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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Allergies, old friends and a woofy update.

I have allergies :( They suck a lot. It's a snot feast, wheezing and coughing extravaganza here at the moment. But I'll 'suck it up' (Not literally as that would be bloody nasty!!!)) and get on with it. I've got my beloved Phenerghan so I'm set. it's not a 'sickness' its just an inconvenience!

An update on my Dog. He's on the mend :) Vet gave him some antibiotics and it's fixed him right up, he's back to his usual self again which is #rad. Thanks to you all for your concern re him. Much appreciated.

We all got an extension over the weekend for our genre piece. Have I fine turned it? Well no. Have to written the 500 word blurb that goes with it to explain the genre I chose to write and if I followed traditions or went against them? No So what have you been doing Sal I can hear you asking.

I've been hanging out with a friend of mine who I used to live with in Brisbane, who's on his way back up to Brisbane to live once again. (He's been in Canberra) It has been awesome to catch up with him again after not seeing him for 5 years. He came and stayed here with me, and we ate junk food, watched movies and generally just hung out and caught up. I like it when you have friends that just slot into place. Though sharing a house with people kinda breaks down barriers etc. I've had a lot of different flatmates / housemates / roomies in my time. Some of whom if I never see again, will quite possibly be too soon, but there's a bunch of people I've lived with over the years that have become great friends, and I'd live with them all again in a heartbeat.

So my question to you today is. Who are you closet too (You can't include your significant other half! When sex comes into play, they changes the dynamics of the friendship) So tell me about someone who you enjoy their company, or someone you may have shared a place with over the years, but circumstances like work etc caused you to part ways, but you'd go back to sharing a place with them again, without even giving it a second thought.

That's all I've got. *Reaches for yet another tissue*

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

Glad to hear your woof is on the mend, but it sounds like you could do with some of his antibiotics.

The people I'm closest to?

I can't really think of anyone.

I've never lived with anyone.

I don't hang out with anyone in particular on a regular basis.

There's nobody who I really talk to about anything beyond the everyday stuff.

And I'm happy that way.