fangirl from way back. I have been a fan since I was little and watching Tom Baker do his thing with his long scarf, so I was happy when I heard that they were brining it back in 2004. In 2010 we’ve had Doctors 9, 10 and now 11 do their thing, and if this first episode is anything to go by the combination of excellent writing / directing by Steven Moffat coupled with Matt Smith as the lead role. I seriously think this is going to be up to par with previous Doctors (All except Colin Baker who was SHIT!!!)

So if you’ve not been blessed with the world of Doctor Who I suggest you check it out. The new series had a huge budget so the special effects etc rock, the old series had some dodgy set work, but it was the story that mattered.

Go off and get you Who on!!!

That’s all I’ve got.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life Long Friendship

My friend Trudee (Trude for short) came over today and hung out with me, she's about to pull up stumps and move to Western Australia forever :( She leaves on Friday! Trude and I meet while working for the same employer (The one known as bend you over and fuck you in the arse!) as they bent me over and fucked me and they did the same to Trude. So after the ex-work bitching was out of the way, we just hung out, ate cake, drank tea /coffee had some lunch and just generally enjoyed one another's company.

Trude is the sort of friend that you meet and there's just an instant connection. She knew the moment she met me I was gay, but didn't mention it until I came out to her almost 12 months later. Which she was cool about, said the 'I kinda knew' but was still. It's your business etc. (Though she does always keep an eye out for a 'nice girl' for me! Bless her.)

So Trude's been fucked over by our ex-employer, she's got her redundancy money and she's off. She's off to see what Australia has to offer in the ute and caravan she bought. I say Rock on you go girl! She's a free spirit who can make anywhere her home, which I think is awesome.

Sometimes people come into your life for a short while then leave. Others you know you'll have a friend in them for life. With Trude. I know I could call her up or visit her in three years time, and it would only seem like yesterday since I seen her. Friends like that are unique, and I'm grateful to have meet Trude, who will be a life long friend of mine.

That's all I've got.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Something profound

I like things that grab your attention and draw you in. I’d love a job as the sleeve writer for book covers – those little excerpts that make people want to read it.

Daniel was afraid for his life, but he knew a decision had to be made, right or wrong, his life was destined to be changed forever,,,,

Like I said, I like to draw people in.

My thoughts for today are. What is the go with chocolate and Jesus day? I’ve never understood the whole Easter bunny and chocolate eggs deal in relation to celebrating Zombie Jesus rising from the dead. (If you’re religious I do apologise should I offend you. I’m not religious as you can probably tell)

See here’s the thing. You go anywhere in the world and stay at a motel, you WILL find what I refer to as the Jesus draw. The draw which contains the bible as distributed by Gideon’s (I don’t know who Gideon’s is) I’ve never owned a Bible, nor have I read any of it. I know some of the well known passages that get flogged in movies such as the valley of death speech from Pulp fiction. But other than that. I’m not up to speed on the whole Christian / Jesus / God thing. Though I do remember a time in ‘religion’ classes at primary school. (They were held once a month on a Thursday morning for an hour!) when the religious teacher lady asked some question (I don’t know what she asked as I didn’t actually hear that she said) as myself and this boy called Alan we’re not paying attention, he said something and my answer to him was ‘Jesus Christ’ and I was pulled back into reality by the teacher saying quite clearly at the front ‘Yes Sally that’s correct!’

What blows me away is:
a) Rabbits and eggs are married up (I’m assuming it’s some subliminal message about creating life maybe??)

b) Chocolate eggs and rabbits?

c) All I can see is a chocolate is apparently an aphrodisiac, and rabbits are well supposed to fuck a lot.

So what is the actual message of Easter? Other than Jesus is clearly a zombie as he’s come back from the dead!!! *lol* I can so hear my friends telling me I’m going to hell for that comment right now. Little do they know we’re probably already in it (hell)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about right and wrong, there’s an entire ‘morals’ entry there. But isn’t that human nature? That we treat others how we’d like to be treated? Thus my theory of those who are right fucking arse-holes basically give us a free ticket to be right fucking arse-holes back to them, because at the end of the day they aren’t trying to be cocky fuckers, they just want someone to treat them like shit!?!

So there is my profound thoughts on today Easter Sunday 2010 also known as ‘eat a shit load of chocolate day and ‘oi I’m not dead in here’ Zombie Jesus day.

That’s all I’ve got.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


e lat ed
Adjective: Meaning very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits.

I’m ELATED!!!!! Why I can hear you asking?

I wrote to David Moody in regards to my Genre project of writing back to his book Hater. He answered to say that was cool, and asked that if I was willing to, to send him a copy of what I wrote.

The assignment was due Monday so Monday night I e-mailed what I wrote to David, then had a major anxiety attack thinking *holy fuck* I’ve just e-mailed a successful author who’s sold millions of copies of his book, with my take on what one of his characters may have been feeling at a certain point in the overall plot structure. Like I said *holy fuck*

I got a reply from David today, to say it was awesome to receive an e-mail from David would be an understatement. Better still he liked what I wrote and gave me some amazing feedback which has really boosted my confidence as a writer. So thank you David!

I want to thank you my readers as well. I know I say thanks to you a lot but I really do mean it. If I should ever make it as a writer – all 23 of you will get a personal signed copy of whatever book I release as a thank you for being #rad and supportive of me, by reading what I write on here, and also commenting which you know I love.

So thank you :)

In other writing news – I’ve come up with an idea for Nanowrimo 2010. If you haven’t heard about Nano – you can check it out by clicking this link The Clicky Clicky Bit

My main protagonist will be called Scott after the amazing Scoman who’s glory to be a main protagonist was put on the back burner when Uni changed their assessment requirement. (See earlier post) in which I started a horror piece that had a lead called Scott.

I once again plan to share my Nano experience on here with a blog a day in November. But in September I’m going to put some ideas up re clothing, characteristics etc and get your feedback on it, that way you’ve all had a little part in the writing of it. The story will be set over a 24hr period Think Mrs Dalloway but a little longer!

So that’s the update from me, how was everyone else’s day?

That’s all I’ve got.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Allergies, old friends and a woofy update.

I have allergies :( They suck a lot. It's a snot feast, wheezing and coughing extravaganza here at the moment. But I'll 'suck it up' (Not literally as that would be bloody nasty!!!)) and get on with it. I've got my beloved Phenerghan so I'm set. it's not a 'sickness' its just an inconvenience!

An update on my Dog. He's on the mend :) Vet gave him some antibiotics and it's fixed him right up, he's back to his usual self again which is #rad. Thanks to you all for your concern re him. Much appreciated.

We all got an extension over the weekend for our genre piece. Have I fine turned it? Well no. Have to written the 500 word blurb that goes with it to explain the genre I chose to write and if I followed traditions or went against them? No So what have you been doing Sal I can hear you asking.

I've been hanging out with a friend of mine who I used to live with in Brisbane, who's on his way back up to Brisbane to live once again. (He's been in Canberra) It has been awesome to catch up with him again after not seeing him for 5 years. He came and stayed here with me, and we ate junk food, watched movies and generally just hung out and caught up. I like it when you have friends that just slot into place. Though sharing a house with people kinda breaks down barriers etc. I've had a lot of different flatmates / housemates / roomies in my time. Some of whom if I never see again, will quite possibly be too soon, but there's a bunch of people I've lived with over the years that have become great friends, and I'd live with them all again in a heartbeat.

So my question to you today is. Who are you closet too (You can't include your significant other half! When sex comes into play, they changes the dynamics of the friendship) So tell me about someone who you enjoy their company, or someone you may have shared a place with over the years, but circumstances like work etc caused you to part ways, but you'd go back to sharing a place with them again, without even giving it a second thought.

That's all I've got. *Reaches for yet another tissue*

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have a sick woofy

My dog is sick the poor thing. He’s been throwing up his food for the past couple of days. I originally put it down to him hoovering the food down too quickly. But today he was left a 'grazing' bowl. When I got home this afternoon to find him mid spew I called the vet about getting him in to see him. He told me to bring him down at 4:30 so I did.

My dog is a pure bred boxer (I’ll find a picture and post below) His name is Scooby, he’s six years old and spoilt rotten. He’s awesome though and I love him to bits, he’s super loyal, offers me unconditional love. Though he’s not sharing the love right now as I’m not allowed to feed him until tomorrow.

This is the first dog I‘ve owned. All the past dogs have been ‘family’ pets. But Scoob was a birthday present from my brother (Quite possibly the best birthday present ever!) He’s been in several locations in his six years with me re houses etc, not that he really notices that he's moved house! He’s just super happy to see me when I get home, and sulks when I leave :( He barks when required to warn off people who shouldn’t be near my house! Plus I know he’d defend me after I had a friend try and wrestle me to the ground once (He was totally pissing about!) and Scoob fully went the guy (Aww he’s my little four legged protector)

So to see him sick is awful. He’s never been a sickly dog with the exception of some allergies he gets from the wet grass sometimes. But I’ve got cream to put on his feet (Along with dog socks which he hates) that clears up his rash from the wet grass. Plus the current war wounds to his face from playing with my uncles dog. She’s a little staffy – who likes to bite his lips! (See red marks on up close photo below)

While I know Boxers aren’t known for their longevity. I hope to have him around for a few more years to come. He rocks, and I love him for being a part of my life. If you don’t have a pet, and you’re able to have one. I so suggest you get one. Either a cat or a dog (I prefer dogs, but have had cats in the past) They bring an entire new level to your life, and for children they teach them the a valuable lesson in life – responsibility!

That’s all I’ve got.

Top image is Scoob checking out the postman. Second one is him going 'Ooo what do you have in your hand, is it food?'

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello and 360 degree turns

Hello to my new followers. I hope you're enjoying the 'JustSal' experience.

It's Sunday.... Sunday is the day I go and get the Sunday paper, grab a cake and come home and have a leisurely read of the aforementioned paper, and eat the cake I purchased.

This Sunday morning was a little different though.

Yesterday I was out with my mum and whilst driving her home we noticed my car making a 'strange' noise. I told her I'd get the guy at the garage to look at it on Monday. However this morning both my parents turned up to where I'm staying atm so my father could take my car for a drive to 'hear' the noise.

He left came back about five minutes later, grumbling about not being able to hear anything. (I expected as much as he's fucking deaf!) So he says to me - you come with me. I go to get into the drivers seat, and he's NO I'M DRIVING - Being barked at is always nice.

He drives like a maniac. Sure the local streets are 50Km p/h but that doesn't mean you have to try and get from 0 - 50 in less than 2 seconds!!! He tore off down the road, and flung the car around several roundabouts in town before I get the grunted 'See there's no noise' My reply. You're going to fast! Two minutes later he's still not slowed down. I tell him to pull over and swap. I'm now driving like a 'normal human' first right hand turn I take - there's the noise! 'Can you hear that?'
'No - I can't hear a thing'
I pull another right turn again the noise can be heard, louder this time. So he does hear it. He then asks to drive again. We pull over, swap seats and he 'takes off again' I fucking swear he thinks his Peter Brock some days! THEN (This is the part where I see my life flash before my eyes!) He decided to do a few 360 degree turns on a BLIND CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can't see what the fuck is coming around the corner so lets do a few 360 degree turns! FOR FUCK SAKE.

We return back to where I'm staying and he mounts the gutter as he comes into the drive (I'm thinking well if the suspension wasn't fucked before it is now!)

Moral of the story here people. If you have car problems - strange noises etc take it to someone who KNOWS stuff about cars! and doesn't drive like a fucking maniac!

I'll be calling into the garage on the way home from Uni tomorrow.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uni cock up and my mum's random comments :)

For fuck sake! Could you sort your shit out? First we’re given an assessment in which we can write any genre we like (limited to 2,000 words) THEN it is changed to include a ‘write back’ scenario. (I think I’ve explained what write back is, but for those who missed it. You take a book you like, take a section of that book, and write back to it. If that makes no sense to you then I suggest you Google ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ that will explain it all!)

ANYWAY.. I’ve been plugging along with both my original piece and the ‘write back’ (I’m writing back to David Moody’s Hater.)

Yesterday we get told that there’s ‘too much confusion’ regarding the assignments and EVERYONE now has to just do the ‘write back.’ So fuck everyone who’s worked on both pieces as there’s only going to be one marked! FOR FUCK SAKE!

While this is only worth 20% of the mark. (which is fuck all really!) I’ll plug on and complete the assignment. But I’m going to sit back and watch the fireworks erupt from others in the class (there are about five who fucking argue, bitch and moan about everything! This includes them bitching about having two creative pieces added instead of one – and now they have dropped it back to one. I bet you $10.00 THOSE five will be the ones who fucking bitch about it again next week!)

Anyway. I had been writing a piece in which my main protagonist was called Scott in honour of the lovely ‘Scoman’ this piece has been put on hold for the moment. I will however either a) finish it off at a later stage (maybe Nanowrimo) or b) re-work it and make Scott a serial killer which I know Sco would be delighted about.

I can’t post anything from the assignment until I’ve handed it in. But once I have I’ll be sure to upload it here so those of you’re interested in it, will be able to have a look.

Onto my mum :)

Quote of the day (well it was two days ago actually) goes to my mum. An advert for ‘so you think you can dance Australia’ came on the TV and she just goes – that’s not Australian! If it was Australian it would be called "So can you fucking dance or what?" (She generally doesn't swear but that particular advert along with about three others piss her right off!) Anyway I laughed for ages over that. I hope I’m that funny when I’m her age, as she manages to crack me up at least once a week bless her.

That’s all I’ve got.

** Did I mention how my mum phoned me the other day and went "Rawwrrr - did I scare ya?' down the phone to me - Still making me laugh as I write this. My mum is awesome :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've killed it ;( -- No no I've saved it!

So I've totally fucked my blog :( Seems the template 'wasn't happy jan'

I'm attempting to fix it, but it's not looking good :(

**Update** Thanks fuck I've managed to fix it - would appear I uploaded a template that wasn't 'blogger' compatible. Have now changed it and this template is called. I can't actually remember right now - Something green :P Insightful I know.

Handed in my first assignment of this year today. Hopefully I've answered the question correctly.

That's all I've got

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ooooo a new look Space-Gloss

Look it's all shiny and new :)

While I was *cough* researching stuff for uni today *cough* I found this awesome free site for blogger templates (Linkage at the very bottom of the page) but you can also check it out by clicking this link HERE

I downloaded a few - so I'm going to run with a different theme for the next few weeks and then get you my loyal readers to vote (Once I work out how to create a poll!) on which one you like the best.

This one is called "Space-Gloss"

Templates aside........

I got a fair amount of work done today, but I was still left somewhat confused. I've called time on Uni for tonight though as it's Friday night and I have a bit of a life... Ok I'm going to go watch a movie but hey I'm going out tomorrow night to a friends farewell - So I do socialise *sometimes*

I got the surrogates today on Blu-ray, so I'm off to watch that. Providing of course that I'll be able to hear it as the fucktards down the back are having a 'shindig' playing their fucking shit awful music (Meatloaf etc!) at far too high a volume. They have clearly just moved in, and don't realise that the police station is about a block away. I'll put money on it they will get a visit from them (the police) later in the evening about the noise levels and maybe they (The police) will fine them (fucktards down the back) for appalling music taste as Billie Ray Cyrus just started up!

I need surround sound to drown out the nastiness!! :(

That's all I've got

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hair this morning - Gone this afternoon

I entered the worlds greatest shave this year (See blue logo over there to the right of this entry) My goal was $500.00 to shave my hair off. I achieved this goal :) Woohoo

Below is a before and an after shot.

With a friend of my mums passing away yesterday from Cancer. I know my mum felt a real sense of pride as she shaved the hair off my head this morning (She told me she was proud) While $500.00 dollars is just a 'drop in the bucket' It's $500.00 more than this cancer research organisation wouldn't have had without me.

Thanks to all those who sponsored me. I really appreciate it. My cold noggin does too ;P I'll do an update once I bank the cash donations I've received as well. But at the moment I've sitting on about $720.00 raised.

That's all I've got.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

HELP - My time management is appalling

I’m into the second week of first semester and already I’m behind. How did this happen I can hear you ask? My time management is pathetic.

I set out with great intentions, but they soon fall by the way side as I’m easily distracted. Each year I’m pulling out a “can of whoop arse” ready to release it on myself, because time and time again I’m in the same situation. Yet I continue to go down this path. I’m wondering at what point will I LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, but as my brother stated to me on the phone today. ‘I don’t know what you’re worrying about, you’re passing Uni with Credit + marks, so if this method works for you. (That method being fuck all until its crunch time) then go with it!.

But there’s the problem. I’m not a natural student. I’ve got to read and write and read and revise and go over (You get the picture here) just to keep my head above water. So WHY do I waste all this time? WHY?????????

I need to slap myself about, knuckle down and get on with the job, because the reality is. Uni is hard, but it’s so much easier than working in a job you fucking hate week in week out. Perhaps that’s my problem right there. I’ve not got enough discipline with my Uni. I need to treat it like a job. Turn up early, have intermittent breaks / lunch etc and WORK, in stead of wandering off to ‘read’ and ending up having a nap! In my defence there I was tired. However I probably shouldn’t lie down horizontally and read for Uni, knowing full well I’ll probably nod off and loose the page I was up to which happened today!

So loyal bloggers, can you help me? Can you give me suggestions on what I should do to better manage my time, so I don’t feel like I’m constantly at this point in my Uni life, where I can’t be arse doing the readings, as I’d rather have a nap.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

These sheets are making me itchy

At around 1am this morning, I was woken by an itchiness... Seems I came in contract with something yesterday and it made me break out in a rash. I'm talking mega itchy red welts on my skin. At around 1am this morning, it got to the point that just laying in bed was making me itch, so in my slumbered itchy stupor I got up, raided the drug cupboard and took some phenergan. Ooooo the joy of phenergan. I changed my sheets, had a shower, and got back into bed.

For those who don't know what phenergan is - click on there here link to find out Basically Phenergan is a wonder drug for allergies, and itchiness. It also makes some people very sleepy.

Those last two words 'very sleepy' are the key to my post today.

Phenergan makes me sleepy, usually I take 10mg if I'm snot central etc and it sorts me out, and allows me to continue to work (Kinda all fuzzy, but still work) but last night in my sleep stupor I took a 25mg tablet. I was KO'ed today. I got up around 9am, but was shattered, so went back to bed at 10am - slept through to 12:30 I got up and had some lunch, then 'tried' to do some of my uni work. At 2:30pm I was napping in the chair, so I went back to bed, and have recently removed myself from my bed at 6pm.

Am I well rested? Hell yes! Maybe this 'super sleep' is just what I needed to recharge the batteries, as while I still feel 'tired' I know it will be out of my system tomorrow.

As for the strange rash? I assume it was something I must have brushed up against when out looking at the flood waters with my dog yesterday, as he too has a strange welt like rash on him today. I've got puppy phenergan for him, which I gave to him this morning when I was first up, and he like me has snoozed all day.

Sometimes life is just perfect, nothing like a nice snooze day - unfortunately it's NOT getting my uni work done, but I'll knuckle down to it tomorrow.

That's all I've got.