Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re-worked Writing from the edge piece

I've reworked my writing from the edge piece which is due tomorrow. I just need to write a 'note' to go with it as to what I was trying to achieve etc. and it's good to go. Below is a snippet of the 500+ word piece.

Switch Flicking

F e e l

Twitching in your neck, invisible hands touching you, burning like the sun, sun burn prickles, tingle and spread up into your scalp, crawling, itching, tingling, alive, lice infestation, spreading like an oil spill.

S e
Flickering lights, fuzzy lines dance across your vision, strobing causes white colour blindness, bright and unfailing, impairing your vision.

H e Rrr
e a

High-pitched frequency, cancels you out to the world with that screeching noise to a throbbing beat, the pressure makes your ears bleed.

m e l
S l

Crushed ants, damp towels, damp ants, crushed towels. Senses cause confusion Salicylic acid causes a chemical reaction, releasing effervescent bubbles that smell of lemon tang, leaves from the tree in your back garden scrape your skin like razors, breath in and out don’t get smothered by their aroma.

T a t e
s t

Bitter pills mixed with water, clear a path for fast release pain relief, gulped down acidic bubbles make your taste buds tingle from the fizzy cocktail, swallow hard and lay back to allow the drugs to take control

There's more but my PC is having a moment so I'll try posting the rest later.

That's all I've got

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

400 Short

This is it! Today is the day that I get this piece finished. I'm 400 words short of the 'expected' word count :P I've had to revisit the ending as it didn't 'end' as such and the rules state it can't be a piece of a larger piece. (Which sucks!)

I'm thinking of taking this piece (with a better ending that one to fit the specifications of a unit outline for Uni!) to the Nanowrimo this year. Depending on time frames etc. i.e if Uni has finished for the year by November

There again I'm not sure I have the confidence nor the ability to write 50,000 words in 30 days. However you'll never know unless you have a go! Yes I'm studying Clich├ęs in my writing from the edge class at the moment. Can you tell :P

That's all I've got.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've got an essay due this week and well I just re-read over what I wrote.... Crap is a word that comes to mind!

Basically it's an essay on Shakespeare's play The Tempest and it's post-colonial themes. Power, slavery, language etc. But I confused myself when reading over it. So I'm a little worried now. I'll revisit it tomorrow (It's due wednesday)

I've got hardly any work done today. I fell asleep on the lounge in the middle of the day. How bad is that! It rained and my washing got wet. So theres an abundence of 'wet' clothes draped over various items of furniture in my house right now in an attempt to have dry clean clothes to wear this week.

That's all I've got

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Writing from the edge piece

It's 'long' however it's well short of the recommended 'word count' of 1,500 words!
I'm going for 'quality' not 'quantity' ;P

Feedback very very welcome :)

I was influenced by several sources for my piece however three turned out to be more prominent.

Ken Bolton: Talking to you
Finola Moorhead: Nun
Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club

After reading Ken Bolton’s reading from topic three called Talking to you, and the visuals he achieved along with Chuck Palahniuk novel Fight club in which he refers to the protagonist in third person “I am Joe’s deflated happiness”. Combined with Finola Moorhead’s Nun, with its constant repetition of the word Nun. I came up with a piece based on a combination influenced by Palahniuk’s third person, Moorhead’s repetition, and Bolton’s short sharp entries that allow the reader to visualise.

Techniques also used are
Subject matter: Migraines and their debilitating nature, causing a state of melancholy.
Narration is interchanged from: You and You are: which addresses the reader directly; To at the end I AM showing ultimate control of the situation.

If only relief was instantaneous, like flicking a switch.

Can you feel it?
That twitch in your neck
An invisible hand touching you?
Burning sensation like the sun bearing down
Sunburn, prickles, tingling,
Spreading up into your scalp
Like a head full of a lice,
Crawling, itching, alive.

Can you see it?
Flickering lights
Strobing, fuzzy lines
Dancing across your vision
White blindness like snow
Bright and unfailing
Losing your vision
Thrown into the unknown

Can you hear it?
High-pitched frequency
Cancelling everything out
Like a siren in your head
Screeching to a throbbing beat
A vice like grip
Makes you feel like
Your ears bleed

Can you smell it?
Crushed ants
Damp towels
Effervescent bubbles
Salicylic acid causes
Chemical reactions

Can you taste it?
Acidic bubbles
Lemon tang of aspirin
Tastebuds tingle
Fizzy cocktail
Fast release pain relief.
Gulped down quickly

Before all senses are lost…

You are Sally’s neck
Pain spreading like a virus, moving upwards

You are Sally’s tingling scalp
Crawling sensation, like in infestation of lice.

You are Sally’s burning eyes
Fire like sensation, trapped within the retina.

You are Sally’s impaired eyesight
Flickering light like a disco Tec

You are Sally’s white blinded vision
Convulsions affecting the optic nerve.

You are Sally’s eardrum
Pounding to the rhythm of a vice being tightened slowly

You are Sally’s olfactory gland
Filled with the smell of crushed ants and wet towels

You are Sally’s medicine cabinet
Drugs fill the shelves like books in a library

You are the hissing of Sally’s aspirin
Effervescent bubbles try to escape over the edge.

You are Sally’s taste buds
Lemon tang multi strength Aspirin

You are the crinkle of Sally’s Panadine Forte packet
Escaping into her hand, before launching into her mouth.

You are Sally’s head
Trapped, in a vice like grip with pressure building.

You are Sally’s curtains
Drawn to help, eradicate the light.

You are Sally’s stomach
Churning from the nausea.

I AM Sally’s Migraine
Bringing a halt to life
For an extended period of time
Not allowing normal function
Without pain and misery
Without hearing or sight

I AM a blight on Sally’s existence.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caution brick wall ahead

I've not only hit the brick wall - its landed me on my unmotivated arse! I just can't get my head into study right now which isn't a good thing as I've got a shit load of stuff to write / hand in / research / insert long list here!

I guess once some of the more 'crap' assignments are out of the way. I might be able to either break through the brick wall, or go over the top of it.

I've *almost* finished Jane Eyre *Thankfully* When you read a book you have no real interest in, it just seems to drag on and on and on! It removes the enjoyment out of reading! I hope the next book we have to read Mrs Dalloway is better than the 401 pages of Jane Eyre, which I hardly remember anything of. I'm off to finish those two remaining chapters!

That's all I've got.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

systematic artifice

A systematic artifice

systematic: Characterised by order and planning
artifice: A deceptive manoeuvre (especially to avoid capture)

such as writing a piece without a particular vowel. But think about theme/content.

Without the Vowel of O – Theme difficulty :P

I will distance myself
Refuse a particular letter
Writing with deliberate vacancy
I am left absent
This piece is harder than I anticipated

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Information Overload

So I'm doing three classes. I was doing four but dropped one. Why I can hear you enquire? Well the amount of reading was the main reason why I dropped a class. Myself and my friend Craig worked out that for each class there are 100 pages of 'course' material to read each week. So 300 pages for three classes. On top of that one class has compulsory 'book' reading. I got through the Tempest this week, though I'm still a little hazy on the details! Jane Eyre is on the list for this week.

I'm struggling to juggle my time to get all the readings done then on top of that participate in the online forums which consists of 'short, sharp and detailed' responses to the readings and also some other 'questions' the tutors feel are relevant to the topic that week.

No answer no participation mark - fail!

I'll get through it, however the information is coming so thick and fast that I can't remember the stuff I've just read not 20min ago. There's going to be a bus on it's way to struggle town in the next 3 months whilst I get this semester out of the way.

Was I under the delusion that Uni was a 'fun' experience?

That's all I've got

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am a writer

As part of our homework for Prose we have to state verbally and in writing that we are writers. Apparently it's harder for women to state they are writers than it is for men. For me I guess it's a label that has to be earned. That once something you have produced is published and others can read and offer feedback then you have the 'right' to call yourself a writer. As I have never had anything of mine published I'm struggling with with saying it. Not because of my gender but because of the feelings expressed above. That is how I feel on the subject. I don't know what others think or feel who are in my class. Should they want to share I will listen.

However for the task at hand and the little tick that goes next to 'participation' My title is my statement.

That's all I've got

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I’ve been reading this young man Alex’s journal for quite some time – long before he was well known on youtube and today I went to check out this last week’s worth of entries on his diary. Due to the nature of some of the feedback he’s received he’s considering locking his diary off.

This event occurring = Huge shame.

What ever happened to the little rule your mum’s... or your dad’s... or your guardians. I’ll cover all basis to prevent pedantic fucking comments about political correctness. Oh but I was raised by my twice removed aunt with haemorrhoids! Anyway I digress. What ever happened to the old favourite if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything? This is one of the few things that shit me about youtube comments! (And is clearly shitting Alex with his diary) They will leave a message like ‘this is shit and I fucked your mum! A simple reply of ‘fuck off’ only adds fuel to the fire as they will come back with some lame retort that’s probably written in text talk as they are either too fucking lazy to write the entire word out or are too fucking stupid to spell! (Not that I can talk about spelling and punctuation!)

Regardless. Alex has an honesty with the world that is rarely seen in this day and age. There’s no underlying i.e what can you do for me scenario with him (Or I at least do not see this) He’s just a young man who’s got the balls big enough to say ‘hey this is me and this is what I think’ To have that ‘locked down’ would personally be a shame.

So the conclusion to the above 325 ish word entry. Read, watch and enjoy what others have to share, but don’t be an asshole by being rude about it in your comments. If you don’t like something or someone, just don’t watch / read their stuff. It’s not rocket science (One YouTube user comes to mind as someone I don’t enjoy watching / listening to or reading what he has to say so I don’t it’s that simple.) Hit that little close button and just don’t return.

*nb – Finding something offensive and making comment on it being offensive is different to saying ‘this is shit’

That’s all I’ve got.