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Monday, April 12, 2010

I can feel a vent blog comming on

Watch this space :/

I'm back, and I'm 'calm' Here's what unfolded this morning....

So this morning….. My world was a huge pile of shit. Why? Because my father was in a ‘mood’ oh but wait I can hear you saying, doesn't your father live in a mood. Well this morning’s ‘mood level’ was turned up to fucking super fucked.

See if the free ADSL (it's my ISP contract, my modem, router etc) as opposed to the regular DIAL UP my parents have. If the ADSL internet doesn’t work in the 1.2 milli seconds after my father puts in the address he wants – then the entire thing is ‘fucked’ not worth a ‘pinch of piss’ and is consequently *My Fault* Yes Bloggers, clearly I have this ability to just chew up a box of staples and shit out a rescue disk (Not my quote that one, I worked with a guy in I.T who arrived with that gem one day and I thought it was brilliant) Anyway my mum tries to ‘calm’ the situation down by saying maybe the site he’s trying to access at the moment is down, or something. This makes no difference. Did you know there were two ants crawling across the floor!?! Yeah it was MY FAULT!!

I’ve calmed down significantly since this mornings ‘Watch this space’ post. If I’d have written what I was feeling then, well I think you’d have had to sift through a lot of the following words: Fuck, Fucking, Cunt, Fucker, Asshole, Prick, I’m sure you get the picture. Plus I know I already say fuck a lot in my blogs – but it takes a lot for me to break out the C word!! And I mean a lot.

My solution to the situation. I finished my assignment, and went out. I thought No Sal don’t bite, don’t let him get under your skin, just breathe, finish your assignment, go and hand it in and just move on. You’re the better person! (I know my self talking is quite supportive of me ;P )

Was there a solution to this you ask? There was.... My mum went nuclear on him, told him to pull his head in, that he got ‘fast internet’ for free while I’m here, and to basically shut the fuck up. Another reason why I love my mum.

That’s all I’ve got.

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