Friday, March 12, 2010

Ooooo a new look Space-Gloss

Look it's all shiny and new :)

While I was *cough* researching stuff for uni today *cough* I found this awesome free site for blogger templates (Linkage at the very bottom of the page) but you can also check it out by clicking this link HERE

I downloaded a few - so I'm going to run with a different theme for the next few weeks and then get you my loyal readers to vote (Once I work out how to create a poll!) on which one you like the best.

This one is called "Space-Gloss"

Templates aside........

I got a fair amount of work done today, but I was still left somewhat confused. I've called time on Uni for tonight though as it's Friday night and I have a bit of a life... Ok I'm going to go watch a movie but hey I'm going out tomorrow night to a friends farewell - So I do socialise *sometimes*

I got the surrogates today on Blu-ray, so I'm off to watch that. Providing of course that I'll be able to hear it as the fucktards down the back are having a 'shindig' playing their fucking shit awful music (Meatloaf etc!) at far too high a volume. They have clearly just moved in, and don't realise that the police station is about a block away. I'll put money on it they will get a visit from them (the police) later in the evening about the noise levels and maybe they (The police) will fine them (fucktards down the back) for appalling music taste as Billie Ray Cyrus just started up!

I need surround sound to drown out the nastiness!! :(

That's all I've got


Kellyansapansa said...

Great template - I'll be interested to see which other ones you trial :o)

ScoMan said...

I like the new look.

Meatloaf? Billy Ray Cyrus?

And my parents didn't even tell me they were moving. Bastards.

The Only Girl said...

hmmmm . . . the template is nice, but it's hard on the eyes to read the font on a black background. Or is it just me? It wouldn't be the first time . . .