Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is HERE

I wrote a blog to put up here, it was long and thoughtful and really kinda heartfelt. But somewhere along the way to uploading it - it was sucked off into the void and is no longer, that 'copy and paste' function just went 'fuck you' at me.

I'm here now writing this live in I.E *shudder* simply because it's the ONLY browser that will let me into the blogger site.

I'll give you the digest version of the lovely blog I wrote and was eaten.

Today I:
Went to my mum's to collect a parcel I had sent to her place as it was over $50 Long story but stuff went 'missing' from my mailbox in the past, so anything important I get sent to my mum's address. Thus the reason why I was wondering where the hell my parcel was that hadn't turned up to my place, and then I remembered I'd sent it to the 'safe house!'

Whilst at my mum's she got me to set up this video capture dongle thing she'd bought as part of her new PC package that will allow her to transfer her old Video tapes to the PC which can then be edited and burnt to DVD (Read 'This is something Sal will do over her holidays for her mum cause she asked her nicely!) My mum isn't super computer savvy she can turn it on, check her e-mail and play cards. But that's about it. But she's prepared to have a crack which is important.

Anyway while at her place today I seen old video from when I was young, some of which I can't remember the event even taking place (That's another long story) But it is a little strange to watch video of your loved ones who are now dead. My Grandfather, my Nan and most recently my Uncle and my Pop. I can't explain it, but it was a real bitter sweet feeling, like I got a chance to be close to them again, but knew it wasn't real. (Does that make sense?)

Subject change:

I've got more notes made for my story, and I plan to write over the weekend. I've had a few 'members of the family who I can't remove!!!' ask me 'are you finished yet? Aren't you going to finish it? I answer No I'm not finished yet - Yes I am going to finish it. Which is followed by 'When can we read it?' and my response is... When it's available for you to buy! Fuck them I don't like them enough to give away free copies of my work to them - I fucking despise half the people I'm unfortunate enough to be related to. I'm happy to share my work with people I've never meet in real life. But I'll make the blood ties pay!!!

So the above post is a digest of the 'heartfelt' one I did write out, but lost. Basically I went into a little more insight into how I felt watching the old home video's and seeing those whom I've lost - smile again.

In totally different news - I bought a PS3 (Yup the air-con idea got ditched!) and I'm currently d/loading free game demo's on it. PLUS I am super impressed with Left 4dead 2 which was the package that went to my mum's place. I came home this afternoon and loaded it and have played up to the 3rd level so far, and I'm LOVING it - like more than Wolfenstien!! Which is saying a lot.

Alright. I hope this post doesn’t get eaten as well.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

The hazards that come with blogging.. Thoughts of killing yourself or everyone else when an awesome post disappears.

Just me then?

My family was never big on filming our lives, so so far I have not had this glimpse of a semi real connection to the deceased. I imagine it's kind of eerie. I imagine you'll be doing more of it as you transfer to DVD.

I borrowed the original Left For Dead once. It was fun. Kick that Zombie butt!