Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shhhhh it's a secret -

Hello readers....

Lets us discuss the anonymity of the web and how we can blog to our hearts content without anyone really knowing who we are.. I'm 'Just Sal' there's no reference here to my last name, for all you know my name might not even be Sal

I blog under a 'no real names' policy because I choose too. I don't want to be pulled up in a line at the supermarket and have people say 'Oh you where so fucking off the mark with your blog this week' Or be different around me as they might 'end up' in my blog.

It turns out that this week I discovered my sister-in-law has a blog. How do I know this? She sent an e-mail out advertising that she had one. Which is fine, she's clearly keen to use her blog as a tool in which to keep her friends and family up to date with what is going on in her life etc.

I don't blog for this reason. I blog for me and me alone - I write about shit from buying a paper on a Sunday morning (With a little cake) through to the fuckwit bogans who live on this street. I rant about my father, I talk about my family. But I never mention names. I like my anonymity. I like that no one knows my real name (With the exception of a few followers who I pay offf each month to keep their silence! You KNOW who you are!!)

I'm a private person, and this blog allows me to speak out without any fear of persecution, no "oh isn't you brother that... "Or I seen your uncle at the pub the other night...' Bullshit (See post office blog!)

I won't be 'following' my sister-in-laws blog, simply because I don't want her mother / family to know about my blog. Its like a double sided sword really. While I don't give a fuck, I kinda do.. Only because I guess I don't really want to be judged by people who know me. Some stranger I can easily say - 'Go get fucked' too as I'll never have to 'see' them again. But when it comes to extended family functions its kinda hard to make small talk to extended family members when you've told them to go fuck themselves in your blog.

Does ANY of this make sense? or am I just rambling on with shit as per usual.

That's all I've got


Cate P said...

I know what you mean, mine has been a great venting tool to talk about shit my family has thrown at me, and none of them know about it. At least, I hope not.
A family friend saw me post something about my blog on facebook, and she read it all right through. The cat may be out of the bag. Tough shit.

ScoMan said...

I try as best I can to remain anonymous. A few blogs in the past have been open to family and friends, and none of them lasted long.

It's not that I necessarily say stuff they wouldn't like, I just don't like the idea of discussing my work with them.

I'd rather put it up for a bunch of strangers to admire / mock.