Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holiday update

Hello :)

Firstly to follower #24 Hi - thanks for the follow.

Alright my holiday with my nephews was #RAD and #Awesome. I had the best time hanging out with the boys, they have a jumping castle which we blew up on a few occasions. I worked out that if I sat with my back to one of the big side pillars the boys would jump and I'd get a full body massage! *For the Win* So I spent most of my time taking in that benefit.

Then there was the blow up mattress / bed thing I slept on, which the boys also discovered was very 'jumping castle' like and each morning I was woken by them coming in for a jump and a cuddle.

The bakery in town makes THE BEST cream buns I've ever had. Consequently I managed a cream bun a day, along with their sausage rolls (It was morning tea every day out there!)

I had planned to read some of the new book I bought while out there, but anyone who has children knows this does not happen. They are go go go from the time they wake up until it's time for bed.

I DID however introduce Four (Almost time to become 'Almost Five') to the joys of Play-station Two. Needless to say he's a mad champion on Spiro the dragon already. Plus he drives a pretty mean car in Grand Turismo (sp?) (Remember he's only four!)

So that was my holiday, lots of bad food, play-station, jumping castles and a awesome time spent with two very awesome little boys... Oh and my brother and his wife!!!

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Sounds like a #RAD holiday to me.

Except instead of PS2 I would prefer Xbox. And instead of Gran Turismo I would go with Forza.

But those are only minor details.