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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adjusting to situations

Hello Readers...... It is Sunday - for those who have followed me for some time, you know I am a creature of habit on a Sunday. I get the Sunday paper, a little 'cake' come home and read aforementioned paper, eat the little cake, whilst drinking tea and generally 'take it easy' (isn't that what Sunday is for?)

Today is different. As migraine sufferer I know what it's like to get / endure migraines. This morning my mum had one. She's never experienced one before so it was quite a frightening experience for her. The pain combined with the vomiting, combined with the eyesight loss.

The traditional role of 'care giver' was reversed. (This isn't the first time I've been there for my mum - I was there for her as she fought breast cancer, helping her to get by on a daily basis. From showering and getting dressed, to measuring out the 'bag' attached the the drain re her lymph glands!)

Anyway re her headache. I drugged her up and put her to bed in a dark room, with the air-con on and a dark wet cloth over her eyes. Took the phone off the hook and did my best to make her comfortable.

As I write this it's about 2pm and she's feeling better thankfully.

So today, instead of having a 'little cake' and a read of the paper - I assisted my mum, by doing her laundry, washing up, cooking of lunch, preparation for dinner. The 'usual' things I do anyway as I'm an adult as I wash my own clothes, do the dishes and cook. However my mum was most thankful for my assistance today. I think it was probably the drugs I pumped into her. All the same it's nice to have someone say thank you once in a while.

As for the rest of my day. I've been head down arse up reading Uni work, writing notes on what I have read and looking at what the hell I have to complete to be on track for this week. Oh and making my fathers lunch! Cause well..... yeah we won't go there.

 There's a huge storm brewing, so I'm now off to take the washing in off the line.

 That's all I've got.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stock and life assessment

Today at work (I work at a library as a volunteer. Yes that means I don’t get paid for my time! Do I care? No I don’t, as it’s a foot in the door. I approached the local library at the end of last year when I was looking at post-grad courses in librarian studies. At the time I was kind of ‘bold’ and hit the librarian up for some volunteer work – behind the scenes stuff – not just your run of the mill volunteer (i.e re-stacking books onto shelves)   So at the beginning of 2012 – I started at the library – I’m really enjoying it. Plus I’m getting to do a lot of behind the scenes stuff, such as debit letters, re-allocation of stock.

A few weeks back I did some ‘stock assessment’ which is where you look at dormant stock (books that haven’t been borrowed in a while) My task was to find the books from the list we created through a database search, and pull them from the shelves to be ‘assessed’. When I did it about a month ago – the following day I had thighs of pain, caused from the ‘squatting’ down and back up to get the book. (The ‘right way to bend’ – I’m sure you know what I mean)

I did some more of this ‘stock assessment’ / removal of inactive books today. – Two and a half hours straight! To say that I’ve got sore legs would be a slight understatement (I’m thinking  ‘buns of steel’ this time!)  Who needs expensive gyms when you can do 500+ squats of your ‘arse to the floor’ pretty much then stand back up, and repeat the procedure? (Did I mention I did this for 2.5 hours!)

Anyway – on a totally different topic. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be *cough* 25… (that is a total lie) I’m not sure just when I’m ‘supposed’ to feel old (‘m sure my legs will let me know that tomorrow!) While my body ages my mind I feel I just can’t put enough information into. Is that normal? Are we as human’s always looking to gain more information, to learn something new.

Back to the library, I sat in on ‘story time’ this morning with the young kids (ages 3-4) while they all sat and listened intently as the picture book was read. There was an elderly lady looking a little lost – so I left the group and asked her if she needed some help finding something. She said no she was waiting on her grand-daughter (Then pointed her out to me) I told her she was welcome to come and sit at the back with the adults – offering her the seat I had been sitting on. Afterwards she came and spoke to me and thanked me for offering to include her. I thanked the lady, and said to her that kids are like sponges they just soak everything up in their little worlds,  if only we could go back, knowing what we know now. She smiled at me and said – now that would be wonderful.

I often talk about ‘going back’ as though I’ve got this obsession in the past, I don’t – though I’m a time travel geek / fan girl. In reality – if I was to ‘go back’ and change something, then I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. Sometimes I’m not happy with myself, but there are others out there with bigger issues / battles than I face.

So as I turn another year older….. I’ll make sure I do my best to try and make ME happy, along with those who make my life nice.

That’s all I’ve got.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How do our brains work?

Why is it exactly that at approximately 3am is when the best ‘idea’s come to me – when I’m in bed, comfortable and not in a place to write the idea’s down? Is that my brain being an arsehat? Or is it just a point, when I seem to be the most creative? (Can you tell I took notes at 3am) I did take notes – or actually I downloaded an app to allow me to record my voice on my ipod. So instead of ‘writing’ my ideas – I just spoke them into this app, it saved what I said, and I’m now re-playing it back to myself. (I am actually quoting myself here!) At 3am I thought of all these amazing blog ideas, thing to make people want to come to my site and read what I have to say, but then I roll over, and I’m back into the ZZzzzzz… I can’t remember what I thought when I woke up. Random thought: I was driving today. Did you know that trying to spit out a mint (I won’t name the brand) that has gone a bit ‘off’ out your window whilst doing 100Km/ph causes the mint to fly out, and back into the car, landing on your lap!!!! Would have been easier and less messy to spit it into my hand, and place it out the window. (It’s a MINT – it’s going to biodegrade – Getting in early for all the hippies who want to have an Environment rant!) That’s all I’ve got.