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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please don't pass me the dictaphone :(

I was washing up today and had this realisation. Everyone of us are story tellers. All of us. Each of us has a tale to tell in relation to how we meet our friends, partner etc. How we may have left a job, or how we got a job. So in reality being a 'writer' is well nothing really special, because deep down all of us are, in some form of another, 'story tellers.' It's just the really talented ones or those who have the money to grease the right palms that get published. (This is going somewhere I promise)

What shits me is that I've done two and a half years at Uni in a writing degree, and in that time I've worked my arse off to achieve the grades I have. But it seems that 'learning' a trade isn't important anymore, you just have to be good looking, charming, fucked enough people, play football, or suck a lot of cock to get a book published these days! FUCK industry training - that's for nerds, geeks and wanna be writers. It would appear to me that if I a) get a job which involves little to no skill. b) become addicted to drugs, which will bring me media spotlight and then on top of that c) Fuck a lot of football players. I'll get a book published without a problem!

FOR FUCK SAKE Society!! When are we going to see that we want QUALITY over QUANTITY! I want to read books worth reading, not buy some book by a fucking washed up pop star who hasn't managed to get his cock sucked in the last hour by some wanna be groupie with illusions that she / he could be the next "Mr/Mrs fake fuck"

Am I annoyed? Yes a little. I'm a little pissed off that people in this country get a book deal, just because they are a fucking politician, or some dead shit football player! Both of whom probably didn't even write their book, they just spoke a load of shit into a Dictaphone and some poor sap (Probably a writing student!) typed it out.

If my future holds a place for transcribing other people who think they are someone important when they aren't fucking shitty story :( I think it's time to source out a high building.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

Umm.. is this a bad time to ask you to be my biographer?

JustSal said...

*lol* Sco I'd be happy to write your bio - I just don't want to transcribe a 'book' you wrote ;P