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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parking - How hard is it?

In my small country town we have (Had) 45 degree reverse angle parking in the main streets. That was until last week when the local council finished upgrading the CBD to convert the reverse angle parking into nose-in front angle parking.

So we went from this:

To this:

As you can see from Image one - reverse angle parking isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, it is hard for some people to get in between the lines or even SEE the lines when they are reversing in on them, then there's people who can never park between the lines, thus putting out all the other car parking spaces around them, so it doesn't matter if you can park in between the lines as by the time you get to them someones car is right over the top of the lines.

Nose in parking (See image two) is a whole different ball game. You can see EXACTLY where you're putting your car, how it is lining up re the lines for the car space. So how the fuck someone can fuck that up is beyond me. But today whilst I was out there was a car 'space' but you couldn't park you car in it, because the fucking tool who got there before you couldn't manage to put his /her car in between the designated lines - going in a FORWARD motion... which scared me as I think fuck if you can't see what you're doing in front of you - how the fuck did you manage to park before when you had to reverse!?! Maybe that's the asshole who backed into my old Gemini once and didn't bother to leave their details other than the green paint work on my front fender!

Anyway - parking... It's really not rocket science I mean it's not like they are asking us all to parallel park!

That's all I've got.

**NB please note neither image above represents the parking in my town. I just Googled 'car parking - nose in and rear angle' and got those two results (Along with a heap of other SHIT!!!!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules on kissing people!!

Hi readers,

How are we all? I'm sick :( Yes I want to come on here bitch and moan about my illness and hope to get some sympathy from you all :) Did it work? I can hear a few 'oh suck it up Sal!'

How did I get sick? Well here is my theory...

On Friday night a group of us went out for dinner. (Don't skip ahead it's not food poisoning) What I want to know is... when did kissing people on the mouth become the new 'greeting'? I mean these people are 'friends' of mine, but none of them I want to kiss ON THE MOUTH! so they all just dive in for the lip kiss - one in particular then announced she hoped we'd all get whatever it was she'd had! How fucking nice is that!

Being sick sucks, it drains you of your energy, you feel like a spew all the fucking time, your head pounds.... Oh wait - isn't that just the 'woman' curse!' yes I got blessed with my uterus falling out the other morning at 3am also! (YAY for me) However this 'illness' has progressed and I even phoned to try and get into the doctors this afternoon.......... I know I'm clearly unwell if I think I'll seriously get into see the doctor in under two weeks by which stage I'll be well again and I'll be just taking someone else's appointment who is 'really sick'

So I'll take my bucket, and haul my arse back out onto the lounge watch some TV and hope like hell this 'virus' passes and people stop bloody kissing me!! (Ewwwww) and I manage to get some decent amount of Uni work done - the bonus to all this (Yes there is a bonus) this is the 'off' week of lectures so I've got one less worry about non attendance.

That's all I've got

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello readers,

Check this lovely message out:

There was a problem accessing your account. Please try again in a moment.
Error #1

I've had this error for a week. Do you know how HARD it is to find the bloody link to allow you to get in touch with Ymail - Let me tell you.

Every bloody link wants you to sign into your e-mail account to contact the 'friendly yahoo team' HOW can I when I can't get into my fucking e-mail!!!

So I finally managed by pure luck (I.e don't ask me to do it again, cause I can't remember what I clicked) to get a feedback form up so I can send them a WTF??? E-mail along with a 'you should really make this link more VISIBLE so it doesn't take 20 mins to FIND IT!!!'

Will I hear back? Sure I will eventually. Lets put bets on, that they send their response to the e-mail account I CAN'T get into.....

Place your bets loyal readers - place your bets.

That's all I've got :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shhhhh it's a secret -

Hello readers....

Lets us discuss the anonymity of the web and how we can blog to our hearts content without anyone really knowing who we are.. I'm 'Just Sal' there's no reference here to my last name, for all you know my name might not even be Sal

I blog under a 'no real names' policy because I choose too. I don't want to be pulled up in a line at the supermarket and have people say 'Oh you where so fucking off the mark with your blog this week' Or be different around me as they might 'end up' in my blog.

It turns out that this week I discovered my sister-in-law has a blog. How do I know this? She sent an e-mail out advertising that she had one. Which is fine, she's clearly keen to use her blog as a tool in which to keep her friends and family up to date with what is going on in her life etc.

I don't blog for this reason. I blog for me and me alone - I write about shit from buying a paper on a Sunday morning (With a little cake) through to the fuckwit bogans who live on this street. I rant about my father, I talk about my family. But I never mention names. I like my anonymity. I like that no one knows my real name (With the exception of a few followers who I pay offf each month to keep their silence! You KNOW who you are!!)

I'm a private person, and this blog allows me to speak out without any fear of persecution, no "oh isn't you brother that... "Or I seen your uncle at the pub the other night...' Bullshit (See post office blog!)

I won't be 'following' my sister-in-laws blog, simply because I don't want her mother / family to know about my blog. Its like a double sided sword really. While I don't give a fuck, I kinda do.. Only because I guess I don't really want to be judged by people who know me. Some stranger I can easily say - 'Go get fucked' too as I'll never have to 'see' them again. But when it comes to extended family functions its kinda hard to make small talk to extended family members when you've told them to go fuck themselves in your blog.

Does ANY of this make sense? or am I just rambling on with shit as per usual.

That's all I've got

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Darkness is encroaching

I'd planned to write a light hearted, witty blog this evening. However, the darkness is encroaching on me once again. From time to time it likes to grab hold and wrap itself around me like a wet blanket on a cold and windy day.

In the past I've just soldiered on, did my best to fight the grey clouds from around me. But today there's something not quite right. There's a piece of me missing, and I'm no sure which part.

The deeper I search for the missing piece, the more confused and lost I feel. Maybe I should just let the darkness in and hope like hell it just passes through, leaving me slightly unscathed. My only fear with just letting it in is that this darkness is different, and it might just consume me. :(

That's all I've got.