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Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st + a picture

Thirty one days into 2010 and I’m still writing 2009 on paperwork. Is there a time limit that is extended to people to allow for that mistake, or is the only a month waver to get it right? I remember when it turned from 1999 to 2000 and I was caught up a few times (Read a bloody lot!) but the forms I had to fill out back then re my job were all computerised and had the little 20__ bit on them, which helped!

Ten years later and I’m struggling to move on from the 09 to the 10 I mean the 1 is at the other end of the keyboard from the 0 so I kinda have to actively stop and think about the date before I type it, which is kinda frustrating, but anyway I digress.

It’s the 31st of JANUARY 2010 FUCK!!!!! Where did the past thirty days go? I worked out a rough mind map this afternoon of what I have done in the past thirty days.

Here goes:

I have found out what books I have to read for this semester
Purchased two of those book, have finished reading one and onto the 2nd one
I have edited PART of my novel with the help of Scoman being my proofer wingman. (I am YET to finish it, but I WILL do this soon.)
Spent time with relatives I don’t really like
Helped other relatives I like move house / Unit / apartments
Played PS3 games badly
Watched seasons 1 – 3 of Weeds
Watched the final episodes of Doctor Who containing David Tennant's last jaunt.
Twittered a lot about everything and nothing (6,000+ tweets in less than 12 months)
Spoke to my nephews a lot on skype
Written updates here (Yay)
Got more followers on my blog (Woohoo) (Thankyou loyal readers)
Watched many Zombie style movies
Read David Moody’s Hater (fucking AWESOME book!)

**Update** I was writing this and got skyped by my nephews (see below pic) who love that they can see themselves on the TV! (otherwise known as the monitor!) I’m a bias Aunt but I think both boys are just adorable and fill my heart with that lovely mushy feeling

So…….. February…….

February is the month that my almost four nephew will turn four, and he will no longer be almost four, as he will be four and we will wait six months before he starts to refer to himself as almost five. Plus it's my birthday in February also. (I will accept all forms of on-line shopping vouchers from places such or or should you feel the urge to ‘gift me up’)

I also start back at Uni this month (On my birthday) and I’ve been asked to ‘guest blog’ for Scoman on the 21st of February. (The day before my birthday!) Do you get the feeling there is a ‘birthday’ theme here!

So February means it’s time to get my arse back into Uni mode, which means only sleeping in on a weekend, and getting up before 9am on a weekday! (I know its tough being a student!) I’m yet to get my timetable. But I’m going to have an early stab and bet there will be at least ONE tutorial on, that starts at 8am, and is the ONLY time slot available! It happens every year, though in 2nd semester of first year we (the class) managed to sweet talk the lecturer into pushing the time back to start at 9am which was a little more bearable, especially on a cold July morning!

So staring tomorrow I will be:

Getting up before 9am
Getting into Uni mode (not sure what that is yet!)
Sorting out my stuff to go for a trip away in two weeks.
Thinking about my guest entry for Scoman
Purchasing my almost four nephews birthday present
Posting aforementioned gift
Reading a shit load of stuff for uni
Generally being uni focused
Writing on here (yay)

So starting now. I will be taking offers of topics you would like me to tackle (please nothing too hard that takes up a lot time to research such as the microbic state of milk after it has been put into a microwave for five minutes!) But if you have a burning question you’d like me to ‘discuss’ then please ask away. I may not get to it right away, but I will get to it.

Tomorrow’s entry will be in response to Wendy’s (Quilfeathers) tag from her blog, which will consist of some more ‘interesting facts’ about me. I’ll have to think some up, because I was pushing maximum info load with the last lot.

Anyway. The tennis is about to start Murray V Federer. I don’t mind who wins. I like them both. Either way it should be an awesome match.

That’s all I’ve got.

I blurred my Brothers face out in the picture below, as I'm sure he wouldn't want his picture on the Internet. The boys however are innocent little things, and will not be recognised by anyone. They *love* Skype.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day - History 101

There's been plenty of posts done today about bogans, and invasion day and the need to change the flag. So I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to give those who aren't in Australia a 101 history lesson on just what Australia day means (Goes to google types in Australia day - gets the following information. Then copies and pastes it here!)

The following is blatant plagiarism from Wikipedia. While I know most of this info from studying three Unit History in High school. I'm too lazy to type it out and well Wikipedia made it sound 'nice' so I just mixed it up a little, (I grabbed some bits, copied and pasted them, and then got other bits and mixed it throughout! (So kinda blatant plagiarism with a slice of 'Sal' thrown in.) You can skip the italics bit if you don't want to read about the history of Australia Day.

Australia Day
On 13 May 1787, a fleet of 11 ships, which came to be known as the First Fleet, was sent by the British Admiralty from England to Australia. Under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, the fleet sought to establish a penal colony at Botany Bay on the coast of New South Wales, which had been explored and claimed by Captain James Cook in 1770. The settlement was seen as necessary because of the loss of the colonies in North America. The Fleet arrived between 18 and 20 January 1788, but it was immediately apparent that Botany Bay was unsuitable.

On 21 January, Philip and a few officers travelled to Port Jackson, 12 kilometres to the north, to see if it would be a better location for a settlement. They stayed there till 23 January; Philip named the site of their landing Sydney Cove

They returned to Botany Bay on the evening of 23 January, when Philip gave orders to move the fleet to Sydney Cove the next morning, 24 January. That day, there was a huge gale blowing, making it impossible to leave Botany Bay, so they decided to wait till the next day, 25 January. However, during 24 January, they spotted the ships Astrolabe and Boussole, flying the French flag, at the entrance to Botany Bay; they were having as much trouble getting into the bay as the First Fleet was having getting out.

On 25 January, the gale was still blowing; the fleet tried to leave Botany Bay, but only the HMS Supply made it out, carrying Arthur Philip, Philip Gidley King, some marines and about 40 convicts; they anchored in Sydney Cove in the afternoon.

On 26 January, early in the morning, Philip along with a few dozen marines, officers and oarsmen, rowed ashore and took possession of the land in the name of King George III. The remainder of the ship's company and the convicts watched from on-board the Supply.

Australia Day (previously known as Anniversary Day and Foundation Day), is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788, the hoisting of the British flag there, and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Australia Day is an official public holiday in every state and territory of Australia, and is marked by the Order of Australia and Australian of the Year awards, along with an address from the Prime Minister.

Although it was not known as Australia Day until over a century later, records of celebrations on 26 January date back to 1808, with Governor Lachlan Macquarie having held the first official celebration of the formation of New South Wales in 1818. In 2004, an estimated 7.5 million people attended Australia Day celebrations and functions across the country.

So now that you're all historied (is that a word?) up.... Leads me into the national holiday. When I was a kid, Australia day meant the end was coming to the school holidays. It wasn't a public holiday to school kids in NSW especially. It meant that school would resume either the following week, or the next day!

As a working adult, it meant a day off, which was grabbed with both hands, and held onto tightly, if you planned ahead you could swing an RDO on the day either side of the public holiday, depending on what day it fell onto so could manage a four day long weekend.

I'm once again a student, and now the day off is well just another blur into the three months I get off over summer while Uni is not on. I didn't do anything special today (We did the family BBQ thin at the weekend). If anything the afternoon was quiet as the influx of relatives left! (Woohoo) I'm heading home myself tomorrow. So the 'my own company' will seem a little foreign after a week of others around.

If you're an Australian I hope you had a nice day off. If you're not Australian. Rejoice in the fact that your opposition leader isn't a fuck-wit who believes all women should be virgins until their married (Tony lives in the twilight zone. I've got a $10 bet non of his daughters are virgins!) Long story - Google 'Australian's opposition leader' I'm sure you'll get a news report on anti-abortion Tony!

That's all I've got.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No spell check

Hello readers.

Another update from the little application I downloaded for my iPod. The only drawback is there is no spell check! I suck at spelling and punctuation so this will be short.

We did the family BBQ thing today at my mums place. Relatives decended on the house. Some of them nice others shit! We ate BBQ food, salads, and lush deserts such as caramel tart!

My cousins and I were going to go see a movie however what we wanted to watch (Sherlock Holmes) wasn't on till 6pm. So we went to the video store instead.

I have nothing else to really post about. So as always. That's all I've got.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's hot, I ate hotdogs, that is all

I was going to write an update for you all, but truth is I've done nothing all day. I'm currently at my mum's place for the 'long weekend that isn't a long weekend' and today was fucking hot! So her and I just kicked back and watched the Tennis in the air-conditioning all day!

I've no stories to tell of experiences in the main street of this town, or being accosted at the bank (The ATM). Because the only time I left the house was to goto the bank, and to Woolworth's to buy milk, bread and hotdogs! (We had hotdogs for lunch!) I also bought chocolate. :)

What did surprise me was that the ATM was set alight last night (Like I said yesterday - this town is scary) so I couldn't actually 'remove cash' from the hole in the wall god. So I winged it at the supermarket and prayed I had enough $$ in my account to get me through the checkout. (There's ALWAYS the credit card to fall back on)

So that was my highlight of the day. The ATM not working as it was melted! Buying hotdogs, chocolate and 'essential' tennis watching food, and sitting about in the air-con watching women grunt! (No it wasn't porn!)

How did you spend you Saturday?

That's all I've got

Friday, January 22, 2010

How to make an impression

I’m not sure what others are like when they are shopping, but I’m a list shopper. I either have the list written out or if there’s only a couple of items the list is in my mind, which causes me to focus on those items running in my mind. I DON’T walk aimlessly about – looking at everyone who passes me, just in case I know them!

So I’m in line at the post office, and I get a tap on the shoulder and the words ‘Snobby bitch’ (Always a wonderful way to start a conversation.) I turn to the ‘voice’ and the shoulder tapper, to find it’s a bloke I went to school with! He then processed to explain to me that I walked straight past him and didn’t say hello outside.

Which made me instantly think. I’ve not fucking seen you in over ten years! I’m flat out recognising people I know so how the fuck am I suppose to recognise you!

It was a moment of awkwardness, the point in time where you want the line to hurry up so you can get served, and not have to stand there making small talk with someone from high school, who you had very little to do with back then, but has suddenly popped up out of no where trying to be your best friend right now.

Finally I get served, and I think ‘Thank fuck” I turn and leave and he FOLLOWS me – I couldn’t fucking believe it, he got out of line, and followed me outside to continue the conversation. Except now, the words coming out of his mouth, is him asking me out (Like on a date) before continuing with. ‘Oh unless you’re married of course, then you know it would be like a catch up coffee’

I’m standing there stunned. Wondering if I’m dreaming? He’s putting in the hard yards now with lines like ‘Oh you’ve not changed a bit since highschool, you must still get asked for ID you look so young!’ (Get me a bucket) I’m standing there thinking how the fuck do I get away from this bloke.

So I did the one thing I rarely do. I pulled out the gay card. Now I’m not one to run about waving the gay flag, telling everyone. Hi I’m Sal the lesbian. Because I’m a person before I’m a sexuality. But sometimes you have to reveal this information because. A) The person you’re telling you’re gay is fucking stupid, and b) see option a.

He asked again ‘so are you married? A girl like you would have surly been snapped up by some lucky bloke’ (The lines are getting worse)

I answer: No I’m not married, I’m gay. It was lovely to see you but I have to go, Bye’ All out in one breath, short and sharp, moving away before he has time to process what I’ve just blurted out to him.

He's there dumbfounded and comes out with an even more delightful line (better than Snobby Bitch) 'what like a dike?' I couldn't help myself. I DO NOT like the word Dike. 'No I don't stop water, I just fuck women like you do!' I didn't wait around for his response. (or perhaps punches!) I got in my car and left.

Now re-telling this story when I got home, I think to myself. This bloke is a red neck. The type that believes women should be bare foot and pregnant at all times. So if anything I’ve not only pissed the guy off for rejecting his manliness, his pickup lines such as snobby bitch and invite to 'get a coffee'. But I’ve added to my list of haters who want to bash me, and ‘show me the right way’ (The right way being a relationship between a man and a woman!) As he falls into the category of 'Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' bullshit

So with that out of the way, I think I got away with down town Hicksville reasonably unscathed. Until another ‘friend’ dropped by this afternoon and accused me of ignoring her. I was like how the hell can I ignore you if I never bloody seen you? I was a bit ‘irked’ by this one. To the point of ‘you’ve got a voice – try saying hello!’ It’s now 10:15pm so it’s no doubt already around town that a) I’m here for the weekend and b) I’m a snobby bitch who can’t say hello and c) I’m gay! (Or a wall that keeps water separated!)

Welcome to the back of fucking nowhere people:

Population My parents + a bunch of fucking inbred yokels!

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music is great.

I've just had a total mental block!

I was going to write a blog about how music causes an emotive response to the listener, but then I though it all sounded a bit like the weirdsubconsciousthoughtofSal'sbrain and that sharing this info with you might scare you off.

Then I though Noooooooooooo My readers are RAD I mean #Rad so they will read this, relate to it, and comment on what they think about music and emotions.

So here goes - straight off the keyboard and onto the screen.

I pulled out of my mum's driveway this morning, and the song on the radio was Snow patrol's 'Chasing cars' The image that first jumped into my head was of new years day a few years ago (whatever year that song was HUGE) and the memory of driving home from the NYE party I'd just attended and that song was playing on the radio (at about 1am) and the smell, the ambient light, the darkness of the world at that moment when the song played in my car. That snapshot of time suddenly leached into my thoughts, and in that moment I realised just how powerful music is.

I hear certain classical music pieces and think of my brother's wedding, or of funerals I've attended, and how those moments in time, however fleeting, are now encapsulated within a particular song.

I played a song to my mum today in the car, and told her it was the song I wanted played at my funeral, should I die before her. She cried as she listened to the words, and I felt bad for making her cry, but she reassured me they were happy tears.

The song I played her was Train's When I look to the sky (I'll find the lyrics and copy and paste them at the end of this blog) This of course lead to the death discussion. (Nice as I take my mum to an appointment re her breast cancer!) and my mum expressed her wishes for what she wants re her funeral. I asked her if she wanted a particular song played. She said she'd have to think about it and get back to me. But she did stress she didn't want any 'church' like songs. No abide with me etc.

So as my mum contemplates the song she'd like played at her funeral, and I write down the name of the song and the artist of the track I'd played her today. It made me realise just how powerful music is. It is the one universal language we can all communicate with, which in itself makes it a very emotive tool.

So I ask you my faithful readers. What songs hold a 'special' thought or memory for you, and what do you want played as the 'last song ever' (i.e at your funeral)

That's all I've got.

I found the video clip of the song - so I've embedded it

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After two years. Alcohol is in my system

Hello faithful readers :)

I'm on the wine with my Aunt who is 79 years old! I seriously get around!

I've not drank an alcoholic beverage in two years, and this evening I'm on the wine with my mum's aunt eating fish and chips and loving life (Except for the heat!)

Why don't I drink I can hear you ask? (Well if you didn't ask I'm going to tell you anyway)

Back when I was young (18) I spent my final year of high school drunk. Like liver transplant drunk, and so I consumed enough alcohol in my 18th year of life to literally last a life time. The year book has me down as 'most likely to become a musician / alcoholic' I succeed in the latter!

In 2003 I was at the Zoo in Brisbane (It's a night club, there is no actual animals!) and my drink was spiked. Thankfully I was with a group of friends who took care of me, however regardless of the amount of times I'm been munted drunk. I ALWAYS remember what I did / done. This particular evening I couldn't remember 5 hours of my life. I woke up in my bathroom, head in the bath, very unwell. After that I was a little wary of grog. Along comes 2006 and I'm in the WORST job EVER. I go home at night and polish off several Smirnoff Ice double Black's (They are the 7% alcohol ones) each and every night from Monday to Friday. (We're talking TWO slabs of Smirnoff Ice a week. A $120+ drinking habit, without leaving the house) I get to a point that I'm borderline alcoholic (Literally) and so one day I go 'fuck this' I quit my job, and I stopped drinking. Two years later. I'm here writing this blog with two glasses of wine under my belt, and I'm fucked. Talk about a light weight. I mean sure I've not had this 'drug' in my system in a long time. But two glasses of wine? Come-on! I used to have to down four Smirnoff blacks before it 'touched the sides' so to speak a few years back. (At this point I'm not sure whats worse. Being a little pissed after two glasses of wine? Or being lead astray by my 79 year old Aunt!)

Anyway. I'm at my mum's place. We're off up the coast tomorrow, she's got a medical appointments to attend, then we're 'shopping'. Though I'm not a 'shopper' however when I'm with my mum it's more a leisurely look, some lunch and then head home.

I hope everyone else's Wednesday is going well.

That's all I've got.

**NB If this post makes no sense I do appologise in advance :)

Test of software

I just downloaded an app to allow me to upload blog posts from my iPod touch a little easier. So this is me testing out the application. Does this count as an entry? I'll leave that for you to decide.

I woke up this morning @ 5am thought to myself this is way to early to be awake. Rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 11am. Damn!

I've done nothing today watched the tennis on tv, then settled in for migraine number one for 2010 yay for me. It's currently super late. So I'll post this and see how it works

That's all I've got

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday.... The day in which we do nothing

See the title of this blog. That sums up my day.

I didn't edit today. I just wasn't in an editing place. I'll get back into it tomorrow though I did play a marathon on Tomb Raider on my PS3 :)

Today I

Woke up
Got the Sunday paper
Went shopping for groceries *shudder*
Came home and unpacked aforementioned groceries
Sat on the couch and read the paper while consuming a cup of tea
Read some of another book I have to read for this semester.
Made notes on the book I just finished reading
Pissed about with paypal and online banking
Made my computer crash several times
Installed a new anti-virus software (Though I'm thinking it's already infected)
Checked my bank account balance by phone (To make sure no bastard hacks into my account via the net!)
Discovered I have a higher credit limit on my credit card, than actual money in the bank!
Sold Two books to Scoman from my list I'm trying to flog - I mean 'sell'
Spoke to my new neighbour who seems like a nice girl (Married though)
Played WAY too much Tomb Raider on my PS3
Walked the dog after my PS3 marathon!
Got home in time before the sky opened and rain poured out quite quickly
Made up some salads (Chinese noodle, and a apple and celery one) for the week
Consumed salads with cold meat for dinner
Ate ice-cream
Fed the dog
Wrote this blog

Exciting times my life. It's nice to have a day where you do nothing. I generally shop on a Sunday morning early or late on a Tuesday night (I know I'm odd!) But it's the time with the least people around. You get in and get out. I don't 'linger' in the shopping center (I know I'm a girl who isn't into the 'shopping' thing!) I list shop as I'm on a budget, but there's always room for chocolate biscuits no matter HOW impoverished I am!

So that's my Sunday. Tell me about yours - link to your blog in the comments and I'll have a read.

Storm is swinging around for a second go. So I'll get this posted and shut down my already shagged PC

That's all I've got.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The audacity of some people

**Please note** The following is aimed at ONE person in particular. NOT my readers. I need to vent and this is the best place for me. If you're offended by the work fuck. Probably best to skip this entry!

As I sit here and write this I kinda hope you are reading this, as I’ll get the opportunity to tell you to FUCK OFF and LEAVE ME ALONE!

The audacity of some people kinda leaves me speechless sometimes. What exactly were you thinking when you turned up at my mum’s house today? Did you think she’d greet you with open arms, hug you like a long lost daughter, and invite you in for morning fucking tea!

If you’re reading this you know the answer – the response you got from her. I laughed with pure joy when she phoned me to tell me she told you to fuck off on my behalf! In fact I’m still laughing now as I think of it and write this entry.

For those who follow me, I’ll give you a history of Sal 101 so you know what this post is about.

A LONG time ago I meet this girl; we had a relationship it was quite serious we lived together for about two years. However somewhere in that relationship, the girl whom I loved decided to fuck around on me behind my back, except she was FUCKING shithouse at hiding it, and the bloke she was fucking was a tool.

As an ‘older wiser’ Sal (Third person there!) I can look back at the entire fuckup and realise they deserved one another. Especially as he gave her herpes! (Nice guy ain’t he!) I eventually packed the piece of my heart up and moved out. But she still had her claws in me, she knew I was in love with her, knew how to push my buttons. So the roller coaster ride began once again with myself and her. See she didn’t want me, but she didn’t want anyone else to have me either. So when I moved on to new relationships she’d ‘appear’ out of the blue (Code for STALKER!) in the end it all turned very ugly! To the point that I packed up and moved from Brisbane to get away from her.

FIVE years later she decided to ‘drop’ in on my parents to see if she can get in contact with me!

What YOU (You know who you are) don’t realise is that my mum had to sit by and watch you suck the life out of me, to watch as you ripped out my heart and stomped on it in front of me shattering it into a million pieces. The thing about my mum is she never forgets EVER. Ex’s of my brother who fucked him over. Black listed. Ex’s of mine who have fucked me over Black listed.

YOU are on the top of the blacklisted list! Or did you not realise that! So for you to turn up on my mum’s doorstep today after all this time, and act like we’d only seen one another last week was a very brave and fucking stupid move. If my mum was a fighter, she’d had punched you fare in the face, instead she just yelled at you through the security door, and told you to fuck off and never come back!

Did you really think my mum would give you my address? My phone number? What the fuck are you on! Because whatever it is it has to be strong to make you that fucked up in the head.

So if I know you as well as I ‘used’ to know. I know you’re reading this now. So take my mum’s advice (I swear by it) and FUCK OFF and LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m Herpies free and I’m keeping it that way! I do after all know where your snatch has been, and I ain’t touching it EVER again!

On another note :P *lol* Today was good. I got more editing done, I played Tomb Raider badly. I skyped with my nephews and brother. I spoke to my mum on the phone after ‘she’ turned up! And I generally just had a chill out day.

Thanks for letting me have a vent about one of my ex’s I feel much better now!

That’s all I’ve got.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Editing Day Five

Once again I got some editing done. I re-read over last nights post on here *lol*. Clearly out of it as I've got day three twice! I was going to change it but I though No I'd just 'add' to the heading to let ppl know it's actually day four!

I went to my mum's this afternoon to collect my mail (I get everything sent there now since I had mail 'walk' off!) She called me this morning to let me know three things had arrived. So this afternoon I packed myself and the dog up and headed over to her place. I stayed for afternoon tea (She'd made pumpkin scones!!!) Grabbed my parcels and headed home.

On the way home my brother called me on my mobile. Me being the responsible driver pulled over and answered it. (Please note I DO NOT drive while on the phone!) He was calling to tell me that almost four had had an accident! MY BLOOD WENT COLD! I was like FUCK!!!!!!!! Tell me he's not dead!

He's not dead! He tripped and split his head open in the bathroom. (See pic below) My brother took him up to the hospital and they glued it together to minimise the scarring, but I told him not to worry and that scars are cool. We could compare scars next time we see one another :)

So how freaky is that! I had that vision the other day and a few days later almost four has hurt himself. My heart leapt into my mouth when my brother said 'there's been an accident' I can't describe to you in words that moment of panic I felt. But thankfully he's alright. A dose up of Happy gas, panadol and an icy-pole has sorted him out. I told him I'd post him out some fruit tingles this week to help him get better (The kid is obsessed with fruit tingles! I personally can't stand them!)

In my parcels I got books for Uni and my Tomb Raider PS3 game. So this evening I'll be playing Tomb Raider. Should be a good evening.

I'll leave you with a pic of almost fours little head.

He's off his chops on happy gas :)

That's all I've got.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Editing day three <-- Actually day four but anyway!!!

I'm wrtitng this from my iPod touch. So I'm sorry in advance for typos. Got some editing done today. I'm updatng this from bed as I totally fell
asleep on the couch this evening. I just woke up and have dragged my sleepy arse to bed. Almost didn't bother with an update. But that would be defeating the purpose of this weeks exercise. I'll keep this brief as typing on this iPod is a challenge at the best of times more somwhen you're half asleep.

I hope everyone is well and had a nice day. Hillbillydun if you're reading this I left
a comment on your blog today re me contact details. Hopefully you found it.

I'm super tired so I won't fight it I shall Zzzzz

That's all I've got

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Editing Day Three - Minor setback

I didn't edit at all today. Now before you go off at me I have a very good reason.

I attended a funeral today of a family friend. He was hold (83) so he'd lived his life. But funerals are well... I'm sure you all know.

I used to work for a funeral home in my parents town a few years ago now. That particular company did the service today and approached me if I'd like to come back and work for them. I declined for the following reasons. Collecting dead people is a strange experience (Apart from the being heavy!) I worked there for three month. I look back and think it was two months too long. That job effected me without any doubt. I transported and arranged (Cleaned them up) Quite a few people in that time (People shit and piss themselves when they die!) I dressed them for viewings etc. But the one that was the most difficult was an small child. The tiny body was really very confronting. There was no need to two to three lifters, as you could collect a child's corpse in your arms and move it. That was the moment I thought I can't do this any more. I had nightmares about it, and about one week later handed in my notice.

I left that job and went into Cabinet making (Purly be accident) I had a friend whos husband was / is a cabinet maker. He was after someone to do the inventory for them. I went out and went through every piece of equipment they had, catalogued all the stock at hand, and also put in place an ordering system though Quick-books. How I went from that 'office' job to building kitchens was I just happened to be there on a day that two of his boys didn't show due to illness, and he came into the office and asked me if I knew how to use an electric drill / screwdriver? I did and the next thing I'm putting rails for the kitchen draws onto cabinets, and handles onto aforementioned draws. Which lead to constructing kitchens, and eventually installation. It was hard physical labour, but it was kinda cool I'd come from an I.T Background and before the funeral home had worked for the government.

They (The funeral home) approached me today as they had heard I was no longer at the cabinet place, and thought I might be after some part time work (Kinda spooky as I wrote a post on part-time work yesterday) I was gracious in their offer. But declined telling them I had left the cabinet place to focus on my study and it was costing me a small fortune and therefore I didn't want to jeopardise the situation by not being able to give my all to it. They accepted that, and the conversation ceased.

I attended the funeral (Church), the graveside and the wake. I 'HAD' planned to come home this afternoon (Funeral was at 10:30am) and get some editing done for today. However it's now 9:50pm and I've just got home from my mums. I stayed on for dinner as we had relatives up for this funeral whom I've not seen in years, and to be honest. I'd rather stay for a meal then have to trudge back there tomorrow and spend 'more' time with them!

So tomorrow's plan is to edit in the morning. I've got an appointment tomorrow afternoon. So all going to plan. If I can edit from say 8am through to 11:30 ish I'll be happy with that and it will make up for the fact that I got nothing done today.

Hope everyone reading this is well.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Editing Day Two

I managed a bit over two hours today. I worked on editing from 9am - 10am took a half hour break then went from 10:30 to about 12:00. I stopped then as I was starving. So I washed up from last night (I was lazy!) and cooked up some spicy sausage for lunch.

The afternoon was spent reading some more of one of the five books I have to read for one of my classes this semester. Along with spending $162.90 on text books for another class! All my wealth is in books!

SPEAKING of Books!

I'm trying to sell some of the ones that I got for Uni last semester. They are novels. Combination of fiction and non fiction. If you're interested in them (I'll sell them at half price + postage which is $5.00) let me know in your comments and I'll get in touch with you with a list + price. All prices are negotiable! I'd like to make 'some' money back to help pay for this years books.

When I first started Uni I worked part time. However as I got further into study, I let my part time job go a) Because is wasn't what I wanted to do (I was a cabinet maker) and b) it took a fair bit of my time away from being able to do assignments. (read when I wasn't physically at the Uni Campus I was at work!) My marks improved when you compare 1st year to 2nd year. However not working means I can't claim my books etc back on tax :( Which sucks. As I did have a great accountant who got me anything and everything I was allowed too. But now I don't work - thus not paying taxes. I can't claim anything. Would I go out and get a part time job to rectify this? Simply NO I get buy on the super tight budget I made, admittedly after rent I have fuck all left! But it does me.

In other news.... It's hot, like HOT and I'm off to laze in air-conditioned comfort and watch TV as my life goes into decline quicker as according to the news today those who watch a lot of TV die sooner! All I can say is Meh - at least I died happy!

That's all I've got.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Editing Day One

Today was the day I started the two hour editing in the morning freeing up my time in the afternoon to do as I please.

I got an hour of editing done. Before relatives just 'dropped' in. Good thing I shopped last week! I was a nice 'host' and offered them tea and coffee and tim-tams. It was my Aunt (my mum's sister) and my cousin (Her son) They are the 'nice' relatives. So I didn't mind the unexpected visit. Though it still puzzles me just how hard it is for people to phone someone up and say we're near you, is it ok for us to drop in!?'

So I got back into it this afternoon for about half an hour. The afternoons are NOT a good time to edit, well not for me anyway. It was hot, my mind was elsewhere. So I stopped, and read more of this book I've got to read for Uni. It's getting better, which is a good thing. As there's nothing worse than having to 'read' a book that is shit! In a non Uni life if I start to read a book and find it boring, I return it to the library unfinished.

Plan of attack tomorrow. Get out of bed a little earlier (I got out of bed about 9:30am this morning!) Get whatever I need to get done, early, then settle in from about 9am to edit for two hours. I'll reward myself with the 11am news should I manage this feat.

As for writing more of the unfinished story. Well that hasn't happened. I think I need to concentrate on editing what I've got so far. THEN look at finishing it off. Though should the urge to write come over me, then I will write more. But right now I've got plots / story arcs / and re-writes floating in my head.

That's all I've got.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


How RAD is Skype? I'll tell you it's super RAD!

My brother just bought a new PC as his previous computer died in the arse when I was out there at x-mas and it was beyond help. It had however done him proud for nine years. So I did tell him he got an exceptional innings out of it - even if it was still running Windows 98!

So this morning he called me about his new PC which he bought in Brisbane yesterday and now has it back at his place setting it up, and he asked me about Skype. I explained to him I'd not really heard that much about it, but I knew it was free and allowed you to talk to people with a webcam and mic in realtime. He was going to download it and would try it. I told him once I got home from my outing today I'd d/load it and have a crack.

To say this program is awesome is an understatement. It took 6 seconds to d/load 2 minutes to install - it found everything re the mic webcam etc and then boom I was live in my brothers study talking to him and almost four :) So tomorrow I'm planning on sorting out a web-cam and Mic for my Mum's PC so she too can video call my brother and the boys. 18 months is just getting the hang of waving, and can say Sal which is neat ;) So phone calls from now on will be - turn on your PC - then we'll just chat over the net and be able to see one another :)

In other news I hung out with Mr X today it was his b'day. We had a great time hanging out and eating good food.

Anyway. Tomorrow the editing for 2 hours starts before lunch. After lunch my time is free to do whatever I want, which in my case will be a trip to Dick Smiths to look at webcams for my mum.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Procrastination is my middle name

I’ve got a list of things I’ve got to get done, but I just can’t be arsed to do them. Which isn’t a god attitude to have seeing as I’ve got five weeks until I’m back at uni (Then I’ll know what busy is!) I’d like to have my Novel edited and well in a ‘good place’ before I go back to school. However my best intentions seem to just float away with the day.

For instance today I did the following:

Got out of bed
Make breakfast (Honey on Toast)
Had a cup of tea (Vital for the start of my day!)
Put two loads of washing on
Read some of Orpheus Lost (Compulsory book for Uni this Semester)
Made pasta bake for lunch
Ate pasta bake
Read some more (Got a little bored)
Spent the afternoon watching TV
Pulled in washing and folded it
Re-heated leftovers for dinner
Currently writing this blog before contemplating watching a movie.

NO WHERE in there is ‘edit or read through novel’ I’m seriously needing a self kick in the arse right now. I need to be stronger with my motivation. I need to push myself. An hour of editing in the morning, and an hour in the afternoon. OR two hours before lunch then have the afternoon to do whatever. If I try and go with this (Starting Monday as I’m out all day tomorrow) and actually make some head way (I’m yet to actually finish the book!) I’ll feel better about my self and the direction I’m NOT going right now!

So starting Monday the 11th of January 2010. I plan to edit for a minimum of two hours a day. By the end of the first week (Friday) I’ll have 10hrs of editing done, and HOPEFULLY this will put a decent dent in the editing process.

So… to enable me to do this successfully bloggers. I will write an entry each evening this week. With an update on how my editing is going, / gone. How the story is progressing. This will be good therapy for me, I see it as taking that first step to removing procrastination from my life right now. There’s a time to act and there’s time to procrastinate. Procrastination needs to be earned, and I’ve NOT earned it right now.

On a totally different topic. I’ve been asked to be a ‘guest’ writer in February for Scoman. I am proud to say I’ve taken up the offer. So watch this space in a few weeks time. I’ll link to my ‘guest blog spot’ and you can share the love with Scoman also.

That’s all I’ve got

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freaky vision and a puppy playdate.

Hello readers :)

I got a phone call this morning from my mum asking me if I had any plans today? No I didn't, she then asked if I'd like to brig my dog up to her place as she was puppy sitting for my uncle (Her brother) There was also the promise of Lasagne for lunch! How could I refuse!

So I packed myself and the dog up and headed to my mums, where the dogs played with one another until both were exhausted, I helped cook Lasagne, then consumed it. My day was filled generally just hanging out there until I headed home this afternoon.

It was a nice chilled day.

Last night however was freaky.... I walked into my room and seen a vision of my 'almost four nephew' and my blood went cold. (Like serious cold shiver time) it freaked me the fuck out, and so I was on the phone to my brother in a heart beat, checking that everything was alright out there, this is what just happened, go and check on 'almost four' My sister in law went and checked him, and he was fine (THANK FUCK!) I txted her this morning, to see all was well, and he's fine. She'd just txted me about 20 mins ago to let me know all is well out there.

Why the sudden panic?

When I was young my Grandmothers sister (my great aunt) came to visit she was awesome. But the night before they planned to leave to go home. I couldn't bring myself to go into her room and say goodbye. Why? Because I knew in my heart it would be the very last time I said goodbye. At the time it felt like a force-field was over the door to her room, and I just couldn't go in. She was killed in a car accident the next day! I know freaky shit!

The next time this happened was in relation to my mum's aunt. I lived in Brisbane at the time and it was about 11:45pm and I was in bed with my then partner and had this overwhelming feeling come over me re my great aunt that she'd died. To the point that I phoned my mum up at midnight. To tell her. The next morning she phoned back to let me know she'd just been informed that Auntie E had died about 11:45pm! (I know even freakier shit!)

Another occasion I dreamt about my grandfathers brother. I dreamt that he'd died. So the next morning I woke, called my parents place, no answer - I left a message saying I was calling as I dreamt Uncle J had died. My mum phoned me back about two hours later to confirm he'd died over night!!! (Can you see a pattern forming here!)

So when I had this instant clear vision in my head of almost four nephew, my blood turned cold, I was like FUCK! I couldn't hit speed dial on my phone quick enough. My Sister-in-law knows my history, as does my brother. So they took my feeling seriously and have kept an eye on him. I told them to watch him near any water, as this vision I had was like when you look at someone from underneath the water. He's just learning to swim at the moment, but can't ACTUALLY swim yet. Plus my Brother has a pool. So I was just stressing to make sure they watched him near water right now.

I'll let you know how almost four is doing along with his little brother 18 months :P

Until then
That's all I've got.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year :) Welcome to 2010

Alright I know I'm a little late - What's five days between friends. Technically I would have been 'back' today! So don't be moaning :P I've avoided blogging / the internet / twitter etc as I didn't want to get spoilered (Is that a word?) regarding David Tennant's final episode in Doctor Who. So I went into anti-net mode communicating only through text messages.

I've since seen the episode. Loved it, will miss David Tennant as The Doctor - but am looking forward to seeing Matt Smith as Eleven.

My new years resolutions (NYR). I don't really have any this year, other than to finish editing my novel, and try to get it looked at (Read: published!) My other NYR is to simply pass Uni this year. I'm done with the eating healthy, drink more water shit. I'm getting along with what I eat and drink at the moment. I can't see why I should increase or degrease any of it.

So with a 'super quick' Happy New Year post. I'll head off and start on my NYR - editing my novel.

That's all I've got.