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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post # 30 End of BEDA, and Uncomfortably Numb

When I looked at going to University, I thought that it was the right time in my life to look at ‘further education’ too open up new doors out into the world for a career change or at least a larger pool to choose from in the job market.

So far my experience of Uni has been good, its hard work getting your head around some of the theories involved with writing etc, but overall I’ve enjoyed my experience of University up to this point. That was until today.

To-day I had a lecturer make me feel like a fucking imbecile for asking a question. I’m of the belief that if you don’t know something, then don’t be afraid to ask a question, or state you’re not 100% sure of xyz. However to be blasted back with the question was not appropriate, left me dazed and confused. How the fuck can a question not be appropriate? Unless of course I asked the lecturer if he managed to get a root over the weekend – now that’s not appropriate! But when it’s in relation to the subject at hand… I was just left shaking my head, confused and well embarrassed.

I’m at Uni to LEARN I pay in-excess of $700.00 per subject which well covers the lectures pay packet I’m sure! And whilst as a paying student I have rights etc, shouldn’t expect to get something for nothing (Insert what ever fucking cliché you want in here) Is it too hard for these ‘teachers’ to remember that they were in my position once? That they weren’t born and then at the age of two become a Uni lecturer! That they too, had to learn, had to be a student. Clearly NOT the case with this particular lecturer.

I’m pissed off, annoyed, irate, sad, angry, deflated, kicked in the guts, smacked in the face – all those emotions wrapped up into one, and right now I’m wondering why the fuck do I bother!? I mean this feeling will pass, and I won’t allow one lecturer to fuck up my study plans – but talk about a kick in the teeth. Maybe because it came so far out of left field. I simply posed a question. It wasn’t off topic, it’s not like we were in a lecture about Shakespeare and I bought up Gertrude Stein! We were talking about Woolf and I asked a question about Woolf.

I’m off to write some more of my Writing from the edge essay I have due next week. If I get that sorted I’ll be happier as its one less thing I have due.

As for BEDA – it’s been a great experience to write a blog entry every day and I hope I can continue to do so.

That’s all I’ve got.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post # 29 World of Snot

Yesterday's entry was, well a bit short! Sorry about that. I got into bed, got comfortable and warm etc then I thought. FUCK I didn't put an entry up for BEDA. So I turned to my new trusty IPod Touch and Wi-fi-ed myself an entry that took ages to type up one fingered and then all I cared about was if it would save :) It did as you can see below in post # 28

I am officially in a world of Snot! Yes my nose is a tap and there is a stream of snot coming from it as I battle a sinus thing. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's an infection as I'm not blowing out horrible coloured snot or anything, it's just running alot, and my face aches a bit. So I went to the chemist a) cause I needed something for this snotfest and b) the chemist is fucking hot! I asked her about some drugs to fix me up and she offered me some anti-snot tablets. However due to the increase of Methamphetimes labs and their production of ecstasy you can no longer buy any drugs over the counter that contain pseudoephedrine without a doctors prescription. Talk about being jipped as those anti-snot drugs are the best!!

Anyway I spent $5.00 on the chemist brand of anti-snot tablets got some panadol that contained codine in them (Thank fuck they aren't script only!) and came home and tried to write / reseach more for this essay I have due on experimental writing, however pulled the pin about 4pm and had a nap. I've since woken from the nap, slightly less snotty, but my face still hurts like I've been punched in the face.

Tomorrow is the final for BEDA - however I've kinda got into the rhythm of writing each day, so I hope to be able to keep up the consistant entries for the remainder of my blogging existance ;) <-- that's code for the time being.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Post #28 touchy update

This entry is being typed on my iPod touch. very slowly I might add. Why? I decided to get an early nite however once in bed remembered I had not done an entry today so here it is I just hope after all this one finger typing if will save ok
Thats all ive got

Monday, April 27, 2009

Post # 27 The end is near but we've got pumpkin scones!!

It's almost the end of April. Which means BEDA will be complete for 2009 in a few days. It's been a great experience to blog every day, and I've managed to get through it alright - expect yesterday when I almost forgot to put up an entry.

Good news is I've finished Mrs Dalloway. *Thank FUCK!* I just have to write an essay on the 'themes' presented within the text, and I'll be able to say good night to the book forever!!

I made pumpkin scones today. It's the first time I've ever made pumpkin scones and I have to say they turned out well. I was impressed enough to take a pic and share on here :)

That's all I've got

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post # 26 - A Quickie

It's 10:22pm as I start to type this. I've had a full day of various tasks including

Usual Sunday morning - Paper - Milk - Bread - Cake (Chocolate Éclair today!)
Washing my dog :)
Mowing the lawn
Doing the Grocery shopping *Groan*
Uni work
Catching up with an old friend of lunch - still kinda smelling like wet dog and dog shampoo!
Talking to my brother on the phone for ages (Including my little nephew)
Buying songs on Itunes
Uploading my CD's onto Itunes to put onto my Ipod

That's my day pretty much summed up - off to bed now but *almost* forgot today's entry which would have put the entire everyday update right out!

That's all I've got.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Post # 25 - Lest We Forget

Today is the 25th of April. In Australia and New Zealand it's a day for remembrance called ANZAC Day. What is ANZAC day I can hear some of you ask? Let me, let Wikipedia explain.

Anzac Day is a national public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, and is commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I and also to commemorate the soldiers who fought in France and Belgium.(Reference Link)

The 25th of April is an important day for Australians, its a day in which we get to reflect and pay homage to those men and women who lost their lives fighting in a war a long way from home. It's also a chance to say thanks to all war veterans who have fought not only in WWI (I'm not sure there's any remaining diggers alive today from WWI) - WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, IRAQ (Sorry I don't know the full list off the top of my head) However today is the one day in the 365 days of the year that as a nation we stop and say thank you. If it wasn't for the men and woman of our defence forces I know that I'd quite possibly not live in the world in which I have the privilege to do so today.

So from the words of English poet and writer Laurence Binyon I leave you with:

The Ode from For the Fallen

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Post # 24 Techno Purchase

I bought an Ipod Touch 8Gig today :) It was sooo shiny out of the box, now it's shiny and smudged with my fingerprints all over it :P I'll have to look at getting a little cover thing for it. But I worked out how to get the IP address of the Ipod so I could add the address to my secure wireless network, and now I can surf the net get the news etc all in the palm of my hand. My brother has an Iphone which he raves about - I can't afford a plan to get an Iphone so my old Nokia is plugging through. But I'm really happy with my purchase. I had an Ipod Nanno when they first came out back in 2005 and I had endless trouble with it, however *touch wood* this new generation will prevent any issues with it. Well I hope it will at least.

I got a lot of reading done for Uni today. I didn't turn my PC on until after 2pm, as I found that if I try to study with my PC right there I get pulled into it's gravity field of procrastination and I end up on youtube or various other websites that have nothing to do with the unit material I need to read to pass this degree. So I've decided that I'm going to spend the mornings up until lunch reading, and then the afternoons typing up the stuff I need to type up (essay's etc) then in the evenings I'm free to do whatever I want online - Youtube Twitter etc and not feel as though I'm being a pitiful student.

My drive to the next town this afternoon was an 'experience' I live in the boonies and so I need to drive about 30mins to the next town that has real stores, like the one I bought my Ipod from. However on the way I was caught up in the middle of a high-speed pursuit between a 'civilian' and a 'police' car - it was all very exciting and the police officers finally caught the speeding car. On my way home though a huge truck came around this bend and decided he needed some of the road I was driving on so at 100km/ph I slowed rather quickly and pulled off the road somewhat, so as I didn't become this trucks new hood ornament!

I'm off to watch a movie, it's Friday night - that's a free pass from Uni work in my books.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Post # 23 MP3 players and Dodgy Pies

My day has been unproductive :( I spent the morning trying to sort out some stuff for my mum only to find out that her MP3 player is quite possibly the ONLY one on the planet not supported by a site that allows you to download relaxation audio books! After 2 hours of fucking about with this site, downloading various software etc. I turned to my trusty Itunes and burnt the file as an audio book onto CD - pulled those audio files back onto my computer before putting them onto her MP3 player. Moral of the story. Check the super super fine print to make sure that your brand of MP3 player is actually supported (By going to the manufactures site!) DO NOT rely on the supported MP3 players blurb the site who wants to take your money for an obscure fucking file!

After this onslaught against technology. I decided to have a pie for lunch - meat pie standard part of any meat eating Australian's diet :) It was nice too. Until it decided to turn my stomach and my insides inside-out about 3pm this afternoon. Then the pie was the devil and I won't be eating a meat pie for some time after this moving event! Forget those liver cleansing diets out there people. Get yourself a dodgy meat pie and sit back and allow it to work it's 'cleansing' goodness!!!

I have however managed to lay about most of the afternoon and read some of Mrs Dalloway. So I guess my day hasn't been a total waste. But I've got no real work done for school, and I just looked at my calendar and time is running out fast to get everything in on time.

Meh what can you do?!

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post # 22 Dreams

I've had three nights of out there dreams though they have all been pretty exciting. I love sleep when I have super realistic dreams. One contained how the 10th incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who will regenerate into number eleven. I e-mailed some of my 'Who' friends telling them about the dream. We're waiting now to see if Russell T Davies has managed to lock into my subconscious to help aid his ideas :P

The other side of these dreams have been the re-occurrence of one of my Ex girlfriends. Now I've not seen nor heard from this particular Ex in about six years. So to have three nights back to back with dreams that contain her, well it's clearly put her in my thoughts which I'm not overly happy about as it wasn't the best relationship I've ever had, and when I think of her I think of the shit things that happened, which then snowball into anger and it just pisses me off.

I've got a friend who interprets dreams. I've sent her an e-mail asking her about it all as it's clearly got under my skin. She's super busy with her life, so I don't expect a reply back any time soon. However when or if she does get back to me I'll be sure to put an update on here.

Other news is I've got to re-read Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. As when I went to answer the questions for the unit I couldn't remember any of it. It was as though I missed a great chunk of the book that the questions have been produced from. I struggled to read it the first time as it's pretty heave going between slipping between reality and past memories. So maybe a second read will help me to understand it better. So if you're wondering what I'll be doing for the next day or two.. I'll be reading Mrs Dalloway. I'll post tomorrow how I'm going with it. It's only 170 pages though they are hard going pages let me tell you!

I'm off to take my dog for a walk before it starts to rain again - the storm clouds are building up in the sky outside my window and the sky is turning a gun metal grey, complete with rumbling thunder...

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post # 21 Achievements

I ploughed though so much Uni stuff today. I'm quite proud of myself. I've got one task left for Written Text and I'll be up to date with the online posting thing (Highly technical there) I've got one last major assignment left for that class and it's done and dusted (Other than the weekly posts)

Prose is plodding along alright. I got a credit + for my Sci-fi story. I'm happy with that. My punctuation once again let me down. I'm at a loss there. I try so hard to get on top of it, but it just seems to continually fall short. If I could sort out my pathetic punctuation skills, I'm confident enough in my writing to say I could get Distinctions with the effort I put into my writing.

Writing from the edge results are in also - I got a credit for that which I'm really happy about - this style of writing such as a novel in ten lines is all new to me - so to get a credit mark in that class. I wrote a prose poem about the visual disturbances of migraines. So to get a credit for that I'm very happy.

I've just got to catch up with my online stuff for Writing from the edge and Prose and I'll just have the essays due for those classes then I'm done for this semester.

Overall its been a highly productive day. The weathers shit (Cold, windy and raining) so I've not been outside at all, other than to collect the mail. I will have to brave to cold to take my dog for a walk - though from the look of him right now laying on the floor near me all snuggled up on his blanket. I'm thinking he'd be happy to forgo the walk/run today.

I'm off to stir the beef stew I put in the slow cooker this morning. Should be right to eat in about an hour from now.

That's all I've got.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Post # 20 - The Internet

One of the blogs I read last week. Sorry I can't remember which one - there's a huge list of them on the BEDA blog site - the link to that site is in my other interesting blogs section on the right Anyway that blog asked what life would be like without the internet.

I'll be showing my age well and truly then in this post - as I come from a time before the internet *Gasp* I know shocking isn't it... So I can honestly state that I know what it's like to have a life without the internet. It was a lot slower and you made a lot more use out of books like encyclopaedias to look information up. I know the concept of opening a book for information really blows some peoples minds. In fact I can remember a time before personal computers (Ohhh really showing my age now!) My parents got a PC when my brother was in his final year of high school many years ago. It was top of the range with 4Mb of RAM... I know what you're thinking WOW 4MB of RAM!! - I mean with 4MB of RAM it was lightning fast... They upgraded it to 8Mb of RAM 18 months later and my god it just went at warp speed!! Alright I'll step down from my sarcasm filled soapbox!

Life before the internet was more personal I guess. You had pen pals you physically wrote a letter too, then waited patiently for the next two weeks waiting for them to reply to your letter. You spoke to people on the phone more, and you actually hung out with people. You had no other choice but to go to the Cinema to watch the new release movie as there was no such thing as 'steaming media'

If the internet suddenly went 'off-line' tomorrow - well I'd not get to finish BEDA which would be a bit shit! However I'd also loose that freedom to literally have access to anything I wanted within reason at the end of my fingertips. From e-mailing friends (The new age pen pal which has a quicker turnaround than two weeks), Access to 24hr news. However the biggest infrastructure of the internet is online shopping. The amount of things I buy online today is unbelievable, because it's not only more convenient with online stores such as Amazon, Fish-pond, JBHiFi, Ezydvd etc which have so much more range than a 'store front' shop can provide. Obviously because a warehouse can hold much more, it has less overhead costs etc (Insert long list here) I can do all this shopping from the comfort of my own home, have it delivered to my door like pizza and not have to deal with people who out of no fault of their own will undoubtedly piss me off somehow. (This is why I dislike grocery shopping soooo much!)

Will we get to a point in the future where everything is online, distributed from warehouses somewhere in some country? Yes I honesty believe that the days of 'retail assistants' in the flesh so to speak will become obsolete in the future. Sure there will always be some form of 'human interaction' required re processing orders, being on the end of a phone line for customer assistance etc. But eventually retail will be taken over by computer programs which will automate things more than they already do now. Will I see this in my lifetime? Probably not, however I think my nephews grandchildren probably will.

That's all I've got

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post # 19 Today I

Today I...

-Got out of bed about 10:30am
-Went down town and got the Sunday papers, bread, milk and a cake
-Came home and consumed aforementioned cake for breakfast!
-Made a cup of tea and had a leisurely read the Sunday papers
-Put two loads of washing on which I then hung out in the sun
-Did some reading for Uni
-Made lunch which consisted of a ham and cheese croissant
-Did some more written work for Uni and uploaded it onto the group page
-Took my dog for a walk / run
-Contemplated washing my car - but then though meh it will rain tonight anyway
-Pulled in and folded washing :)
-Looked online for new mobile phones @ impoverished student prices
-Found a phone a Nokia 3500 which I'll buy this week sometime
-Spoke to my Brother on the phone for about an hour talked about his camping experience in the back yard with his son (my little nephew, who wants to be a horse!)
-Prepared and cooked dinner - Vegetable and pasta bake with pumpkin soup and garlic bread, which I then ate
-Got online and wrote BEDA entry #19 for this month.

The excitement that is my life....

That's all I've got.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Post # 18 Novel in 10 lines

It's difficult to image that someone can write a novel in ten lines. Finola Moorehead has achieved this feat. We were asked in our writing class to write a 'story' in ten lines. This is what I came up with.

The last words out of Shane’s mouth were I love you
Cody sat in his car, crying too much to drive.
Michael sat on the riverbank waiting for something to bite his line.
Carmel smoked cigarettes in a coffee shop down town.
Adrian left a note telling everyone he was sorry.
Shane served another customer, selling them a bottle of coke with their petrol.
Carmel sipped her coffee as smoke filled her lungs, exhaling with a sigh.
Michel caught an old shoe, before chucking the entire rod in the river.
Shane, Cody, Michael and Carmel meet outside the church.
Together they bid farewell to Adrian.

I'm about to submit it to be marked so I'll let you know how I got on. It was a bit of a novelty to get something out in ten lines. Finola Moorehead did a much better job than I did (Clearly as she's a well published author and I'm not) however it was still a very interesting insight to look at the ways in which we get our stories across and with the limit of ten lines... Well you have to pick and choose just what you put in and what you leave out.

I'm feeling a bit better today, still Urgh though. But I'll get over it.

That's all I've got

** Due to the way this blog is formatted it dosen't stick to 'ten' lines. However it is ten lines when it's seen in a word processing program.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Post # 17 Unwell

This post will be short and sweet. I've been in bed most of the afternoon with flu like symptoms - nose running like a tap, headache, aches and pains all over etc. I took some medication for my tap like nose to stop running which made me sleepy. I've just got up to have something to eat, before heading back to the cave known as my bed with some DVD's

Hope everyone is in a lot better health than I am right now

That's all I've got.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Post # 16 - Genetic testing

I spent the day with my Mum today, we just hung out and did stuff she wanted to do like visit nurseries to check out what vegetable plants she can put in her garden for winter and just basically had a look around at stuff she wanted to look at.

We also had a talk about genetic testing and what I’ll do should the tests come back positive.

For those new to this blog, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year: See blog entry here Since then she’s had a few operations, gone through radium etc and is now on medication for the next five years in the hope that it will fix her up and she’ll be back to her old pre-cancer self.

Because of my Mum having breast cancer, I’m eligible to have genetic testing so see if I’m a carrier of the gene that causes breast cancer, and if I am what I’ll do with that information. I told her straight out, that if the tests come back that I have the gene – I’ll book in as soon as I can to have a double mastectomy. I’m not ‘precious’ over my breasts, I don’t have much to begin with, in fact sometimes my wonder bra wonders why I bother. I can get away without a bra at all. Sure people ‘stare’ at your chest trying to work out if you’re male or female. But to be honest I don’t give a fuck! If this test comes back that I have a gene that could mutate and give me cancer. I’ll be removing the area that the mutation could occur before there’s any chance of it occurring.

Basically my Mum’s supportive of whatever decision I make. However having said that I may get tested and find out I’m not a carrier of the gene. This means I’ll just continue on as I do now.

With this entry having quite a serious subject matter in it, I’ll finish up here. I’ve had some other things I wanted to cover – but there’s plenty more BEDA days left to share all those little ‘insightful thoughts’ I have in random places like filling my car up with petrol, or washing the dishes. Until future BEDA posts…..

That’s all I’ve got.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post # 15 Colour Change

Change is as good as a holiday *Cliché number one* so they say. I'd still like a holiday though. I've gone from the deep depressive black layout for this blog to this new colour template. I'm not sure what I think of it yet, if it's not grown on me by BEDA post #20 I'll change it again.

I'm on here writing this when I should be doing readings for Uni. I am the queen of procrastination, and I'll only have myself to blame when I fall behind, or fail this semester. My heart just dosen't seem to be in it this time round :( Last year was tough, but I really enjoyed it. This year, it just seems, like a chore somehow. Though don't get me wrong - it sure beats the hell out of working 9-5 (With the exception of the money thing!) But money can't buy you happiness *Cliché number two*

It's just gone 12pm here - so I'll get this posted, wander off and see what I can find to eat for lunch, then get into this reading. Properly Which means I'll have to turn my computer off, as it's like a distraction magnet right now. I just spent half an hour checking out all the places I've lived in, in Brisbane on google maps! Talk about time wasting, it was interesting though :)

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post # 14 - Who are you?

I got an e-mail today asking me ‘who are you?’ It was someone I’ve not got an e-mail from before, however that was it - The subject was I've seen your blog. The body was simply 'Who are you?' – so I replied I’m Sal. Who are you?

I’ve not got a reply back yet, though if it was some spamming thing needing me to reply to it to send my e-mail address off into the world of spamville then my e-mail address has probably just been sent to every Viagra spam site available. I always seem to get the Viagra spam which I have no use for as I haven’t got a penis! Anyway the random e-mail question made me think. So here is some useless information about me – without really giving anything away.

Name: Sal
Gender: Female
Resides: Australia
Height: 5’5” (Go easy on the short jokes!)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short and dark brown.
Tattoos: Right ankle and down my right calf. (Want more though!)
Likes: Writing, music, movies, books, photography, cups of tea, chocolate biscuits, the colour blue, Doctor Who and Sci-fi in general.
Dislikes: Stalkers, liars, a few of my ex-girlfriends, homophobic people, people who don’t know what an indicator light on their car is for, rudeness, spitting, grocery shopping.
Favourite Possession: My boxer dog (See profile pic)

Does that little list kind of qualify for ‘who am I?’ Either way there’s a little insight into the world known as ‘Just Sal

That’s all I’ve got.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Post # 13 - Design talent, crazy dreams & contacting old friends

I was going to mention this in yesterday's blog but when I went off on a tangent about graveyards and dead relatives. I decided to keep it until today's post. Basically this is a gratuitous plug for a young man with exceptional talent. His name is James McDonald and you can check out his unique ability to make stuff look amazing by clicking this link Flocky If you get some work done by him, tell him JustSal sent ya :)

Ok - blatant advertising for extremely talented young man out of the way...

I had this crazy dream last night that had my old music teacher in it. He and I became friends away from music (Private tuition music lessons nothing to do with high-scool) when he retired. Anyway we've kept in touch over the years sending occasional letters and a Christmas card to one another every year. However it's been at least 12 months since I've spoken to him on the phone. Anyway he was a reoccurring presence in my dream last night, nothing untoward just 'there'. So this morning I woke up and gave him a call. We chatted on the phone for about an hour catching up one various things, and we've agreed to get together at the end of May. Greg also encouraged me to get back into music, as I've not played any musical instruments in about five years and I'd really like to get back into playing piano. So when we catch up at the end of may / early June he's going to give me some lessons again for free :) well I'll make him a cup of tea and a cake for his efforts :P

Anyway - this leads me to the following. Have you got a friend you've not spoken to in a while? My challenge to you is to get in contact with them and incorporate how that contact went into a blog.

It's raining and cold here. However I've finally finished this Shakespeare essay :)

That's all I've got.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post # 12 - Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope the over indulgence of chocolate today won't come back to literally bite you on the arse as it expands from the consumption of the aforementioned chocolate.

I've got a couple of things I want to tick off the list for today's BEDA entry.

Firstly - Evil relatives have left the building... Yes that 'Woohoo' you could hear this morning, that you thought were just the voices in your head taunting you again, was actually me - being overjoyed that the evil homophobic relatives left. I won't see them again (Thankfully!) until someone either dies, or they 'want' something!

Secondly - Cemetery's: What is it about graveyards that cause people to look at others with what can only be described as alarming stares? As though you are suddenly going to 'jump' them or the dead will suddenly rise from the graves in a mass zombie take over. What ever happened to smiling politely? That gentle nodding of the head as an acknowledgement, allowing others in the vicinity to realise you know they are there.

I mean in reality most people who go to a cemetery are there to pay their respects to loved ones. I went to the cemetry today to put flowers on my Nan's and my Uncles graves. Easter is a popular time for people to 'visit' the dead. But I wasn't aware just how rude some people can be whilst visiting such hallowed ground. Young teenage girls who giggled and yelled out to one another fucked me right off. These girls parents clearly were embarrased, yet done nothing? There was no Shhh, no be quiet, no that's enough, no SHOW SOME RESPECT!

If these girls had been related to me. I'd have told them to a) shutup and b) show a little respect. It's all fine to blame the 'youth' of today for the large spiral of shit which decends upon society. But not all 'young' people are the same. Most of the young people I know are respectful, well mannered, intelligent and most of all NOT rude. (I'm sure that falls under respectful... But anyway)

I spent my day amongst the dead, eating chocolate and cheering that the evil relatives have left the building. The nice ones leave tomorrow.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post # 11 Lappy and homophobic house guests

I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed, with my computer on my lap. (Maybe that’s how they got their name laptop computer!?!) My PC died in the arse this morning. Yes the PC I usually use for being online, writing assignments, Uni in general. Good thing I'm anal retentive in regards to backing my stuff up!

I've spent the day writing, and re-writing this essay. Confusing and re-confusing myself in relation to the body of the argument, and have finally thought fuck it, and have got on here to write my entry for today.

This blog a day isn't as tough as I first thought it would be. I'll admit four days in I was struggling to come up with stuff to write, however I've managed to fill whoever is reading this in with 'unusual and insightful information' *lol* well maybe that description is stretching the imagination and the truth just a little.

The relatives are still here *groan* The nice ones are great the evil ones are well... Evil. She won't come near me much in case she catches Gay. (I shit you not) Homophobia is strong with that one. I've not got the heart to tell her I think her daughter is gay. My brother asked me why not tell her? I told him it wasn't my place to out our cousin, if she is gay (I'm certain of it) then it's her information to divulge to her parents when she’s ready, not me. My brother understood where I was coming from. I doubt very much she'll ever come out after seeing the way her mother treats me. Bitch is an understatement.

Anyway.. I'm about to go watch a movie with the nice relatives.

That's all I've got.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Post # 10 Fishy Fishy

I picked a song to write a story about. I chose AFI prelude. But the little story I wrote is short and shit! I'm not going to post it up here for everyone's consumption.

I've written more of this essay on Shakespeare though which I'm happy about. However I think I've just waffled on with crap! It's looking more like a 'book review' than an answer to the question being asked.

It's good Friday... It's fish day for those religious people out there who don't eat meat on good Friday. What I want to know is, those people who abide by the no meat rule who are allergic to seafood do they just simply have to salad or pasta it up for the day? I mean what else is there if you can't eat meat, and you can't eat seafood. The words 'I'll just have a salad' seem to be radiating out of my ears right now.

My confidence is low at the moment. I'm having one of those 'what the fuck am I doing with my life?' days. Maybe it's the relatives who are here atm who are bringing me down. I mean how many times can you explain you're a 'writing' student before they understand the concept?

Roll on Monday, when house guests that have similarities to fish (After three days they start to stink!) leave and the quite, non threatening environment is returned to my house. I might move next year, so the relative I can't stand don't come and visit.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post # 9 Essay Day

Today was filled with research for this essay on Shakespeare's play The Tempest and if it's deemed as a Post-colonial piece. I know riveting stuff! That's pretty much all I did today 1,009 words down, 1,000 or so to go. I'll have it finished by 5pm Tuesday as that's when it's due.

With all my time spent on that one essay, I've obviously not got anything else done for other classes. I have to pick a song and then write a story from the influence of the lyrics. 1,000 words isn't really long for a story. Actually it's bloody short!

So I'll go find a song with lyrics I think I can make a story out of and I might incorporate bits of it into tomorrows post.

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post # 8 When I grow up I wanna be.....

There was a news article on TV the other day about offering four year old children career advice... FOUR years old. I just shook my head and uttered the words.. For Fuck Sake! When I was four I remember being upset that I didn't have rockets that fired out of my feet like Astroboy because at four I wanted to be Astro! So what would my career advice be today if my four year old self told the career adviser at preschool that I wanted to be Astro boy?!? Would they have told me not to be stupid, have me committed and put on medication for my 'issues' or would one of those career councillors have stated that I have a lively imagination and perhaps I should look at a career in the 'arts'!?!

Is this political correctness on ADHD medication? Has someone cracked out the Ritalin when they don't need it and it's made their entire system go a little 'too fast'?

How many four year olds know what they want to be at that age? I spoke to my little nephew who is three and a bit today on the phone. When I asked him what he wanted to be when he was bigger he answered 'A Horse' - Clearly we're related after all we both want extremely unobtainable career paths!...

Now where did I leave my sonic screwdriver!?

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post # 7 - Time to get serious re punctuation.

I want to write. I want to be a writer, that's the job I want for my future. I don't mind what genre of writing I do - magazines, newspapers, books etc. However my punctuation skills really are a joke! I don't know the difference between an abstract noun or a simile. When I write I do just that... write! I don't stop and think oh this noun isn't complementing that adverb! Should I put a comma in here? or a semi-colon!?

When I sit in a class of *very* talented writers. I feel like such a fucking dumb arse as I don't know what predicate is!

I've decided that the only person who can fix this issue is me. So I bought a book online today called. 'How to punctuate' by George Davidson. I plan to read it from cover to cover (sounds riveting I know!) this mid semester break, as it will probably take four weeks to arrive here and I've only got five weeks left until mid semester break.

I also need to sit down and put some serious thought i.e actual pen to paper! regarding expanding the idea I have for this years NaNoWriMo I've never written anything as long as 50,000 words. However I'll never know if I'm capable of it unless I try. I figure if I put in the work regarding story, timeline, plot, arcs, research etc then there's no reason this can't be achieved.

In the mean time I'm really struggling with this written text class. To the point I'm worried I might fail it, which would suck as it's a core unit for the writing degree. I find it really difficult to write a paper on something I know very little about and no amount of research and reading is helping me to better understand it.

I guess there's some hope though. My friend Rita said that as long as I argue my point well, then it dosen't matter if I'm 'wrong' as such. It's the quality of the work and the proven research involved that will get me across the line. With that in mind. I'm off to eat lamb shanks in red wine sauce :)

That's all I've got.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Post # 6 Lack of communication

I’m writing this entry off line as the technicians are out the front fixing the faults with the phone lines in my street, and thus there is no phone which means no internet.

Books I ordered online arrived. I love getting deliveries, its like a little mini Christmas or birthday gift. The surprise of not knowing what this particular parcel might contain, as you can’t remember what you ordered online four weeks ago.

I got some books I need for Uni – mostly experimental writing books.

Hazel Smith’s - The writing experiment
Jack Hodgins – A passion for narrative
Barbara Ann Kipfer’s – Flip Dictionary. It falls into the reference category.

I seen the Flip dictionary online and it had a preview of what was in it. I bought it for a number of reasons; however the clincher was the little ‘extras’ you don’t see in regular dictionaries, like the long list of ships and shipping terms (Just to name one 'extra') as you never know when you might want to write a book that contains ships, and with this reference book, I'll be able to name them correctly now :). It was on sale for $20 so I put it into the cart and it’s now sitting on my desk!

So no phone means no internet, so I have no excuses for procrastination regarding the readings and questions I have due for Uni (Not that writing this BEDA isn’t a form of procrastination… Good procrastination thought :) However, at $600 a class, I need to pull my proverbial finger out and get on top of this work. Plus I need to write this essay for Shakespeare and post-colonial theory in relation to colonial discourse…in The Tempest WTF? I can hear you say! Yeah I know I’m thinking the same!!!

It’s due on Tuesday. So I should try and at least throw 1,000 words onto the page!

*update* It phone issue is clearly fixed as I’m back online posting this :) I started to read on the couch, but fell asleep. Mrs Dalloway *is* that riveting!!

That’s all I’ve got

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Post #5 Daylight Saving

Daylight saving officially ended in Australia today. It was a win win situation. I got an extra hour of sleep, without loosing any time. :)

Been a usual Sunday. Went and got the papers, bread, milk etc. Came home read papers, drank tea and ate doughnuts (I bought them at the bakery!)

I've managed to get through the majority of the readings I needed to to catch up with for Uni. I've also ploughed through Mrs Dalloway up to page 100 - but don't ask me to tell you what the 'in-depth' meaning behind the book is as I 'skimmed' most of it.

I'm cooking a lamb curry for dinner, the smell has filled the entire house, which is great as it smells really good.

Heading out to walk my dog, before it rains again. I don't want to get soaked like I did the other day. Dog didn't seem to care he was wet, just loved being out as always. I thought of some stuff before to write in today's entry whilst I was chopping up onions for my curry - however I didn't write them down, and now can't remember what they were. I'll try again for tomorrows post.

This is quite possibly the most boring entry to date. Sorry :( I have 25 days left to lift my game!

That's all I've got :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Post # 4 - BEDA Creator found

I did some random searches on the blog every day in April (BEDA) to find that the lady responsible for its creation is one Maureen Johnson. You can check out her page by clicking her name. For those of you who are like me and live a quiet sheltered life *lol* She's a well established author.

As I write this I look to my left and see the mountain of Uni work I've not done this week. This week was 'study week' and well my studying consisted of doing sweet FA - watching DVD's and sleeping a lot! I'm renaming this week the 'recharge your batteries' week allowing students (Well mainly me as I can't speak for others!) to relax, regroup and recharge... Before being thrown back into the realm of study, deadlines etc.

Post #4 done. I *have* to get some Uni work done :(

That's all I've got

Friday, April 3, 2009

2pm - Post Three

I've just switched my PC on at 2pm. I've done fuck all today so far. I got out of bed at 10am had a cup of tea and made a ham and cheese croissant then sat down and watched "Australia" with Huge and Nicole in it. Can't say I'm sorry I missed it in the cinema, was a little drawn out for my liking.

So this is technically entry number THREE for my entry a day for April. I'm sure the novelty will wear thin soon. I am after all telling you all what I ate for breakfast! Never a good sign!

That's all I've got.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog a day April

Seems there's a new thing going down out there in cyberspace its a challenge to write a blog everyday in April. I only just found out about it, so I'm one day late... Can I have a get out of free card - due to not finding out about it until literally 3 minutes ago when a fried sent me the following e-mail about it.

*Copies and pastes e-mail from friend*

Hey Sal,
Are you going to try for the entry a day in April for blog entries - it's either a written blog or a vlog on youtube. I was going to e-mail you about it last week but forgot so I'm e-mailing you now. I'm a day late telling you about it. I only remembered when Kate e-mailed me! But it's better than me e-mailing you about trying to do a blog everyday starting on like the 10th of April!


So as they say in Australia... I'll have a crack!

Watch this space - as I try to put in a daily appearance during the month of April...

That's all I've got

Doctor Who *Insert theme music* This counts as April 1st Post!!!

Youtube has the trailer for the next David Tennant episode of Doctor Who. It's got the bionic woman in it! So they are guaranteed to get out safely :P

If you want to check it out you can via the link below

Link to Planet of the Dead Doctor Who Trailer

For those of you reading this asking WTF is Doctor Who.. That pain you can feel at the back of your head right now is me bitch slapping you! Go check out Jess's extra-ordinary site called Planet Gallifrey and loose yourself in all things Doctor Who.. Existing fans should check it out too, it's a bloody brilliant site!

Handed in yet another assignment today. So I'm having tomorrow off to do sweet FA.

That's all I've got