Friday, April 24, 2009

Post # 24 Techno Purchase

I bought an Ipod Touch 8Gig today :) It was sooo shiny out of the box, now it's shiny and smudged with my fingerprints all over it :P I'll have to look at getting a little cover thing for it. But I worked out how to get the IP address of the Ipod so I could add the address to my secure wireless network, and now I can surf the net get the news etc all in the palm of my hand. My brother has an Iphone which he raves about - I can't afford a plan to get an Iphone so my old Nokia is plugging through. But I'm really happy with my purchase. I had an Ipod Nanno when they first came out back in 2005 and I had endless trouble with it, however *touch wood* this new generation will prevent any issues with it. Well I hope it will at least.

I got a lot of reading done for Uni today. I didn't turn my PC on until after 2pm, as I found that if I try to study with my PC right there I get pulled into it's gravity field of procrastination and I end up on youtube or various other websites that have nothing to do with the unit material I need to read to pass this degree. So I've decided that I'm going to spend the mornings up until lunch reading, and then the afternoons typing up the stuff I need to type up (essay's etc) then in the evenings I'm free to do whatever I want online - Youtube Twitter etc and not feel as though I'm being a pitiful student.

My drive to the next town this afternoon was an 'experience' I live in the boonies and so I need to drive about 30mins to the next town that has real stores, like the one I bought my Ipod from. However on the way I was caught up in the middle of a high-speed pursuit between a 'civilian' and a 'police' car - it was all very exciting and the police officers finally caught the speeding car. On my way home though a huge truck came around this bend and decided he needed some of the road I was driving on so at 100km/ph I slowed rather quickly and pulled off the road somewhat, so as I didn't become this trucks new hood ornament!

I'm off to watch a movie, it's Friday night - that's a free pass from Uni work in my books.

That's all I've got.

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