Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to the grind

I'm back at Uni *Shhh don't tell the lecturer I'm blogging through their *cough* Lecture*

I used to sit near people who bought a laptop to Uni and think, WTF do you need that here for? Now that I have one and can access the free internet from this lecture theater. I can see why now :)

Just to keep you all up to-date. (In no particular order, it's just how the info came out of my head!)

1) This lecture is about religion and the state - it's a snore already and I'm thinking why did I take this class? Oh yeah I remember there was FUCK ALL ELSE being offered this semester! *Grumbles to self*

2) I've been out-bid on eBay (probably a good thing as its money I don't really have)

3) I had 24 e-mails waiting for me this morning, 12 of which was spam!!

4) Scoman is officially 'out of the blogisphere' breaking the 'rules' regarding his blog! *Naughty Sco!*

5) I'm about to post this update and head home.

6) I'm off out to dinner tonight with some friends, should be good.

7) I've got a review of the latest season of Doctor Who to post. Although I'll hold off on uploading it until it 'officially' airs in Australia as I fucking hate spoilers!!

8) Hello to follower # 25 :)

That's all I've got.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Those who read this blog, probably know of the great #rad Scoman.

He e-mailed me today to tell me his blog is MIA - Yes readers, someone has stolen Scoman's blog and it is 'no longer available' the blog has been deleted (Insert sound of cybermen going 'delete delete delete') ... or maybe not ;P

After more correspondence with Scoman, he has come to the conclusion that he *may* have breached the terms and conditions of blogger (So unlike him don't you all think?)

Personally I think it was that vegan Andrew G who probably conspired to have Sco's blog deleted.

Hopefully Sco will return soon, if not we'll throw him a party when he starts up another new blog!!

In other news!!!

Australia has a new prime-minister - and the coolest part is it's a woman :) Woohooo girls around the world are currently saying 'you go girl' because Australia is different to other countries that have had previous female leaders, as ours LOOKS like a woman!!! Thacher?? Sometimes I think it was a Muppet that got rejected, and don't get me started on New Zealand's former (I think it was a woman) 'leader' *lol*

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's raining....

I love the rain, there's nothing nicer than curling up in bed and reading a book or having a nap and listening to the rain fall down.

What I'm not a fan of, is having to go out in the aforementioned rain, when it's winter and freezing cold. The plus side. I lit the fire this morning, and so when I returned from being out in the sleet and snow *cough* HUGE exaggeration there! The lounge was toasty and warm, my dog has positioned himself in front of the fire complete with blanket he'd dragged in from outside!

I've spent the day enjoying the rain pissing down outside, the fire keeping me warm, and the latest book from David Moody called Dog Blood which arrived the other day.

Any low points? No
Any high point? Not really
Anything that made me laugh out loud? A phone call from my mum telling me how she ripped my dad a new asshole over being a cranky old shit! *lol* Still laughing over that as I write this. Go Mum :)

What has your day consisted of today?

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emotional states

When I was young my brother and I weren't allowed to cry - we'd get the 'I'll give you something to cry about' line from our father - because in his mind crying was a sign of weakness and his children weren't weak.

Has that effected me? FUCK YES! I'm emotionally retarded when it comes to moments one 'should cry' and times when you're left thinking. WTF am I crying for. However due to this 'rule' that was set down upon us. I'm the polar opposite of him, I'm a supportive person when people around me cry. I go into 'support' mode, telling them it's alright to cry, and things will be alright (That whole reassurance thing! *See previous post*) This also includes my nephews when they cry.

Children cry for various reasons, they are hurt, they feel hard done by, they are tired and need a serious nap. But being supportive is what I personally believe is important. When I ask 'four' what's wrong and why is he crying. He will give me an answer. It might be that his little brother is hogging the toy and won't share, that he feels sick, or is afraid of the dark. But it's these answers that hold the key to the emotional state of the child / person at that very moment.

If your kid is afraid of the dark, give them a nightlight simple. Why traumatize the child by forcing them to sleep in a darken room, when they are clearly visibly upset from the situation. I think I hit the nail on the head with my brother when I was with him last re his kids crying. I just simply uttered the words.... Don't be like our father!

The boys now have a night light :)

That's all I've got.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please don't pass me the dictaphone :(

I was washing up today and had this realisation. Everyone of us are story tellers. All of us. Each of us has a tale to tell in relation to how we meet our friends, partner etc. How we may have left a job, or how we got a job. So in reality being a 'writer' is well nothing really special, because deep down all of us are, in some form of another, 'story tellers.' It's just the really talented ones or those who have the money to grease the right palms that get published. (This is going somewhere I promise)

What shits me is that I've done two and a half years at Uni in a writing degree, and in that time I've worked my arse off to achieve the grades I have. But it seems that 'learning' a trade isn't important anymore, you just have to be good looking, charming, fucked enough people, play football, or suck a lot of cock to get a book published these days! FUCK industry training - that's for nerds, geeks and wanna be writers. It would appear to me that if I a) get a job which involves little to no skill. b) become addicted to drugs, which will bring me media spotlight and then on top of that c) Fuck a lot of football players. I'll get a book published without a problem!

FOR FUCK SAKE Society!! When are we going to see that we want QUALITY over QUANTITY! I want to read books worth reading, not buy some book by a fucking washed up pop star who hasn't managed to get his cock sucked in the last hour by some wanna be groupie with illusions that she / he could be the next "Mr/Mrs fake fuck"

Am I annoyed? Yes a little. I'm a little pissed off that people in this country get a book deal, just because they are a fucking politician, or some dead shit football player! Both of whom probably didn't even write their book, they just spoke a load of shit into a Dictaphone and some poor sap (Probably a writing student!) typed it out.

If my future holds a place for transcribing other people who think they are someone important when they aren't fucking shitty story :( I think it's time to source out a high building.

That's all I've got.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Submission for Best of Australian Anthology 2010

Hello readers,

You asked for it - and here it is.

This is the piece I submitted today to the comp I spoke about in my last blog.


White blinded vision

Switch Flicking
fuzzy lines


F e e L

Twitching in your neck, invisible hands touching you, burning like the sun, sun burn prickles and spread up into your scalp, crawling, itching, tingling, living lice infestation, spreading like an oil spill.

S e

Flickering lights, fuzzy lines dance across your vision, strobing causes white colour blindness, bright and unfailing, impairing your vision.

H e Rrr
e a

High-pitched frequency, cancels you out to the world, with that Screeching noise, a constant throbbing beat, the pressure makes your ears bleed.

m e l
S l

Crushed ants, damp towels, damp ants, crushed towels. Senses cause confusion salicylic acid causes a chemical reaction, releasing effervescent bubbles that smell of lemon tang, foliage from the tree in your back garden scrape your skin like razors, breathe in and out don’t get smothered by their aroma.

T a t e
s t

Bitter pills mixed with water, clear a path for fast release pain relief, gulped down acidic bubbles make your tastebuds tingle from the fizzy cocktail, swallow hard and lay back to allow the drugs to take control.

You are Sally’s

Neck pain, spreading like a virus, moving upwards in a shiver, tingling the scalp, crawling sensation, like an infestation of lice. Burning eyes with one hundred tiny needles stabbing like a tattoo on the retina, impaired sight, flickering lights like an emergency beacon. White blinded vision causes spasms, affecting the optic nerve.
Eardrums, ringing like the safety lights at a level crossing., never failing alerting all those around.

Through the haze you find the medicine cabinet, shelves filled with drugs like books in a library.

You are the hissing of Sally’s aspirin, effervescent bubbles try to escape over the edge, taste buds tingle, tingling taste buds, lemon tang multi strength aspirin. Nostrils become the pipeline to your olfactory glands, filling them with the smell of crushed ants and wet towels, lemon tang, codeine phosphate, oxycontin. The inside of your head expands, as pressure builds ups with no form of escape. Thick dark curtains drawn to help eradicate the light, total darkness a requirement against the white blinding light. Churning stomach rolls in waves of nausea, causing involuntary muscle movement as the liquid ascends your oesophagus in an attempt to escape. Mouth welded shut, to keep the stomach contents imprisoned, if it escapes there's no chance to stop it, as the oxyacetylene has run out.

Finally you become horizontal and let the warm sensation of S8 painkillers take flight.

You are Sally’s MIGRAINE, grinding a halt to life, for a non specific time frame.

Disallowing normality, with pain and misery, the loss of hearing and sight.

I am once again blight on Sally’s existence.


It's a bit out there - it was for a class called writing from the edge.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a general catchup

Hello readers,

I just thought I'd say hello. So 'hello.' Firstly thanks to Scoman and Hillbilly Dun for your books. I'll add them to my list and check them out.

My week has been kinda eventful. I got sick of my PC being a right prick locking up, not booting, etc so I smacked it around a few times, still no change. So I fixed it good and proper! I formatted the fucker! Yes I hit that 'fdisk' program like it was a pinball machine and delete delete delete. Since then *touch wood* it's been going really great, except for this evening after a WINDOWS update it just gave me the c: prompt for 5 mins, so I had to reboot it, I told it to sort it's shit out and it booted up fine :) YAY.... Word however is still being a little 'odd' but hey it is Microsoft after all!

Along with formatting my PC - I submitted my piece for the poetry competition. I put a very brief note on the front, and thanked the person for taking the time to read my piece. This is kinda big for me. I've never entered my work into anything before. The only people who have read my work are those few I trust. So sending this off to a total stranger is kinda big. If you want to read what I submitted, let me know and I'll post it up here, and hope like all fuck no one flogs it! (I'm paranoid about ppl stealing my stuff as it does happen (Remember last years playwriting class, when one student tried to offload someone else's work as their own!)

The other amazing thing I discovered this week was ebay. I know its been around forever, but I've never bought anything on there, and this week I signed up and put something up for sale. (This was yesterday afternoon) This morning it was sold! I was like 'damn!!' So now I'm waiting for the $$ to change hands, I'll post it off to the new owner, and I'll buy the text book I need to buy this semester which is due to kick off again in less than two weeks. Where did my holiday go?

I've got car rego and insurance due by the end of the month. So impoverished is well and truly the key word right now.

Plus I've been re-reading over my NanoWrimo Novel from 2009 so as to refresh the story in my head so I can finish it. I'll then send it to Sco for proofing. THEN I'll start planning for this year's Nano which will be here soon.

That's all I've got.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five Books

I thought about this entry while I was away, jotted down some notes and here I am sharing it with you.

If you had to pick five books all from 'different' genres (I use different liberally as some genres kinda mould into one another) What five would you choose to recommend to others and why?

Here is my list:

Romance / period piece: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë - I read this book at school when I was 14 and I really enjoyed it. Of all the books I've read from this 'period' aka Austin, Bronte sisters etc. This wins each and every time.

Horror: Hater by David Moody - Hands down the best book I've read in some time. You want to know what it's like for a zombie? Cause zombie's have feelings too you know!! Moody tells the story from the un-dead rotting flesh point of view.

Science-Fiction: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells + Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - When it comes to Sci-fi I can't split Wells and Bradbury. Both prolific world creators re futuristic settings. If you've not read either, I highly recommend both.

Autobiography / Memoir: Tigers Eye by Inga Clendinnen. I read this book as part of my Uni course. This woman's story was remarkable and I could relate to it (She tells a story of going through liver failure) My uncle died of liver failure and when I read this book, it in a way allowed me to see the world for a moment through his eyes. Clendinnen writing style is amazing and this piece is one of the best books I've ever read.

So pick five from various genres that you like, tell me a little about it and I'll add some to my reading list.

That's all I've got

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holiday update

Hello :)

Firstly to follower #24 Hi - thanks for the follow.

Alright my holiday with my nephews was #RAD and #Awesome. I had the best time hanging out with the boys, they have a jumping castle which we blew up on a few occasions. I worked out that if I sat with my back to one of the big side pillars the boys would jump and I'd get a full body massage! *For the Win* So I spent most of my time taking in that benefit.

Then there was the blow up mattress / bed thing I slept on, which the boys also discovered was very 'jumping castle' like and each morning I was woken by them coming in for a jump and a cuddle.

The bakery in town makes THE BEST cream buns I've ever had. Consequently I managed a cream bun a day, along with their sausage rolls (It was morning tea every day out there!)

I had planned to read some of the new book I bought while out there, but anyone who has children knows this does not happen. They are go go go from the time they wake up until it's time for bed.

I DID however introduce Four (Almost time to become 'Almost Five') to the joys of Play-station Two. Needless to say he's a mad champion on Spiro the dragon already. Plus he drives a pretty mean car in Grand Turismo (sp?) (Remember he's only four!)

So that was my holiday, lots of bad food, play-station, jumping castles and a awesome time spent with two very awesome little boys... Oh and my brother and his wife!!!

That's all I've got.

I'm back

Hello readers
I'm back and blogging from the comfort of my bed! I shall update later in the day with a full I've been away on holidays report which includes the words "cream buns" and "jumping castle"


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