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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday.... The day in which we do nothing

See the title of this blog. That sums up my day.

I didn't edit today. I just wasn't in an editing place. I'll get back into it tomorrow though I did play a marathon on Tomb Raider on my PS3 :)

Today I

Woke up
Got the Sunday paper
Went shopping for groceries *shudder*
Came home and unpacked aforementioned groceries
Sat on the couch and read the paper while consuming a cup of tea
Read some of another book I have to read for this semester.
Made notes on the book I just finished reading
Pissed about with paypal and online banking
Made my computer crash several times
Installed a new anti-virus software (Though I'm thinking it's already infected)
Checked my bank account balance by phone (To make sure no bastard hacks into my account via the net!)
Discovered I have a higher credit limit on my credit card, than actual money in the bank!
Sold Two books to Scoman from my list I'm trying to flog - I mean 'sell'
Spoke to my new neighbour who seems like a nice girl (Married though)
Played WAY too much Tomb Raider on my PS3
Walked the dog after my PS3 marathon!
Got home in time before the sky opened and rain poured out quite quickly
Made up some salads (Chinese noodle, and a apple and celery one) for the week
Consumed salads with cold meat for dinner
Ate ice-cream
Fed the dog
Wrote this blog

Exciting times my life. It's nice to have a day where you do nothing. I generally shop on a Sunday morning early or late on a Tuesday night (I know I'm odd!) But it's the time with the least people around. You get in and get out. I don't 'linger' in the shopping center (I know I'm a girl who isn't into the 'shopping' thing!) I list shop as I'm on a budget, but there's always room for chocolate biscuits no matter HOW impoverished I am!

So that's my Sunday. Tell me about yours - link to your blog in the comments and I'll have a read.

Storm is swinging around for a second go. So I'll get this posted and shut down my already shagged PC

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

My Sunday.. I did even less than you.

I watched King of Queens while having Breakfast
Ironed (while watching more King of Queens)
Played Wolfenstein
Read blogs
More Wolfenstein
Lunch while watching my Criminal intent DVD
More Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein (which I finished. Yay!)
Wrote a blog
Tea while watching another Criminal Intent
Made the bed
Watched TV
And here I am.

Oh, and of course I organised buying those books off you and watched plenty of YouTube stuff. Well mostly the same stuff. Trailers for movies.

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

My Sunday really isn't worth mentioning. Did nothing but sleep, read and eat.

PS. I hate shopping too. Especially for clothes...weird I know. I'm a jeans kinda gal :)