Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post # 22 Dreams

I've had three nights of out there dreams though they have all been pretty exciting. I love sleep when I have super realistic dreams. One contained how the 10th incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who will regenerate into number eleven. I e-mailed some of my 'Who' friends telling them about the dream. We're waiting now to see if Russell T Davies has managed to lock into my subconscious to help aid his ideas :P

The other side of these dreams have been the re-occurrence of one of my Ex girlfriends. Now I've not seen nor heard from this particular Ex in about six years. So to have three nights back to back with dreams that contain her, well it's clearly put her in my thoughts which I'm not overly happy about as it wasn't the best relationship I've ever had, and when I think of her I think of the shit things that happened, which then snowball into anger and it just pisses me off.

I've got a friend who interprets dreams. I've sent her an e-mail asking her about it all as it's clearly got under my skin. She's super busy with her life, so I don't expect a reply back any time soon. However when or if she does get back to me I'll be sure to put an update on here.

Other news is I've got to re-read Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. As when I went to answer the questions for the unit I couldn't remember any of it. It was as though I missed a great chunk of the book that the questions have been produced from. I struggled to read it the first time as it's pretty heave going between slipping between reality and past memories. So maybe a second read will help me to understand it better. So if you're wondering what I'll be doing for the next day or two.. I'll be reading Mrs Dalloway. I'll post tomorrow how I'm going with it. It's only 170 pages though they are hard going pages let me tell you!

I'm off to take my dog for a walk before it starts to rain again - the storm clouds are building up in the sky outside my window and the sky is turning a gun metal grey, complete with rumbling thunder...

That's all I've got.

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