Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year :) Welcome to 2010

Alright I know I'm a little late - What's five days between friends. Technically I would have been 'back' today! So don't be moaning :P I've avoided blogging / the internet / twitter etc as I didn't want to get spoilered (Is that a word?) regarding David Tennant's final episode in Doctor Who. So I went into anti-net mode communicating only through text messages.

I've since seen the episode. Loved it, will miss David Tennant as The Doctor - but am looking forward to seeing Matt Smith as Eleven.

My new years resolutions (NYR). I don't really have any this year, other than to finish editing my novel, and try to get it looked at (Read: published!) My other NYR is to simply pass Uni this year. I'm done with the eating healthy, drink more water shit. I'm getting along with what I eat and drink at the moment. I can't see why I should increase or degrease any of it.

So with a 'super quick' Happy New Year post. I'll head off and start on my NYR - editing my novel.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Happy new year Sal. Best of luck with your resolutions. You can do them both in your sleep.