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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


e lat ed
Adjective: Meaning very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits.

I’m ELATED!!!!! Why I can hear you asking?

I wrote to David Moody in regards to my Genre project of writing back to his book Hater. He answered to say that was cool, and asked that if I was willing to, to send him a copy of what I wrote.

The assignment was due Monday so Monday night I e-mailed what I wrote to David, then had a major anxiety attack thinking *holy fuck* I’ve just e-mailed a successful author who’s sold millions of copies of his book, with my take on what one of his characters may have been feeling at a certain point in the overall plot structure. Like I said *holy fuck*

I got a reply from David today, to say it was awesome to receive an e-mail from David would be an understatement. Better still he liked what I wrote and gave me some amazing feedback which has really boosted my confidence as a writer. So thank you David!

I want to thank you my readers as well. I know I say thanks to you a lot but I really do mean it. If I should ever make it as a writer – all 23 of you will get a personal signed copy of whatever book I release as a thank you for being #rad and supportive of me, by reading what I write on here, and also commenting which you know I love.

So thank you :)

In other writing news – I’ve come up with an idea for Nanowrimo 2010. If you haven’t heard about Nano – you can check it out by clicking this link The Clicky Clicky Bit

My main protagonist will be called Scott after the amazing Scoman who’s glory to be a main protagonist was put on the back burner when Uni changed their assessment requirement. (See earlier post) in which I started a horror piece that had a lead called Scott.

I once again plan to share my Nano experience on here with a blog a day in November. But in September I’m going to put some ideas up re clothing, characteristics etc and get your feedback on it, that way you’ve all had a little part in the writing of it. The story will be set over a 24hr period Think Mrs Dalloway but a little longer!

So that’s the update from me, how was everyone else’s day?

That’s all I’ve got.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Allergies, old friends and a woofy update.

I have allergies :( They suck a lot. It's a snot feast, wheezing and coughing extravaganza here at the moment. But I'll 'suck it up' (Not literally as that would be bloody nasty!!!)) and get on with it. I've got my beloved Phenerghan so I'm set. it's not a 'sickness' its just an inconvenience!

An update on my Dog. He's on the mend :) Vet gave him some antibiotics and it's fixed him right up, he's back to his usual self again which is #rad. Thanks to you all for your concern re him. Much appreciated.

We all got an extension over the weekend for our genre piece. Have I fine turned it? Well no. Have to written the 500 word blurb that goes with it to explain the genre I chose to write and if I followed traditions or went against them? No So what have you been doing Sal I can hear you asking.

I've been hanging out with a friend of mine who I used to live with in Brisbane, who's on his way back up to Brisbane to live once again. (He's been in Canberra) It has been awesome to catch up with him again after not seeing him for 5 years. He came and stayed here with me, and we ate junk food, watched movies and generally just hung out and caught up. I like it when you have friends that just slot into place. Though sharing a house with people kinda breaks down barriers etc. I've had a lot of different flatmates / housemates / roomies in my time. Some of whom if I never see again, will quite possibly be too soon, but there's a bunch of people I've lived with over the years that have become great friends, and I'd live with them all again in a heartbeat.

So my question to you today is. Who are you closet too (You can't include your significant other half! When sex comes into play, they changes the dynamics of the friendship) So tell me about someone who you enjoy their company, or someone you may have shared a place with over the years, but circumstances like work etc caused you to part ways, but you'd go back to sharing a place with them again, without even giving it a second thought.

That's all I've got. *Reaches for yet another tissue*

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have a sick woofy

My dog is sick the poor thing. He’s been throwing up his food for the past couple of days. I originally put it down to him hoovering the food down too quickly. But today he was left a 'grazing' bowl. When I got home this afternoon to find him mid spew I called the vet about getting him in to see him. He told me to bring him down at 4:30 so I did.

My dog is a pure bred boxer (I’ll find a picture and post below) His name is Scooby, he’s six years old and spoilt rotten. He’s awesome though and I love him to bits, he’s super loyal, offers me unconditional love. Though he’s not sharing the love right now as I’m not allowed to feed him until tomorrow.

This is the first dog I‘ve owned. All the past dogs have been ‘family’ pets. But Scoob was a birthday present from my brother (Quite possibly the best birthday present ever!) He’s been in several locations in his six years with me re houses etc, not that he really notices that he's moved house! He’s just super happy to see me when I get home, and sulks when I leave :( He barks when required to warn off people who shouldn’t be near my house! Plus I know he’d defend me after I had a friend try and wrestle me to the ground once (He was totally pissing about!) and Scoob fully went the guy (Aww he’s my little four legged protector)

So to see him sick is awful. He’s never been a sickly dog with the exception of some allergies he gets from the wet grass sometimes. But I’ve got cream to put on his feet (Along with dog socks which he hates) that clears up his rash from the wet grass. Plus the current war wounds to his face from playing with my uncles dog. She’s a little staffy – who likes to bite his lips! (See red marks on up close photo below)

While I know Boxers aren’t known for their longevity. I hope to have him around for a few more years to come. He rocks, and I love him for being a part of my life. If you don’t have a pet, and you’re able to have one. I so suggest you get one. Either a cat or a dog (I prefer dogs, but have had cats in the past) They bring an entire new level to your life, and for children they teach them the a valuable lesson in life – responsibility!

That’s all I’ve got.

Top image is Scoob checking out the postman. Second one is him going 'Ooo what do you have in your hand, is it food?'

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello and 360 degree turns

Hello to my new followers. I hope you're enjoying the 'JustSal' experience.

It's Sunday.... Sunday is the day I go and get the Sunday paper, grab a cake and come home and have a leisurely read of the aforementioned paper, and eat the cake I purchased.

This Sunday morning was a little different though.

Yesterday I was out with my mum and whilst driving her home we noticed my car making a 'strange' noise. I told her I'd get the guy at the garage to look at it on Monday. However this morning both my parents turned up to where I'm staying atm so my father could take my car for a drive to 'hear' the noise.

He left came back about five minutes later, grumbling about not being able to hear anything. (I expected as much as he's fucking deaf!) So he says to me - you come with me. I go to get into the drivers seat, and he's NO I'M DRIVING - Being barked at is always nice.

He drives like a maniac. Sure the local streets are 50Km p/h but that doesn't mean you have to try and get from 0 - 50 in less than 2 seconds!!! He tore off down the road, and flung the car around several roundabouts in town before I get the grunted 'See there's no noise' My reply. You're going to fast! Two minutes later he's still not slowed down. I tell him to pull over and swap. I'm now driving like a 'normal human' first right hand turn I take - there's the noise! 'Can you hear that?'
'No - I can't hear a thing'
I pull another right turn again the noise can be heard, louder this time. So he does hear it. He then asks to drive again. We pull over, swap seats and he 'takes off again' I fucking swear he thinks his Peter Brock some days! THEN (This is the part where I see my life flash before my eyes!) He decided to do a few 360 degree turns on a BLIND CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can't see what the fuck is coming around the corner so lets do a few 360 degree turns! FOR FUCK SAKE.

We return back to where I'm staying and he mounts the gutter as he comes into the drive (I'm thinking well if the suspension wasn't fucked before it is now!)

Moral of the story here people. If you have car problems - strange noises etc take it to someone who KNOWS stuff about cars! and doesn't drive like a fucking maniac!

I'll be calling into the garage on the way home from Uni tomorrow.

That's all I've got.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uni cock up and my mum's random comments :)

For fuck sake! Could you sort your shit out? First we’re given an assessment in which we can write any genre we like (limited to 2,000 words) THEN it is changed to include a ‘write back’ scenario. (I think I’ve explained what write back is, but for those who missed it. You take a book you like, take a section of that book, and write back to it. If that makes no sense to you then I suggest you Google ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ that will explain it all!)

ANYWAY.. I’ve been plugging along with both my original piece and the ‘write back’ (I’m writing back to David Moody’s Hater.)

Yesterday we get told that there’s ‘too much confusion’ regarding the assignments and EVERYONE now has to just do the ‘write back.’ So fuck everyone who’s worked on both pieces as there’s only going to be one marked! FOR FUCK SAKE!

While this is only worth 20% of the mark. (which is fuck all really!) I’ll plug on and complete the assignment. But I’m going to sit back and watch the fireworks erupt from others in the class (there are about five who fucking argue, bitch and moan about everything! This includes them bitching about having two creative pieces added instead of one – and now they have dropped it back to one. I bet you $10.00 THOSE five will be the ones who fucking bitch about it again next week!)

Anyway. I had been writing a piece in which my main protagonist was called Scott in honour of the lovely ‘Scoman’ this piece has been put on hold for the moment. I will however either a) finish it off at a later stage (maybe Nanowrimo) or b) re-work it and make Scott a serial killer which I know Sco would be delighted about.

I can’t post anything from the assignment until I’ve handed it in. But once I have I’ll be sure to upload it here so those of you’re interested in it, will be able to have a look.

Onto my mum :)

Quote of the day (well it was two days ago actually) goes to my mum. An advert for ‘so you think you can dance Australia’ came on the TV and she just goes – that’s not Australian! If it was Australian it would be called "So can you fucking dance or what?" (She generally doesn't swear but that particular advert along with about three others piss her right off!) Anyway I laughed for ages over that. I hope I’m that funny when I’m her age, as she manages to crack me up at least once a week bless her.

That’s all I’ve got.

** Did I mention how my mum phoned me the other day and went "Rawwrrr - did I scare ya?' down the phone to me - Still making me laugh as I write this. My mum is awesome :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've killed it ;( -- No no I've saved it!

So I've totally fucked my blog :( Seems the template 'wasn't happy jan'

I'm attempting to fix it, but it's not looking good :(

**Update** Thanks fuck I've managed to fix it - would appear I uploaded a template that wasn't 'blogger' compatible. Have now changed it and this template is called. I can't actually remember right now - Something green :P Insightful I know.

Handed in my first assignment of this year today. Hopefully I've answered the question correctly.

That's all I've got

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ooooo a new look Space-Gloss

Look it's all shiny and new :)

While I was *cough* researching stuff for uni today *cough* I found this awesome free site for blogger templates (Linkage at the very bottom of the page) but you can also check it out by clicking this link HERE

I downloaded a few - so I'm going to run with a different theme for the next few weeks and then get you my loyal readers to vote (Once I work out how to create a poll!) on which one you like the best.

This one is called "Space-Gloss"

Templates aside........

I got a fair amount of work done today, but I was still left somewhat confused. I've called time on Uni for tonight though as it's Friday night and I have a bit of a life... Ok I'm going to go watch a movie but hey I'm going out tomorrow night to a friends farewell - So I do socialise *sometimes*

I got the surrogates today on Blu-ray, so I'm off to watch that. Providing of course that I'll be able to hear it as the fucktards down the back are having a 'shindig' playing their fucking shit awful music (Meatloaf etc!) at far too high a volume. They have clearly just moved in, and don't realise that the police station is about a block away. I'll put money on it they will get a visit from them (the police) later in the evening about the noise levels and maybe they (The police) will fine them (fucktards down the back) for appalling music taste as Billie Ray Cyrus just started up!

I need surround sound to drown out the nastiness!! :(

That's all I've got

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hair this morning - Gone this afternoon

I entered the worlds greatest shave this year (See blue logo over there to the right of this entry) My goal was $500.00 to shave my hair off. I achieved this goal :) Woohoo

Below is a before and an after shot.

With a friend of my mums passing away yesterday from Cancer. I know my mum felt a real sense of pride as she shaved the hair off my head this morning (She told me she was proud) While $500.00 dollars is just a 'drop in the bucket' It's $500.00 more than this cancer research organisation wouldn't have had without me.

Thanks to all those who sponsored me. I really appreciate it. My cold noggin does too ;P I'll do an update once I bank the cash donations I've received as well. But at the moment I've sitting on about $720.00 raised.

That's all I've got.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

HELP - My time management is appalling

I’m into the second week of first semester and already I’m behind. How did this happen I can hear you ask? My time management is pathetic.

I set out with great intentions, but they soon fall by the way side as I’m easily distracted. Each year I’m pulling out a “can of whoop arse” ready to release it on myself, because time and time again I’m in the same situation. Yet I continue to go down this path. I’m wondering at what point will I LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, but as my brother stated to me on the phone today. ‘I don’t know what you’re worrying about, you’re passing Uni with Credit + marks, so if this method works for you. (That method being fuck all until its crunch time) then go with it!.

But there’s the problem. I’m not a natural student. I’ve got to read and write and read and revise and go over (You get the picture here) just to keep my head above water. So WHY do I waste all this time? WHY?????????

I need to slap myself about, knuckle down and get on with the job, because the reality is. Uni is hard, but it’s so much easier than working in a job you fucking hate week in week out. Perhaps that’s my problem right there. I’ve not got enough discipline with my Uni. I need to treat it like a job. Turn up early, have intermittent breaks / lunch etc and WORK, in stead of wandering off to ‘read’ and ending up having a nap! In my defence there I was tired. However I probably shouldn’t lie down horizontally and read for Uni, knowing full well I’ll probably nod off and loose the page I was up to which happened today!

So loyal bloggers, can you help me? Can you give me suggestions on what I should do to better manage my time, so I don’t feel like I’m constantly at this point in my Uni life, where I can’t be arse doing the readings, as I’d rather have a nap.

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

These sheets are making me itchy

At around 1am this morning, I was woken by an itchiness... Seems I came in contract with something yesterday and it made me break out in a rash. I'm talking mega itchy red welts on my skin. At around 1am this morning, it got to the point that just laying in bed was making me itch, so in my slumbered itchy stupor I got up, raided the drug cupboard and took some phenergan. Ooooo the joy of phenergan. I changed my sheets, had a shower, and got back into bed.

For those who don't know what phenergan is - click on there here link to find out Basically Phenergan is a wonder drug for allergies, and itchiness. It also makes some people very sleepy.

Those last two words 'very sleepy' are the key to my post today.

Phenergan makes me sleepy, usually I take 10mg if I'm snot central etc and it sorts me out, and allows me to continue to work (Kinda all fuzzy, but still work) but last night in my sleep stupor I took a 25mg tablet. I was KO'ed today. I got up around 9am, but was shattered, so went back to bed at 10am - slept through to 12:30 I got up and had some lunch, then 'tried' to do some of my uni work. At 2:30pm I was napping in the chair, so I went back to bed, and have recently removed myself from my bed at 6pm.

Am I well rested? Hell yes! Maybe this 'super sleep' is just what I needed to recharge the batteries, as while I still feel 'tired' I know it will be out of my system tomorrow.

As for the strange rash? I assume it was something I must have brushed up against when out looking at the flood waters with my dog yesterday, as he too has a strange welt like rash on him today. I've got puppy phenergan for him, which I gave to him this morning when I was first up, and he like me has snoozed all day.

Sometimes life is just perfect, nothing like a nice snooze day - unfortunately it's NOT getting my uni work done, but I'll knuckle down to it tomorrow.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's raining.... water!

It's raining here, and I don't mean a few spots of rain, I'm talking 135mm in 24hrs. This is A LOT. Though spare a thought for my brother and his family who had planned to be at the beach this coming Saturday, but received 400MM over the past 48hr period, and are now flooded in and can't go to the beach. (Not that it would matter, as the beach they were going to is also experiencing flooding). However this was the first extended holiday my brother and his family have had in two years, so they were as you'd expect looking forward to it.

When we were young whenever we'd go to the beach on holidays it would *always* rain the first week (Holiday were usually two weeks) this happened every time we went to the beach, to the point that it started to be known as (insert my family name here) curse. My brother has clearly kept on this tradition, as two years ago when he last went to the beach on holidays it.... Yes you guessed it - Rained, though it didn't flood, but still rain and the beach sucks!

I spoke to him on the phone today; he was more annoyed that the place they had booked to stay wouldn't give him a refund on his deposit. I was telling him to ring back and tell them you're a doctor not a fucking weatherman and can't control the fucking weather and to get fucked! He just told them he'd never go to their 'apartments' again and would tell everyone he knows never to go there either, and he knows a shit load of people. The 'apartments' are getting back to him tomorrow. I mean a 100% non refund is bullshit! It's not like they are 'booked out' *groans* don't get me started on fucking hotels and their fucking bullshit policies! (I'll let you know if he managed a part refund!)

So today I've read stuff for Uni, and wrote some stuff, but other than that there's been a stream of visitors to this place all day, just 'calling' in while looking at the flood waters. I think I've made about 25 cups of tea / coffee today, including one tea with soy milk, which the person 'dropping' in provided. (Cause THAT wasn't planned Nooo. Who the fuck travels around with their own fucking soy milk!)

So tomorrow there is no uni for me as we're flooded in here, which means no Uni for the rest of this week, as the flood waters won't reside before the end of the week. So I have three days of 'Uni' work time, which is a battle on a rainy day as it's a 'bed and DVD' kinda day, but I'll be strong and be diligent and do Uni work, and maybe just watch movies in the afternoon :)

That's all I've got.

** I've just re-read this - clearly in a 'fuck' mood, as there's a few F bombs dropped into this one!.