Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post # 19 Today I

Today I...

-Got out of bed about 10:30am
-Went down town and got the Sunday papers, bread, milk and a cake
-Came home and consumed aforementioned cake for breakfast!
-Made a cup of tea and had a leisurely read the Sunday papers
-Put two loads of washing on which I then hung out in the sun
-Did some reading for Uni
-Made lunch which consisted of a ham and cheese croissant
-Did some more written work for Uni and uploaded it onto the group page
-Took my dog for a walk / run
-Contemplated washing my car - but then though meh it will rain tonight anyway
-Pulled in and folded washing :)
-Looked online for new mobile phones @ impoverished student prices
-Found a phone a Nokia 3500 which I'll buy this week sometime
-Spoke to my Brother on the phone for about an hour talked about his camping experience in the back yard with his son (my little nephew, who wants to be a horse!)
-Prepared and cooked dinner - Vegetable and pasta bake with pumpkin soup and garlic bread, which I then ate
-Got online and wrote BEDA entry #19 for this month.

The excitement that is my life....

That's all I've got.

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makeanimpression said...

good job for doing lots of school work!