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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Editing Day Three - Minor setback

I didn't edit at all today. Now before you go off at me I have a very good reason.

I attended a funeral today of a family friend. He was hold (83) so he'd lived his life. But funerals are well... I'm sure you all know.

I used to work for a funeral home in my parents town a few years ago now. That particular company did the service today and approached me if I'd like to come back and work for them. I declined for the following reasons. Collecting dead people is a strange experience (Apart from the being heavy!) I worked there for three month. I look back and think it was two months too long. That job effected me without any doubt. I transported and arranged (Cleaned them up) Quite a few people in that time (People shit and piss themselves when they die!) I dressed them for viewings etc. But the one that was the most difficult was an small child. The tiny body was really very confronting. There was no need to two to three lifters, as you could collect a child's corpse in your arms and move it. That was the moment I thought I can't do this any more. I had nightmares about it, and about one week later handed in my notice.

I left that job and went into Cabinet making (Purly be accident) I had a friend whos husband was / is a cabinet maker. He was after someone to do the inventory for them. I went out and went through every piece of equipment they had, catalogued all the stock at hand, and also put in place an ordering system though Quick-books. How I went from that 'office' job to building kitchens was I just happened to be there on a day that two of his boys didn't show due to illness, and he came into the office and asked me if I knew how to use an electric drill / screwdriver? I did and the next thing I'm putting rails for the kitchen draws onto cabinets, and handles onto aforementioned draws. Which lead to constructing kitchens, and eventually installation. It was hard physical labour, but it was kinda cool I'd come from an I.T Background and before the funeral home had worked for the government.

They (The funeral home) approached me today as they had heard I was no longer at the cabinet place, and thought I might be after some part time work (Kinda spooky as I wrote a post on part-time work yesterday) I was gracious in their offer. But declined telling them I had left the cabinet place to focus on my study and it was costing me a small fortune and therefore I didn't want to jeopardise the situation by not being able to give my all to it. They accepted that, and the conversation ceased.

I attended the funeral (Church), the graveside and the wake. I 'HAD' planned to come home this afternoon (Funeral was at 10:30am) and get some editing done for today. However it's now 9:50pm and I've just got home from my mums. I stayed on for dinner as we had relatives up for this funeral whom I've not seen in years, and to be honest. I'd rather stay for a meal then have to trudge back there tomorrow and spend 'more' time with them!

So tomorrow's plan is to edit in the morning. I've got an appointment tomorrow afternoon. So all going to plan. If I can edit from say 8am through to 11:30 ish I'll be happy with that and it will make up for the fact that I got nothing done today.

Hope everyone reading this is well.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

I could never work at a funeral home. I went green when we got a tour through there in High School. Like.. almost passed out green. I said it was poor ventilation and too hot, but everyone else was fine, so maybe it was the stories being told that made me hot.

But then when some of the stuff I watch on TV or the internet and just grin.. maybe because I know it's not real?

It's good that you got to catch up with some family you hadn't seen in awhile. Just a pity about the circumstances.