Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epic wrap up of 2009

Take a seat bloggers (Or at least get comfortable as I’m sure you’re already sitting!) this is going to be an epic wrap up of 2009 + a story I promised Scoman.

Alright, around this time of year people make a resolution to eat less, exercise more, drink less alcohol, drink more water etc – otherwise known as new years resolutions. Which generally last a week sometimes a month, and then people just go ‘fuck it it’s all too hard’ and go back to eating whatever they want, sitting on the couch, and for some they will utter the words ‘I’m never drinking again’ most Saturday mornings!

At the beginning of 2009 I decided that I’d make a New Years resolution for 2009, and it was to read more books. As a writer I’ve not read a great deal. I’m a very visual person, and I enjoy being entertained by my eyes. However in the world of books your eyes allow you to create the worlds in your head. Which is something that I miss as I read a lot as a child, and I’ve re-gained a healthy new respect for reading and books in general (Read - you best buy my book should I ever get one published!!!)

So the following is a list of books I’ve read in 2009. You can skip it if you want – I won’t be offended. It also has a little explanation as to why I read it.

Twilight (Needed to see what the hype was about)
New Moon (Needed to find out what happened next)
Eclipse (See New Moon)
Breaking Dawn (Not yet finished got bored about 300 pages from the end)
The Road (Recommended to me by a Uni classmate)
The Reader (Recommended by a friend)
Let the right one in (Got a little hooked on the vampire thing)
Hater (Seen an interview with David Moody in a magazine, he seemed interesting as did his book, bought it loved it, can’t wait for the next instalment – have hunted high and low on the net to find his other earlier works)
The Tempest (Compulsory book for Uni)
Jane Eyre (Compulsory book for Uni)
Wide Sargasso Sea (Compulsory book for Uni)
Flaubert’s Parrot (Compulsory book for Uni – Skimmed through it)
Mrs Dalloway (Compulsory book for Uni)
The Hours (Compulsory book for Uni)
White Teeth (Compulsory book for Uni)
Fig Tree (Compulsory book for Uni)
Beloved (Compulsory book for Uni)

I had originally planned to try and read a book every two months. Thus six books a year. However with the books for Uni being compulsory to read having to write papers on them in relation to their postcolonial themes! I’ve expanded my reading list! The others I read simply because I wanted to read something I chose (If that makes sense) However all this reading has increased my ability to read quicker. Which is something I needed to do, as I’m probably one of the slowest readers on the planet!

Uni in general for me was good this year. However the shorter semesters they introduced to the Uni I attend didn’t help. Usually 15 week semesters got cut to 12 (Still paid for 15!) thus pushing more information into a smaller slot, increased work loads, less face to face teaching time (Which is bullshit) Overall though. I did the best work I’ve ever done in Semester Two this year – getting Two Distinctions and one High Distinction! Which I was super SUPER happy about.

Life in general is the same. I lost my grandfather in June. He was in end stages of Parkinson’s which left him unable to walk, talk or feed himself. (Or do anything for himself in fact) I NEVER want to get to that stage. If they told me tomorrow I’d die of a slow degenerative disease by the time I turned 40. I’d go out do all the things I wanted to do, and then come home say my goodbyes and check out. The day I can’t wipe my own arse (With the exception of short term impairment such as two broken arms!) is the day I NEVER want to have to get too!

I’m a avid supporter of Euthanasia. We do after all treat our animals in a way that should they be terminally ill or injured so severely that putting them down is a better alterative. Then I seriously believe as human beings we should be allowed the same choices. We are all going to die that is a given, how long each of us may live varies. However when you’ve watched enough friends and family die of terminal diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson and Liver failure. You’d not put your pet through that, so why should we put our family members through it?

On a much nicer topic. The internet…. I can remember a time when computers weren’t in every house, and the internet wasn’t as it is today. However it’s through the aforementioned technologies that I’m writing in this blog right now, and you’re reading it. It’s through the technology such as Twitter that I’ve met an expanse of people I’d never have met without the internet. Whilst the majority of these people are ‘on-line friends’ it doesn’t mean I have any less time or respect for them compared to the friends I get to see in real life. In fact some online friends are better friends to me than those you get to touch and feel. Actually as I write this they have just advertised on the news how technology has been the driving force of the 00’s which is the story coming up after the break. I’ll be interested to see what that says.

**Update** They just had this story on, and spoke about the internet, use of technology such as mobile phones and how they have expanded to hold music, have a camera in them, that we no longer ‘print’ photo’s the way we did ten years ago with film development and that technology is improving so fast, we’re struggling to keep up! I think that particular line will always be used when they talk about the improvements to anything from technology in a mobile phone through to a machine that can offer a heart to pump while they do by-pass surgery. As the world develops, its expected we will expand on all fronts from technology through to the use of natural resources, and needing to put in an infostructure for alternate fuels because one day I maybe writing a blog that says… ‘I remember a time when you filled your car up with petrol!’ and some one from a future generation will say – “What you mean you didn’t plug them in?”

Anyway for 2009 I’ve had a quiet yet very productive year. I started and have almost completed my first Novel which started out as part of the Nanowrimo novel competition, and is now sitting on about 57,000 words with Scoman being my proof-reader / critic / feedback wing man I’ll be able to edit out mistakes, FINISH the story, and get my one free copy published as part of finishing Nano for 2009. Will I do it again next year? Hell yes I will. In fact I’m in the planning stages now for what I’ll write about! (Now that’s planning ahead!)

One thing that was noticeably absent from 2009 was my best friend Mr X (See Not Happy Jan and Edited Entry) for a catch up on who is Mr X . As followers of my blog and those who follow me on Twitter (Gratuitous plug there) will know I was to be away for x-mas and new years but as I explained in my previous post – plans change. Now I did know what Mr X was going to be in the same place as me over the new year period (We went to high school together, our parents live in the same town) so I was well aware that I could potentially run into him at say the video store. However I’d left the ball in his court since the ‘incident’ as he was clearly not comfortable about what had happened. I was pleasantly surprised today when my father answered the door and I heard a voice I recognised well, confirmed more so when he asked if I was here. My father let him in, and we chatted in the kitchen about everything and nothing. But the moment I knew everything was ok between us again was he walked straight up to me and hugged me, those hugs you get from loved ones who are genuinely happy to see you. It was like everything had been wiped clean, and we were literally ready to start over. He’s coming back this evening to hang out and just generally catch up, which will be great. I’ve missed him more than I realised I had until today, and to have him back in my life once again is a very welcomed last day of the year gift.

Speaking of reminiscing…. The follow story is for Scoman. We talked on twitter about ‘trials’ and he thought I meant drug trials, which he was happy to be signed up for, which reminded me of a story that took place re my brother and him being in med school.

This is the digest version:

My brother was in med school and the girl he was seeing at the time (She was a bitch!) literally lived around the corner from me in Brisbane – so at times (and I use that term very lightly) when he’d come over to see her, and she was either a) not ready or b) not home yet, he’d come around the corner to visit me. (Our relationship has since changed for the better since those days) Anyway… He was at the point in his studies re gynaecology and they needed ‘recruits’ they were paying $50 a smear for women to be used as ‘practice runs’. Now my brother knew I worked two jobs and studied, and told me about it as he thought it was a quick way of making some money. His words were ‘It’s $50 a throw, each time they touch you with the speculum that’s $50!’

As tempting as it was, there was NO WAY IN HELL I was letting a group of med students just like my brother ‘shove’ that bloody metal duck bill up me even if it was $50 a go! (It sounds like an amusement ride as I re-tell it in words!) Long story short a friend of mine was over at my place at the time my brother dropped in to offer me this ‘work’ and well she’s an adventurous girl! So she agreed. My brother gave her the details of who she had to contact and off she went into Pap smear probing cash reward heaven! (I might add this was a legit operation through the hospital, and a tax file number was needed and TAX was required to be paid on this ‘educational training!’) So first day my friend we’ll call her Ms W comes over to my place smiles all around she’d made herself about $300 (after tax) for about 2 hours work, said there’s nothing to it etc etc. Next week same story, she’s made about the same amount of $$ and was heading back for more. Three days later she arrives at my house sitting down ‘very gently’ I asked her how much she made, “Not enough!” was her grunted answer. When I enquired more it seemed that part of the spectrum had ‘caught / pinched’ her lip (We’re not talking the ones on our mouths here people!) and got stuck! The intern couldn’t ‘release’ it and it was ‘ripped off’ she got two stiches and was thanked for her time! Whilst I was cringing at the thought I couldn’t help but laugh… ‘easy money’ turned into danger money’, and I’m quietly confident she’d never really been the same about pap smears since!

How does this all hook back to Scoman and the drug trials…. Sometimes when it comes to science and health, its better to let someone else be the guinea pig, than risk the consequences that ‘easy money’ can get you for being a lab rat.

With that story out of the way…. I wish you all a very happy new year. I shall blog again next year, which is about six and a half hours away. Until then

That’s all I’ve got.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slight change of plan - 10 hours later - I'm back

Hello blog readers. I hope you had a nice Christmas should you celebrate it. If not I hope you got an awesome bargain at the boxing day sales should you have had access to a major shopping center! (Though on-line store were offering boxing day sales!)

I'm BACK!!!!!! (Did you miss me?) Yes 10 hours later I'm back at my parents place. Long story short.... My mum's not been feeling well the past few days so we made the decision to pack up early and head back from the back of beyond. We did manage however to leave some much needed rain out at my brothers. As our family has a curse of every time we go on holiday (Any one of us me - my brother- my parents) it rains! However my brother living in a very dusty far west QLD needed the rain, so I didn't mind. I still went swimming in the rain with almost four year old nephew which was RAD!!

Anyway.. I'll be staying on at my mum's for a few days while she gets over this virus thing she has that is making her quite unwell. She slept most of the trip home and is now tucked up in bed. It's a 'need looking after' type of nasty. So I'll take one for the team, as I know she'd come to my place and hold the spew bowl for me if I needed her too!

Anyway. I'm off to find something that resembles food. Though I'm thinking the one pizza store in this town will be getting a visit from me in about 20 mins.

Hope everyone is having a safe yet awesome holiday. Hello to my new followers. I hope you enjoy the ride.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have a safe and Happy Christmas

I'm writing this as I'm literally heading out the door to my parents. I'm staying there tonight so I can be up and on the road at 6am for the 10hr drive to my brothers place. I'm looking forward to seeing my nephews and my brother and his wife. That is if I manage to survive the drive in the same car as my Father! It will literally be 'watch this space' should I never write another blog entry you know I didn't make it!!!

So this is a short and sweet blog. I just want to say thanks to my followers those who've been with me a while and those who are new - I enjoy your comments and knowing that you read what I'm writing is lovely.

So I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - if you don't do Christmas then enjoy the cheap sales on the 26th!

Take care and stay safe. I'll blog again in 2010 so until then....

That's all I've got :)

P.S This is written on the fly - so I'll apologise in advance for any typos :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Mum

I'm hoping like hell this blog actually works as I've had trouble with the internet this afternoon!

Alright here goes. It's been 12 months since my mum got the official 'all clear' regarding her Breast Cancer which she fought this time 12 months ago. The 21st of Decemeber 2008 was an early x-mas present when she was told all looked 'good' as in everything was ok, and she'd be alright.

Twelve months on, she got the all clear again yesterday from the oncologist which is just AWESOME :) I'm happy for her and I'm happy for me. As I'm not ready to loose my mum just yet.

So as a token of how much I love my mum. I've got her something that isn't really a x-mas present it's more a I'm glad I've got you and you're here gift. It's just something little. What I wrote (Or I'm planning to write) on the card is the part I want to run past you my readers. This is what I have penned out only ten minutes ago to hand write into a card for her to give her when I see her tomorrow.

Dear Mum,
As an inspiring writer I am at times at a loss for the right words to explain and express just how important you are to me and how much I love you simply for being you (And my mum)
You're been supportive, caring, and understanding. You've listened, offered advice, and been there for me regardless of the situation.
So I want to take this moment in time, which as you read these words is now a part of history and the past to let you know that I love you and life just wouldn't be the same without you in it. You make me laugh, smile and most of all feel loved.

I love you mum, more than these words on this card can express. That love will never falter. It will simple increase over the years and as the decades pass us by will grow.

Love Sal

I'm not overly good at writing this sort of thing (Expressing feelings etc) I mean this is a note to my mum not my lover. So I don't want to sound like I'm writing a love letter for someone I'm sleeping with!

SO readers what do you think? Go with what I wrote first go (That is how it came out of my brain, onto the page via the pen, and has been re-typed word for word on here so you can read it) Or should I edit it?

Let me know what you think

That's all I've got for now :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can happiness come in a can?

The new coke cans for summer have new logos on them - a mixture of four different themes one is a surfboard, the other some cricket stumps, some other design I can't remember and one with the word 'Happiness' written on the side. Can happiness come in a can? I opened my can of happy coke up and took a sip. Sure it made me feel refreshed, it quenched my thirst. But did it make me happy? I don't really know to be honest. I'm not sure I was sad before I consumed some of the beverage. Perhaps they should change the slogan from Happiness, to Feel Refreshed I'm also wondering how many unhappy people have sent their empty can of 'happiness' coke back to the factory complaining there wasn't enough happiness in the can for them (Come on you have to admit there would be ONE person out there who would do there!)

The countdown is on for me to head out to my brothers for x-mas and new years which means two weeks without my dog, and without any access to the internet - so two weeks without a blog update. Two weeks of NO SPOILERS for the final David Tennant Doctor who. Two weeks of remembering a time when there was no internet and people spoke on the phone or wrote letters! Due to my two week Blog absence I'm going to 'try' and put in an entry a day until I leave at 6am on Wednesday morning.

I've purchased, wrapped, labelled and packed the gifts that I need to take out into a box that will hopefully fit into my parents car. We decided it was cheaper to go in one car than to take two, (Better for the environment also!) As I'm no taking my dog with me this time (He's getting too old for 10hr drives) He's staying at my parents place with my Aunt who will be house sitting for them for the two weeks while they are away (Me included of course). My Aunt is a dog person (i.e she has a dog, and is a good dog owner so I know my dog will be in excellent hands) I'm going to miss him though as I'm very attached to to my dog. I shudder when I think what I'll do when his time is up. (Which I hope isn't for a while yet)

With the countdown on to Christmas those readers of this blog who do x-mas I hope it's running as smoothly as it can for you. For those who don't, enjoy the sales on the 26th!

That's all I've got.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Word count increase - Lucky shirt

I wrote 5,582 words today. I'm putting it down to the shirt I'm wearing as the last time (The only time) I've managed to hit the 5K mark was while I was wearing one of the two shirts I bought for Nano. The first one was an official Nano t-shirt with money going to establish future Nano success. The second was a shirt I bought which I added too. The front came with I Write and on the back I put 'But can't punctuate' I tried to take a photo of it, but it kinda turned out shit. I'll try again and if you can actually READ the shirt, then I'll upload it. Anyway I was wearing the 'I write' t-shirt the day I hit 5K and I'm wearing it again today. So I'm thinking this is my lucky punch out a shit load of words shirt! I'll be pulling it on in the future for assignments that I need to write in a hurry!

So 5,582 words today. I'm so happy with that. I got up early and helped my mum out before heading home mid morning. Then I just got into it. I sat and I wrote, I stopped for lunch and then I came back in this afternoon and wrote some more. I'm extremely happy with the progress point I've got to. Heath has had a dark side erupt to the surface and Zoey has just had something MAJOR happen. So until tomorrow. I'm going to chill out (Literally in the air-con) play some PS3, and probably some L4D2 and just take it easy this afternoon.

It's hot - I mean super hot with a hot westerly breeze! Damn that big dry patch in the centre of Australia what insists on making the winds blow to the East coast!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Here's a new snippet :)

‘Just breathe Heath, in and out deep breaths, you are safe.’ Zoey waited momentarily her body pushed against Heaths in the tight confined space. Heath was thinking of so many other things so that his hormonal teenage body wouldn’t fail him right now with Zoey on top of him.

That's all I've got

Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting there

I've written more to my novel. It's technically day 41 and I have an accumulated a word count of 54,497. The thing is - I don't want to rush an ending just so I have something to take out to my brothers for x-mas. He's keen to read it along with a few other people I'm happy to show it to. But I don't want to share a piece of work that has a nice pace to it, only to have it rushed and kinda 'thrown' together ending.

My mum asked me today (I'm currently at her place for the weekend) if I'd finished the story. I told her no, she asked how much longer did I think it would take, and I said I wasn't sure, maybe a few more weeks seeing as Christmas is coming. She seemed disappointed that I'd not have it finished in time to get out to see my brother for x-mas. I told her it wouldn't matter he'd not have time to read it anyway! So I'd rather wait and finish it the way I want too, than rush it and have a wad of paper that I might be able to physically hand to my brother, but with all the stuff going on surrounding x-mas and new year he won't have time to pick it up and read it. I'd rather wait and post it out to him say at the end of January.

This brings me to books. Most people read books, but I want to know if others are like me and have a few books on the go at one time, or if they just settle in on one and read it from cover to cover and move on? The reason why I have a few different books on the go is that I look at them kinda like a TV series, in that you get bits of it at a time, before waiting a week to get more. I'm like that with chapters. I might read four chapters of one book, then not pick that book up for another week, but in between I've read a chapter or two from another book, and so on. I generally have two to three on the go.

Which brings me to this question. Is that just me? or are there others out there that do that? The ONLY person I know who does this is a friend of my fathers who has books for certain places. He has a book in the kitchen he reads while he eats, one in bed, and one in the car which travels with him should he go to a doctors appointment or something, but always remains in the car for a time filler. So when people ask me 'what are you reading?' and I'll generally name two books, they always look at me in a confused way and always say - How are you reading two books at once? I sometimes think in their minds they see me holding up two books and reading them simultaneously! Some people are a little special I guess.

Anyway I'll leave you to ponder your reading routine. I look forward to your responses.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hillbilly Dunn's Question

Hillbilly Dunn has asked us the question Who were you? Click linkage here It got me thinking. What was I like at highschool? I remember it wasn’t the best experience of my life, however if I got the chance to live it again I’d do so many things differently. Ahh good old hindsight allows us 20/20 vision!!

I wasn’t in the popular group (Wasn't rich or pretty enough!) and I wasn’t in the super smart group (Wasn't smart enough!) Though I was a nerd /geek – as I loved sci-fi! I was the middle group. The group who didn’t get invited to all the parties, but sometimes did. The group who had an after school job. (Because their parents weren't rich!) The group who were just middle of the road. Not too smart, not too stupid, could make people laugh and were a generally good friend.

No one at high-school knew I was gay. I didn't come out until I was 21. But looking back I'd not have been afraid to hide it, as I did as a teenager. I spent my days in the music room as my passion was music (I played Drums) If I wasn’t playing drums I was just hanging out. I was the one who got picked on for being small. My mum sent me to self defence lessons as she was sick of me coming home beaten up all the time. I told NO-ONE of these Taekwondo lessons. People have a tendency to pick fights with the people they know can fight, and also the ones they think can’t. I fell into the later category, and my brown belt helped me hand several people their asses, and almost got me expelled. (I claimed self defence which it was, and some ‘younger’ students back me up!) I got off with a suspension.

Out of school, I played drums, swam a lot and just generally hung out with friends. The usual ‘teenager’ thing. I drank too much as an adolescent, which in my 20/20 vision I’d not repeat. I’d still have a drink, but not to the excesses I did. (I got named in the final year book as The one most likely to become an alcoholic!)

So I extend Hillbilly Dunn’s question to you. Who were you at school? You can either comment or write a blog of your own.

That’s all I’ve got.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My theory worked

I kinda got this theory from the past few days that when I told people I was going to be spending the day writing a little alarm went off in the universe somewhere and people decided they needed to contact me. Either by phone or in person. So the past few day when I had planned to write more of my Nano novel. I didn't as I had people just drop in on me. I don't mind people who come to visit but fucking call first!? I dislike it when people just 'arrive' It's not that hard to phone someone and say - Hey I'm near you is it ok to pop over and say hello? Not just rock up and knock on the door. To me that's rude. If I'm going to call and see a friend I will have PLANNED it in advance, usually with a time i.e I'll come over around 2pm and I do. I arrive at their place at 2pm.

So I went with the theory that I would tell people I wasn't going to write. So big sign up NOT WRITING...... It bloody worked! No one 'dropped' in. No one called, except my mum, but that was about 30 mins ago to tell me it was 36c in her kitchen and that is just ridiculous at 8:30pm at night! Plus she had an unload session about my father!

Anyway..... My Novel I punched out 3,000 words today. Which I'm happy with. I've also thought about how I'll break it up into chapter like sections. I was a little worried just how I'd do that, but I got some inspiration today and once I read out the entire piece I'll know then if my breaking up into bits similar to chapters will work.

It's all about to get turbulent as Zoey and Heath go underground to search for answers, some of which will shock Zoey to the core.... Oooooo If I don't make it as a novelist. I can always get a job as a cover writer, giving the digest or 'hook' of the book to get the readers in.

With that I'm off to kill some Zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 the most awesome game I've played in a while. Going to hack some up with a chainsaw this evening as my weapon of choice.

Until then....

That's all I've got.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The Urban Dictionary defines friendship as:

A relationship between two individuals that share a mutual bond of trust and liking as well as commitment and personal feelings and experiences, which allows them to benefit from each other.

A friend of mine called me to day to let me know I’d been ‘dropped’ by a mutual friend. Why I can hear you ask? Because I’ve not seen him in ages. i.e I’ve not been around to his house, not been to the pub, not been in a physical social setting with him for almost 12 months. Therefore this means that I am no longer his friend.

After I stopped laughing for a good minute I then asked phone friend was he serious> He replied with: ‘Are you going to his party tonight?’
My answer: No I didn’t get invited’
His response: Well then I’m serious.

So a few mixed emotions ran through me at this point, like ‘what ever, meh, fuck him and I don’t really need this shit’ THEN Phone friend (Who was on my side) asked me ‘what has he who shall not be named done for you in the last 12 months?’

I thought about it, and I was like well he’s sent a few text messages to me, the odd e-mail but that’s about it. Phone friend continued and you what have you done for him? I answered with I’ve phoned him several times to just have a chat and say hello, I’ve sent return txt messages and e-mails etc. I sent him a card for his birthday – the usual things I do for friends why?’

Phone Friend: So what are you getting out of the friendship with this person (If you can’t tell by now Phone friend is a psychologist.)

I paused thought about it and answered honestly. Well to be honest nothing, all I ever get is him bitching at me that I never visit, or I don’t go to things that our mutual ‘group’ goes too, usually because it’s on a night I’ve got something else on!

‘Phone Friend’ (PF) – Well don’t worry about it then
Me: I didn’t’ say I was worrying.
PF: Oh you didn’t either.
Me: So are you going to his party?’
PF: No I’m not
Me: Better watch out you don’t get removed from the ‘friend list’
PF: If he wanted to dump people who go out of their way to be nice to him all because they’ve not shared the same room in 12 months he can go fuck himself!
Me: Thanks
PF: No that’s what I said to him when I told him I wasn’t going to his party!
Me: (Laughing) One thing about you at least you’re honest.

Which brings me to the pettiness of this situation. I’ve thought about it a little this afternoon and I can’t help but come back to the same question. How old is this man? I mean he’s carrying on like he’s fucking thirteen years old! Yet in reality he’s a lot older than that!

So as I sit in my air-conditioned comfort and download game demos on my new PS3. I’ll knock over some zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 and enjoy my Saturday evening ‘party free and demanding friend free’

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is HERE

I wrote a blog to put up here, it was long and thoughtful and really kinda heartfelt. But somewhere along the way to uploading it - it was sucked off into the void and is no longer, that 'copy and paste' function just went 'fuck you' at me.

I'm here now writing this live in I.E *shudder* simply because it's the ONLY browser that will let me into the blogger site.

I'll give you the digest version of the lovely blog I wrote and was eaten.

Today I:
Went to my mum's to collect a parcel I had sent to her place as it was over $50 Long story but stuff went 'missing' from my mailbox in the past, so anything important I get sent to my mum's address. Thus the reason why I was wondering where the hell my parcel was that hadn't turned up to my place, and then I remembered I'd sent it to the 'safe house!'

Whilst at my mum's she got me to set up this video capture dongle thing she'd bought as part of her new PC package that will allow her to transfer her old Video tapes to the PC which can then be edited and burnt to DVD (Read 'This is something Sal will do over her holidays for her mum cause she asked her nicely!) My mum isn't super computer savvy she can turn it on, check her e-mail and play cards. But that's about it. But she's prepared to have a crack which is important.

Anyway while at her place today I seen old video from when I was young, some of which I can't remember the event even taking place (That's another long story) But it is a little strange to watch video of your loved ones who are now dead. My Grandfather, my Nan and most recently my Uncle and my Pop. I can't explain it, but it was a real bitter sweet feeling, like I got a chance to be close to them again, but knew it wasn't real. (Does that make sense?)

Subject change:

I've got more notes made for my story, and I plan to write over the weekend. I've had a few 'members of the family who I can't remove!!!' ask me 'are you finished yet? Aren't you going to finish it? I answer No I'm not finished yet - Yes I am going to finish it. Which is followed by 'When can we read it?' and my response is... When it's available for you to buy! Fuck them I don't like them enough to give away free copies of my work to them - I fucking despise half the people I'm unfortunate enough to be related to. I'm happy to share my work with people I've never meet in real life. But I'll make the blood ties pay!!!

So the above post is a digest of the 'heartfelt' one I did write out, but lost. Basically I went into a little more insight into how I felt watching the old home video's and seeing those whom I've lost - smile again.

In totally different news - I bought a PS3 (Yup the air-con idea got ditched!) and I'm currently d/loading free game demo's on it. PLUS I am super impressed with Left 4dead 2 which was the package that went to my mum's place. I came home this afternoon and loaded it and have played up to the 3rd level so far, and I'm LOVING it - like more than Wolfenstien!! Which is saying a lot.

Alright. I hope this post doesn’t get eaten as well.

That's all I've got.