Monday, April 6, 2009

Post # 6 Lack of communication

I’m writing this entry off line as the technicians are out the front fixing the faults with the phone lines in my street, and thus there is no phone which means no internet.

Books I ordered online arrived. I love getting deliveries, its like a little mini Christmas or birthday gift. The surprise of not knowing what this particular parcel might contain, as you can’t remember what you ordered online four weeks ago.

I got some books I need for Uni – mostly experimental writing books.

Hazel Smith’s - The writing experiment
Jack Hodgins – A passion for narrative
Barbara Ann Kipfer’s – Flip Dictionary. It falls into the reference category.

I seen the Flip dictionary online and it had a preview of what was in it. I bought it for a number of reasons; however the clincher was the little ‘extras’ you don’t see in regular dictionaries, like the long list of ships and shipping terms (Just to name one 'extra') as you never know when you might want to write a book that contains ships, and with this reference book, I'll be able to name them correctly now :). It was on sale for $20 so I put it into the cart and it’s now sitting on my desk!

So no phone means no internet, so I have no excuses for procrastination regarding the readings and questions I have due for Uni (Not that writing this BEDA isn’t a form of procrastination… Good procrastination thought :) However, at $600 a class, I need to pull my proverbial finger out and get on top of this work. Plus I need to write this essay for Shakespeare and post-colonial theory in relation to colonial discourse…in The Tempest WTF? I can hear you say! Yeah I know I’m thinking the same!!!

It’s due on Tuesday. So I should try and at least throw 1,000 words onto the page!

*update* It phone issue is clearly fixed as I’m back online posting this :) I started to read on the couch, but fell asleep. Mrs Dalloway *is* that riveting!!

That’s all I’ve got

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