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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freaky vision and a puppy playdate.

Hello readers :)

I got a phone call this morning from my mum asking me if I had any plans today? No I didn't, she then asked if I'd like to brig my dog up to her place as she was puppy sitting for my uncle (Her brother) There was also the promise of Lasagne for lunch! How could I refuse!

So I packed myself and the dog up and headed to my mums, where the dogs played with one another until both were exhausted, I helped cook Lasagne, then consumed it. My day was filled generally just hanging out there until I headed home this afternoon.

It was a nice chilled day.

Last night however was freaky.... I walked into my room and seen a vision of my 'almost four nephew' and my blood went cold. (Like serious cold shiver time) it freaked me the fuck out, and so I was on the phone to my brother in a heart beat, checking that everything was alright out there, this is what just happened, go and check on 'almost four' My sister in law went and checked him, and he was fine (THANK FUCK!) I txted her this morning, to see all was well, and he's fine. She'd just txted me about 20 mins ago to let me know all is well out there.

Why the sudden panic?

When I was young my Grandmothers sister (my great aunt) came to visit she was awesome. But the night before they planned to leave to go home. I couldn't bring myself to go into her room and say goodbye. Why? Because I knew in my heart it would be the very last time I said goodbye. At the time it felt like a force-field was over the door to her room, and I just couldn't go in. She was killed in a car accident the next day! I know freaky shit!

The next time this happened was in relation to my mum's aunt. I lived in Brisbane at the time and it was about 11:45pm and I was in bed with my then partner and had this overwhelming feeling come over me re my great aunt that she'd died. To the point that I phoned my mum up at midnight. To tell her. The next morning she phoned back to let me know she'd just been informed that Auntie E had died about 11:45pm! (I know even freakier shit!)

Another occasion I dreamt about my grandfathers brother. I dreamt that he'd died. So the next morning I woke, called my parents place, no answer - I left a message saying I was calling as I dreamt Uncle J had died. My mum phoned me back about two hours later to confirm he'd died over night!!! (Can you see a pattern forming here!)

So when I had this instant clear vision in my head of almost four nephew, my blood turned cold, I was like FUCK! I couldn't hit speed dial on my phone quick enough. My Sister-in-law knows my history, as does my brother. So they took my feeling seriously and have kept an eye on him. I told them to watch him near any water, as this vision I had was like when you look at someone from underneath the water. He's just learning to swim at the moment, but can't ACTUALLY swim yet. Plus my Brother has a pool. So I was just stressing to make sure they watched him near water right now.

I'll let you know how almost four is doing along with his little brother 18 months :P

Until then
That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

Glad to hear your nephew is okay. I can imagine why you'd be freaking out. I'd hate to have the history you've got. Any time I dreamed anything bad I'd be like "Oh fuck."

And I do dream bad stuff a lot. Like my niece playing with snakes. I'd hate to think it could actually happen and have to be worried about it.

Let's hope this was just a vision and there's nothing more to it.

Sleepydumpling said...

I never pretend to understand that sort of thing, but I do believe very much in listening to ones instinct. I'm glad you did!

Cate P said...

Spooky, always follow your instincts, even if it turns out to be nothing.