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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a general catchup

Hello readers,

I just thought I'd say hello. So 'hello.' Firstly thanks to Scoman and Hillbilly Dun for your books. I'll add them to my list and check them out.

My week has been kinda eventful. I got sick of my PC being a right prick locking up, not booting, etc so I smacked it around a few times, still no change. So I fixed it good and proper! I formatted the fucker! Yes I hit that 'fdisk' program like it was a pinball machine and delete delete delete. Since then *touch wood* it's been going really great, except for this evening after a WINDOWS update it just gave me the c: prompt for 5 mins, so I had to reboot it, I told it to sort it's shit out and it booted up fine :) YAY.... Word however is still being a little 'odd' but hey it is Microsoft after all!

Along with formatting my PC - I submitted my piece for the poetry competition. I put a very brief note on the front, and thanked the person for taking the time to read my piece. This is kinda big for me. I've never entered my work into anything before. The only people who have read my work are those few I trust. So sending this off to a total stranger is kinda big. If you want to read what I submitted, let me know and I'll post it up here, and hope like all fuck no one flogs it! (I'm paranoid about ppl stealing my stuff as it does happen (Remember last years playwriting class, when one student tried to offload someone else's work as their own!)

The other amazing thing I discovered this week was ebay. I know its been around forever, but I've never bought anything on there, and this week I signed up and put something up for sale. (This was yesterday afternoon) This morning it was sold! I was like 'damn!!' So now I'm waiting for the $$ to change hands, I'll post it off to the new owner, and I'll buy the text book I need to buy this semester which is due to kick off again in less than two weeks. Where did my holiday go?

I've got car rego and insurance due by the end of the month. So impoverished is well and truly the key word right now.

Plus I've been re-reading over my NanoWrimo Novel from 2009 so as to refresh the story in my head so I can finish it. I'll then send it to Sco for proofing. THEN I'll start planning for this year's Nano which will be here soon.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

I'd like to read your poem. And you don't have to worry about me stealing it, you know you can trust me.

And if you can't trust me, I'll send you a story I've been working on. It's a sci-fi story about Joey and Keith =p

eBay can be awesome for offloading things you don't need. I sold 64 Goosebumps books on there for $50. I hope the new owner enjoys them.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I'd like to read your poem too! And I won't steal it. Heck, I have a whole blog dedicated to my stuff that I work on or just tinkering about with. You should check it out.... The Wind That Swept the Holler

eBay. I've been there to check stuff out a few times, but haven't really been there too often.