Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post # 7 - Time to get serious re punctuation.

I want to write. I want to be a writer, that's the job I want for my future. I don't mind what genre of writing I do - magazines, newspapers, books etc. However my punctuation skills really are a joke! I don't know the difference between an abstract noun or a simile. When I write I do just that... write! I don't stop and think oh this noun isn't complementing that adverb! Should I put a comma in here? or a semi-colon!?

When I sit in a class of *very* talented writers. I feel like such a fucking dumb arse as I don't know what predicate is!

I've decided that the only person who can fix this issue is me. So I bought a book online today called. 'How to punctuate' by George Davidson. I plan to read it from cover to cover (sounds riveting I know!) this mid semester break, as it will probably take four weeks to arrive here and I've only got five weeks left until mid semester break.

I also need to sit down and put some serious thought i.e actual pen to paper! regarding expanding the idea I have for this years NaNoWriMo I've never written anything as long as 50,000 words. However I'll never know if I'm capable of it unless I try. I figure if I put in the work regarding story, timeline, plot, arcs, research etc then there's no reason this can't be achieved.

In the mean time I'm really struggling with this written text class. To the point I'm worried I might fail it, which would suck as it's a core unit for the writing degree. I find it really difficult to write a paper on something I know very little about and no amount of research and reading is helping me to better understand it.

I guess there's some hope though. My friend Rita said that as long as I argue my point well, then it dosen't matter if I'm 'wrong' as such. It's the quality of the work and the proven research involved that will get me across the line. With that in mind. I'm off to eat lamb shanks in red wine sauce :)

That's all I've got.

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