Thursday, March 4, 2010

These sheets are making me itchy

At around 1am this morning, I was woken by an itchiness... Seems I came in contract with something yesterday and it made me break out in a rash. I'm talking mega itchy red welts on my skin. At around 1am this morning, it got to the point that just laying in bed was making me itch, so in my slumbered itchy stupor I got up, raided the drug cupboard and took some phenergan. Ooooo the joy of phenergan. I changed my sheets, had a shower, and got back into bed.

For those who don't know what phenergan is - click on there here link to find out Basically Phenergan is a wonder drug for allergies, and itchiness. It also makes some people very sleepy.

Those last two words 'very sleepy' are the key to my post today.

Phenergan makes me sleepy, usually I take 10mg if I'm snot central etc and it sorts me out, and allows me to continue to work (Kinda all fuzzy, but still work) but last night in my sleep stupor I took a 25mg tablet. I was KO'ed today. I got up around 9am, but was shattered, so went back to bed at 10am - slept through to 12:30 I got up and had some lunch, then 'tried' to do some of my uni work. At 2:30pm I was napping in the chair, so I went back to bed, and have recently removed myself from my bed at 6pm.

Am I well rested? Hell yes! Maybe this 'super sleep' is just what I needed to recharge the batteries, as while I still feel 'tired' I know it will be out of my system tomorrow.

As for the strange rash? I assume it was something I must have brushed up against when out looking at the flood waters with my dog yesterday, as he too has a strange welt like rash on him today. I've got puppy phenergan for him, which I gave to him this morning when I was first up, and he like me has snoozed all day.

Sometimes life is just perfect, nothing like a nice snooze day - unfortunately it's NOT getting my uni work done, but I'll knuckle down to it tomorrow.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

I've never even heard of Phenergan and even your dog has his own version of Phenergan?!

This is an outrage!

ScoMan said...

Stupid error make me double post and now post a third time explaining the double up.

Anonymous said...

Phenergan knocks me out cold. I took the TINIEST dose once that a lady at work gave me when I had killer hayfever, next thing I know my boss was waking me up at my desk to put me in a cab and send me home!