Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post # 21 Achievements

I ploughed though so much Uni stuff today. I'm quite proud of myself. I've got one task left for Written Text and I'll be up to date with the online posting thing (Highly technical there) I've got one last major assignment left for that class and it's done and dusted (Other than the weekly posts)

Prose is plodding along alright. I got a credit + for my Sci-fi story. I'm happy with that. My punctuation once again let me down. I'm at a loss there. I try so hard to get on top of it, but it just seems to continually fall short. If I could sort out my pathetic punctuation skills, I'm confident enough in my writing to say I could get Distinctions with the effort I put into my writing.

Writing from the edge results are in also - I got a credit for that which I'm really happy about - this style of writing such as a novel in ten lines is all new to me - so to get a credit mark in that class. I wrote a prose poem about the visual disturbances of migraines. So to get a credit for that I'm very happy.

I've just got to catch up with my online stuff for Writing from the edge and Prose and I'll just have the essays due for those classes then I'm done for this semester.

Overall its been a highly productive day. The weathers shit (Cold, windy and raining) so I've not been outside at all, other than to collect the mail. I will have to brave to cold to take my dog for a walk - though from the look of him right now laying on the floor near me all snuggled up on his blanket. I'm thinking he'd be happy to forgo the walk/run today.

I'm off to stir the beef stew I put in the slow cooker this morning. Should be right to eat in about an hour from now.

That's all I've got.

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