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Monday, January 11, 2010

Editing Day One

Today was the day I started the two hour editing in the morning freeing up my time in the afternoon to do as I please.

I got an hour of editing done. Before relatives just 'dropped' in. Good thing I shopped last week! I was a nice 'host' and offered them tea and coffee and tim-tams. It was my Aunt (my mum's sister) and my cousin (Her son) They are the 'nice' relatives. So I didn't mind the unexpected visit. Though it still puzzles me just how hard it is for people to phone someone up and say we're near you, is it ok for us to drop in!?'

So I got back into it this afternoon for about half an hour. The afternoons are NOT a good time to edit, well not for me anyway. It was hot, my mind was elsewhere. So I stopped, and read more of this book I've got to read for Uni. It's getting better, which is a good thing. As there's nothing worse than having to 'read' a book that is shit! In a non Uni life if I start to read a book and find it boring, I return it to the library unfinished.

Plan of attack tomorrow. Get out of bed a little earlier (I got out of bed about 9:30am this morning!) Get whatever I need to get done, early, then settle in from about 9am to edit for two hours. I'll reward myself with the 11am news should I manage this feat.

As for writing more of the unfinished story. Well that hasn't happened. I think I need to concentrate on editing what I've got so far. THEN look at finishing it off. Though should the urge to write come over me, then I will write more. But right now I've got plots / story arcs / and re-writes floating in my head.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

You did an hour and a half today (by my math anyway) so that's a good feat. Especially when relo's just dropped in on you. Seems to happen a lot. I've advertised to my family how much I hate the pop in, so they don't dare attempt it =p

Best of luck with day two.