Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post # 11 Lappy and homophobic house guests

I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed, with my computer on my lap. (Maybe that’s how they got their name laptop computer!?!) My PC died in the arse this morning. Yes the PC I usually use for being online, writing assignments, Uni in general. Good thing I'm anal retentive in regards to backing my stuff up!

I've spent the day writing, and re-writing this essay. Confusing and re-confusing myself in relation to the body of the argument, and have finally thought fuck it, and have got on here to write my entry for today.

This blog a day isn't as tough as I first thought it would be. I'll admit four days in I was struggling to come up with stuff to write, however I've managed to fill whoever is reading this in with 'unusual and insightful information' *lol* well maybe that description is stretching the imagination and the truth just a little.

The relatives are still here *groan* The nice ones are great the evil ones are well... Evil. She won't come near me much in case she catches Gay. (I shit you not) Homophobia is strong with that one. I've not got the heart to tell her I think her daughter is gay. My brother asked me why not tell her? I told him it wasn't my place to out our cousin, if she is gay (I'm certain of it) then it's her information to divulge to her parents when she’s ready, not me. My brother understood where I was coming from. I doubt very much she'll ever come out after seeing the way her mother treats me. Bitch is an understatement.

Anyway.. I'm about to go watch a movie with the nice relatives.

That's all I've got.


Jordan said...

I'm sorry your relatives are homophobic. I guess that's their problem.

JustSal said...

Thanks Jordan. You're right it is their problem. Thankfully my Aunt is not my mother! Thanks for your comment :)