Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Information Overload

So I'm doing three classes. I was doing four but dropped one. Why I can hear you enquire? Well the amount of reading was the main reason why I dropped a class. Myself and my friend Craig worked out that for each class there are 100 pages of 'course' material to read each week. So 300 pages for three classes. On top of that one class has compulsory 'book' reading. I got through the Tempest this week, though I'm still a little hazy on the details! Jane Eyre is on the list for this week.

I'm struggling to juggle my time to get all the readings done then on top of that participate in the online forums which consists of 'short, sharp and detailed' responses to the readings and also some other 'questions' the tutors feel are relevant to the topic that week.

No answer no participation mark - fail!

I'll get through it, however the information is coming so thick and fast that I can't remember the stuff I've just read not 20min ago. There's going to be a bus on it's way to struggle town in the next 3 months whilst I get this semester out of the way.

Was I under the delusion that Uni was a 'fun' experience?

That's all I've got

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