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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Post # 23 MP3 players and Dodgy Pies

My day has been unproductive :( I spent the morning trying to sort out some stuff for my mum only to find out that her MP3 player is quite possibly the ONLY one on the planet not supported by a site that allows you to download relaxation audio books! After 2 hours of fucking about with this site, downloading various software etc. I turned to my trusty Itunes and burnt the file as an audio book onto CD - pulled those audio files back onto my computer before putting them onto her MP3 player. Moral of the story. Check the super super fine print to make sure that your brand of MP3 player is actually supported (By going to the manufactures site!) DO NOT rely on the supported MP3 players blurb the site who wants to take your money for an obscure fucking file!

After this onslaught against technology. I decided to have a pie for lunch - meat pie standard part of any meat eating Australian's diet :) It was nice too. Until it decided to turn my stomach and my insides inside-out about 3pm this afternoon. Then the pie was the devil and I won't be eating a meat pie for some time after this moving event! Forget those liver cleansing diets out there people. Get yourself a dodgy meat pie and sit back and allow it to work it's 'cleansing' goodness!!!

I have however managed to lay about most of the afternoon and read some of Mrs Dalloway. So I guess my day hasn't been a total waste. But I've got no real work done for school, and I just looked at my calendar and time is running out fast to get everything in on time.

Meh what can you do?!

That's all I've got.

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