Thursday, June 24, 2010


Those who read this blog, probably know of the great #rad Scoman.

He e-mailed me today to tell me his blog is MIA - Yes readers, someone has stolen Scoman's blog and it is 'no longer available' the blog has been deleted (Insert sound of cybermen going 'delete delete delete') ... or maybe not ;P

After more correspondence with Scoman, he has come to the conclusion that he *may* have breached the terms and conditions of blogger (So unlike him don't you all think?)

Personally I think it was that vegan Andrew G who probably conspired to have Sco's blog deleted.

Hopefully Sco will return soon, if not we'll throw him a party when he starts up another new blog!!

In other news!!!

Australia has a new prime-minister - and the coolest part is it's a woman :) Woohooo girls around the world are currently saying 'you go girl' because Australia is different to other countries that have had previous female leaders, as ours LOOKS like a woman!!! Thacher?? Sometimes I think it was a Muppet that got rejected, and don't get me started on New Zealand's former (I think it was a woman) 'leader' *lol*

That's all I've got.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

You know, when I opened up my mail and didn't see a comment thinger from Sco, I thought, what the heck, he comments on evertyhing I post! And so, I thought maybe he was sick or something, (Of course, my mind went deep and dark and imagined him in a car crash or something after that!) But besides that, I missed him this morning and glad to know why!

Only WTF?? I hope he opens up a new place soon! OR finds the old one!!

Jennee said...

OH NO! That is terrible news...and I too was wondering why Scoman hasn't commented on The Betty Files story yet...they are his favorites! The only reason someone might steal his blog is because they're jealous of the awesomeness of the blog!

K.M. Weiland said...

You know you're doing something right when you're getting enough negative attention to kill your Blogger account. :p

ScoMan said...

Thanks for the support everyone, but I'm back now.

And thanks for keeping everyone up to date Sal.