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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's raining.... water!

It's raining here, and I don't mean a few spots of rain, I'm talking 135mm in 24hrs. This is A LOT. Though spare a thought for my brother and his family who had planned to be at the beach this coming Saturday, but received 400MM over the past 48hr period, and are now flooded in and can't go to the beach. (Not that it would matter, as the beach they were going to is also experiencing flooding). However this was the first extended holiday my brother and his family have had in two years, so they were as you'd expect looking forward to it.

When we were young whenever we'd go to the beach on holidays it would *always* rain the first week (Holiday were usually two weeks) this happened every time we went to the beach, to the point that it started to be known as (insert my family name here) curse. My brother has clearly kept on this tradition, as two years ago when he last went to the beach on holidays it.... Yes you guessed it - Rained, though it didn't flood, but still rain and the beach sucks!

I spoke to him on the phone today; he was more annoyed that the place they had booked to stay wouldn't give him a refund on his deposit. I was telling him to ring back and tell them you're a doctor not a fucking weatherman and can't control the fucking weather and to get fucked! He just told them he'd never go to their 'apartments' again and would tell everyone he knows never to go there either, and he knows a shit load of people. The 'apartments' are getting back to him tomorrow. I mean a 100% non refund is bullshit! It's not like they are 'booked out' *groans* don't get me started on fucking hotels and their fucking bullshit policies! (I'll let you know if he managed a part refund!)

So today I've read stuff for Uni, and wrote some stuff, but other than that there's been a stream of visitors to this place all day, just 'calling' in while looking at the flood waters. I think I've made about 25 cups of tea / coffee today, including one tea with soy milk, which the person 'dropping' in provided. (Cause THAT wasn't planned Nooo. Who the fuck travels around with their own fucking soy milk!)

So tomorrow there is no uni for me as we're flooded in here, which means no Uni for the rest of this week, as the flood waters won't reside before the end of the week. So I have three days of 'Uni' work time, which is a battle on a rainy day as it's a 'bed and DVD' kinda day, but I'll be strong and be diligent and do Uni work, and maybe just watch movies in the afternoon :)

That's all I've got.

** I've just re-read this - clearly in a 'fuck' mood, as there's a few F bombs dropped into this one!.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

I don't mind the F bombs, I use them all the time! :)

ScoMan said...

Well, if your brother doesn't get a refund be sure to let us know where it is so we can also let everyone know not to go there.

Though I was never big on beaches so I probably wouldn't want to go there anyway.. but that's hardly the point. Now I'll make it known that I'm not going on principal.