Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello and 360 degree turns

Hello to my new followers. I hope you're enjoying the 'JustSal' experience.

It's Sunday.... Sunday is the day I go and get the Sunday paper, grab a cake and come home and have a leisurely read of the aforementioned paper, and eat the cake I purchased.

This Sunday morning was a little different though.

Yesterday I was out with my mum and whilst driving her home we noticed my car making a 'strange' noise. I told her I'd get the guy at the garage to look at it on Monday. However this morning both my parents turned up to where I'm staying atm so my father could take my car for a drive to 'hear' the noise.

He left came back about five minutes later, grumbling about not being able to hear anything. (I expected as much as he's fucking deaf!) So he says to me - you come with me. I go to get into the drivers seat, and he's NO I'M DRIVING - Being barked at is always nice.

He drives like a maniac. Sure the local streets are 50Km p/h but that doesn't mean you have to try and get from 0 - 50 in less than 2 seconds!!! He tore off down the road, and flung the car around several roundabouts in town before I get the grunted 'See there's no noise' My reply. You're going to fast! Two minutes later he's still not slowed down. I tell him to pull over and swap. I'm now driving like a 'normal human' first right hand turn I take - there's the noise! 'Can you hear that?'
'No - I can't hear a thing'
I pull another right turn again the noise can be heard, louder this time. So he does hear it. He then asks to drive again. We pull over, swap seats and he 'takes off again' I fucking swear he thinks his Peter Brock some days! THEN (This is the part where I see my life flash before my eyes!) He decided to do a few 360 degree turns on a BLIND CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can't see what the fuck is coming around the corner so lets do a few 360 degree turns! FOR FUCK SAKE.

We return back to where I'm staying and he mounts the gutter as he comes into the drive (I'm thinking well if the suspension wasn't fucked before it is now!)

Moral of the story here people. If you have car problems - strange noises etc take it to someone who KNOWS stuff about cars! and doesn't drive like a fucking maniac!

I'll be calling into the garage on the way home from Uni tomorrow.

That's all I've got.


davo77 said...

do an update about ya car when you find out

Kellyansapansa said...

Grrr - I try and keep my Dad away from anything mechanical!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

My dad always has a thing for helping when he's drunk off his ass, and usually all help is wrong. I avoid asking him for help since he can't stay out of the drink long enough. Which I think is sad concidering at one time he was very smart with machanics.

ScoMan said...

I don't tell my dad when anything's broken, because he always denies it's broken and thinks I'm going to be ripped off.

Sounds like your dad is one of those people too.

Maybe it's just one of those "dad" things.