Monday, April 13, 2009

Post # 13 - Design talent, crazy dreams & contacting old friends

I was going to mention this in yesterday's blog but when I went off on a tangent about graveyards and dead relatives. I decided to keep it until today's post. Basically this is a gratuitous plug for a young man with exceptional talent. His name is James McDonald and you can check out his unique ability to make stuff look amazing by clicking this link Flocky If you get some work done by him, tell him JustSal sent ya :)

Ok - blatant advertising for extremely talented young man out of the way...

I had this crazy dream last night that had my old music teacher in it. He and I became friends away from music (Private tuition music lessons nothing to do with high-scool) when he retired. Anyway we've kept in touch over the years sending occasional letters and a Christmas card to one another every year. However it's been at least 12 months since I've spoken to him on the phone. Anyway he was a reoccurring presence in my dream last night, nothing untoward just 'there'. So this morning I woke up and gave him a call. We chatted on the phone for about an hour catching up one various things, and we've agreed to get together at the end of May. Greg also encouraged me to get back into music, as I've not played any musical instruments in about five years and I'd really like to get back into playing piano. So when we catch up at the end of may / early June he's going to give me some lessons again for free :) well I'll make him a cup of tea and a cake for his efforts :P

Anyway - this leads me to the following. Have you got a friend you've not spoken to in a while? My challenge to you is to get in contact with them and incorporate how that contact went into a blog.

It's raining and cold here. However I've finally finished this Shakespeare essay :)

That's all I've got.

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