Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st + a picture

Thirty one days into 2010 and I’m still writing 2009 on paperwork. Is there a time limit that is extended to people to allow for that mistake, or is the only a month waver to get it right? I remember when it turned from 1999 to 2000 and I was caught up a few times (Read a bloody lot!) but the forms I had to fill out back then re my job were all computerised and had the little 20__ bit on them, which helped!

Ten years later and I’m struggling to move on from the 09 to the 10 I mean the 1 is at the other end of the keyboard from the 0 so I kinda have to actively stop and think about the date before I type it, which is kinda frustrating, but anyway I digress.

It’s the 31st of JANUARY 2010 FUCK!!!!! Where did the past thirty days go? I worked out a rough mind map this afternoon of what I have done in the past thirty days.

Here goes:

I have found out what books I have to read for this semester
Purchased two of those book, have finished reading one and onto the 2nd one
I have edited PART of my novel with the help of Scoman being my proofer wingman. (I am YET to finish it, but I WILL do this soon.)
Spent time with relatives I don’t really like
Helped other relatives I like move house / Unit / apartments
Played PS3 games badly
Watched seasons 1 – 3 of Weeds
Watched the final episodes of Doctor Who containing David Tennant's last jaunt.
Twittered a lot about everything and nothing (6,000+ tweets in less than 12 months)
Spoke to my nephews a lot on skype
Written updates here (Yay)
Got more followers on my blog (Woohoo) (Thankyou loyal readers)
Watched many Zombie style movies
Read David Moody’s Hater (fucking AWESOME book!)

**Update** I was writing this and got skyped by my nephews (see below pic) who love that they can see themselves on the TV! (otherwise known as the monitor!) I’m a bias Aunt but I think both boys are just adorable and fill my heart with that lovely mushy feeling

So…….. February…….

February is the month that my almost four nephew will turn four, and he will no longer be almost four, as he will be four and we will wait six months before he starts to refer to himself as almost five. Plus it's my birthday in February also. (I will accept all forms of on-line shopping vouchers from places such or or should you feel the urge to ‘gift me up’)

I also start back at Uni this month (On my birthday) and I’ve been asked to ‘guest blog’ for Scoman on the 21st of February. (The day before my birthday!) Do you get the feeling there is a ‘birthday’ theme here!

So February means it’s time to get my arse back into Uni mode, which means only sleeping in on a weekend, and getting up before 9am on a weekday! (I know its tough being a student!) I’m yet to get my timetable. But I’m going to have an early stab and bet there will be at least ONE tutorial on, that starts at 8am, and is the ONLY time slot available! It happens every year, though in 2nd semester of first year we (the class) managed to sweet talk the lecturer into pushing the time back to start at 9am which was a little more bearable, especially on a cold July morning!

So staring tomorrow I will be:

Getting up before 9am
Getting into Uni mode (not sure what that is yet!)
Sorting out my stuff to go for a trip away in two weeks.
Thinking about my guest entry for Scoman
Purchasing my almost four nephews birthday present
Posting aforementioned gift
Reading a shit load of stuff for uni
Generally being uni focused
Writing on here (yay)

So starting now. I will be taking offers of topics you would like me to tackle (please nothing too hard that takes up a lot time to research such as the microbic state of milk after it has been put into a microwave for five minutes!) But if you have a burning question you’d like me to ‘discuss’ then please ask away. I may not get to it right away, but I will get to it.

Tomorrow’s entry will be in response to Wendy’s (Quilfeathers) tag from her blog, which will consist of some more ‘interesting facts’ about me. I’ll have to think some up, because I was pushing maximum info load with the last lot.

Anyway. The tennis is about to start Murray V Federer. I don’t mind who wins. I like them both. Either way it should be an awesome match.

That’s all I’ve got.

I blurred my Brothers face out in the picture below, as I'm sure he wouldn't want his picture on the Internet. The boys however are innocent little things, and will not be recognised by anyone. They *love* Skype.


ScoMan said...

Your nephews are very cute. And as busy as January has been for you, it sounds like February is going to be a whole lot busier.

You'll have to make sure the book is edited before classes start back. Once that happens you'll be losing a big slab of time. Although I'm sure the pre-reading now is already chewing up a lot of time as well.

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

Cute pic indeed.

Congrats on being tagged by the way :)

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