Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post # 12 - Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope the over indulgence of chocolate today won't come back to literally bite you on the arse as it expands from the consumption of the aforementioned chocolate.

I've got a couple of things I want to tick off the list for today's BEDA entry.

Firstly - Evil relatives have left the building... Yes that 'Woohoo' you could hear this morning, that you thought were just the voices in your head taunting you again, was actually me - being overjoyed that the evil homophobic relatives left. I won't see them again (Thankfully!) until someone either dies, or they 'want' something!

Secondly - Cemetery's: What is it about graveyards that cause people to look at others with what can only be described as alarming stares? As though you are suddenly going to 'jump' them or the dead will suddenly rise from the graves in a mass zombie take over. What ever happened to smiling politely? That gentle nodding of the head as an acknowledgement, allowing others in the vicinity to realise you know they are there.

I mean in reality most people who go to a cemetery are there to pay their respects to loved ones. I went to the cemetry today to put flowers on my Nan's and my Uncles graves. Easter is a popular time for people to 'visit' the dead. But I wasn't aware just how rude some people can be whilst visiting such hallowed ground. Young teenage girls who giggled and yelled out to one another fucked me right off. These girls parents clearly were embarrased, yet done nothing? There was no Shhh, no be quiet, no that's enough, no SHOW SOME RESPECT!

If these girls had been related to me. I'd have told them to a) shutup and b) show a little respect. It's all fine to blame the 'youth' of today for the large spiral of shit which decends upon society. But not all 'young' people are the same. Most of the young people I know are respectful, well mannered, intelligent and most of all NOT rude. (I'm sure that falls under respectful... But anyway)

I spent my day amongst the dead, eating chocolate and cheering that the evil relatives have left the building. The nice ones leave tomorrow.

That's all I've got.

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