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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

N n n n Nanoooooooo

So I’m pumped and ready for Nanowrimo 2010 – I finished re-reading over my first novel this afternoon – found gaping holes in it the size of a small mini van and have a shit load of editing to do on it (The highlighter on the page is out there!) BUT I’m on track to start Monday morning the 1st of November for Nano 2010. I plan to write the sequel (Read: ending) to the first book I wrote last year. This way the ending doesn’t appear rushed, and also after re-reading over the work I did this past week – it has allowed me to make notes on bits I brushed over a little – I had some good ideas, but didn’t expand on them (as I was trying to get the 50,000 word count done) – so this will be addressed in the edit at the end of November where Scoman will be my proofer once again.

In other news I’ve finished Uni for the year and got my grades posted today – I got two credits and a distinction for the subjects I did this semester which I’m really happy with. I’ve got six more subjects to do and I’m officially finished this degree – My plan is to go on to do a post grad in librarian services so I can look at getting into the university libraries, or be a research assistant for some super high paid professor!! Either way I want to be able to still write as that is where my passion is.

Anyway with November comes writing everyday for nano – so I’ll do my best to add a post on here each day as well.

That’s all I’ve got.