Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ninety Three - Greenday

So as I tap away at my laptop keyboard. This is blog number 93! This is by far the longest journal I've managed to keep going. I usually start something, forget about it, then can't remember what the url was for the blog, and it then becomes a permanent fixture out there someone in cyberspace never to be seen again!

I got my readings and unit info for Uni today. The use of the word 'busy' would be an understatement I'll have stuff literally coming out my ears at this rate. I've got to write a 20min play on a subject of my choice. I've got to write 500 words per week online on various topics for the political subject along with two 2,000 word essays, and I've got three 3,000 word essays and eight books to read for another class. So busy is without doubt an understatement!!

I just paid my car rego and insurance. I'm now so very very poor. The timing kinda sucks as I was hoping to try and get some tickets for Green Day in Brisbane in December. The pre-sale starts tomorrow, but tickets are a flat rate of $102.15 regardless of sitting or standing. I was hoping that the seated tickets might be a little cheaper, thus I'd be able to get two of those. However that isn't going to be the case.

I'll 'try' and get some tickets tomorrow, and just get slogged the extra $35 I'll be issued for going over my limit on my credit card. I'm off to try and get through another one of the eight books I have to read for school. At this rate I'll be reading 22hrs out of a 24hr day!!

That's all I've got

Monday, June 22, 2009

Middle of June

I've just literally walked in the door after returning home from a holiday out with my brother and my nephews. I had a wonderful time hanging out with the boys, playing soccer, watching movies, running races etc. Kids grow up so fast its a little freaky. I worked out I've not been to my brothers house in two years. So I'll try and make sure that it's a smaller gap between visits next time.

Just a quick update to say it's all about to kick off here with semester two of Uni starting on Wednesday. I've read two of the eight books so far, though haven't had a chance to look at anything else. Need to work on the time management side of things. I have become a quicker reader thought, I'd not have been able to get through 500+ pages per book in a week in the past, but I've managed over 1,000 pages in two weeks. So I'm quite happy with that.

Off to sort out stuff for class on Wednesday and start book number three.

Hope life in generally 'good' to all who are reading this.

That's all I've got

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An update in 1,000 words or less

Since my last post a fair bit has happened.

On a sad note,.My Pop (Grandfather) passed away last week after a very long battle with Parkinsons disease. Whilst I'm saddened he's gone. He's pain free now, and reunited with my Nan - He couldn't talk or move in the end which was heart breaking, and on the first of June he just decided he'd had enough and called time on his life, he went peacefully surrounded by family which to him was important.

One a brighter note: I'm on mid semester holidays :)

I finished uni for Semester one of 2009, and found out two days into my holiday that next semesters reading list for one subject alone consists of eight books! EIGHT - I had enough trouble getting through five last semester so to be dealt the blow of eight for this coming semester. I kinda had a minor heart attack - not as much as my friend Craig did though when he seen the book list. So $230 later I have the books on order for just one subject - the other two subjects books have set me back another $300 dollars and so all up I'm down $530 on books for semester two already I'm now super bloody poor.

I'm off out to visit my brother and my nephews next week, so that will be cool. My family was home last week gone for my pop's funeral, however I'd always planned to go out to my brothers over my mid semester break to hang out and just generally catch up and spend some time with my nephews, so that's the plan.

I'll also attempt to write more in this, as it's gone onto the back burner a little which I'm disappointed about. As I enjoy this little slice of cyberspace that allows me to share my thoughts on 'stuff'

That's all I've got.. Actually it really is as the battery on this laptop is about to go, so hopefully this will get posted :)