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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philosophy on screen

I’ve written this assignment for Philosophy on screen, which is due tomorrow and now I’m in ‘oh shit’ mode as I’m concerned I’ve not answered the question!! I’m going to have a ‘break’ and get away from this computer, maybe then ‘clarity’ will rain down upon me (I just used the word rain, in a comment on a girls blog regarding writers block, clearly a sign!)

Anyway… I’ll write more later

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Participation mark is in :)

So the official ‘Uni’ side of this journal is done. It’s been ‘marked’ as part of my participation for the subject and I got a credit plus for it (I know even I’m surprised!) however now that it’s not being assessed. I’m free to talk about anything I like…..

Which brings me to…

How hard is it to fucking indicate, whilst driving!?! On top of that do people know how to ‘give way’ on roundabouts? I realise that traffic lights are a no brainer. Red is stop. Green is go. Orange is ‘Fuck I missed the light’ however roundabouts and giving way to the traffic already ON the roundabout seems a little ‘hard’ for some drivers!

So Sunday morning drivers strike again! (I’m not going out on a Sunday morning anymore!) Here I am obeying the road rules when some arse totally tried to make my car become part of his on the roundabout! He then had the audacity to horn me! I horned him back shouted profanity that he never would have heard, though hand gestures do help, found a park and went into the paper shop. For one moment I though it might be a repeat of psycho guy from the overtaking lane a few weeks ago, (long story) and he might have followed me in, but he didn’t. Papers, bread, milk, a custard tart (for breakfast!) and home. Sunday mornings are made for reading the paper, eating a custard tart and drinking a cup of tea in the sun.

Paper perusal over, I got into this assignment for philosophy. This is the question: Drawing on arguments in aesthetics, do you think the movie “Brick” is a work of art of not?

I’m totally fucked. I rented the movie from the video store on Wednesday and tried to get through it ‘again’ and failed dismally. I fell asleep! That’s a big thing with movies. If I fall asleep in the middle of the day whilst watching a film, clearly it didn’t hold my attention!

On a scale of one to ten, this assignment is about a seven! Its due Friday. I’ll keep you posted

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oooo Someone famous!

Hurrah I meet someone famous today! Yes other than this one time I meet Robbie Williams in a music store and asked him what the time was (Hey it’s original!) and this other time I ‘bumped’ into fucking Cliff Richard at an airport. I apologised he looked at me like I’d just shit on his shoes the old bastard! Actually I don’t think I’ll count him as a celeb meeting now that I think about it. The only other “celeb” I’ve go close too is Gillian Anderson I sat and stared at when she was in Australia about 6 tables away from me at the same Coffee shop in the Queen street mall in Brisbane – but didn’t have the bottle to approach her!

Anyway – Uni today had a guest speaker a writer called Karen Brooks – she’s a fantasy sci-fi writer along with being a columnist for the courier mail and also appears on some TV programs on the ABC – If all people who were slightly well known were as nice as this woman we’d have a happier environment – she used wanker, frig (Though that was her stopping herself from saying fuck!) and a long list of other swear words. I really liked this woman, isn’t afraid to say ‘shit’ and ‘bloody’. Whilst I’ve not read any of her work I was interested in what she had to say about how to write sci-fi genre and the mammoth amount of research you need to put in for your book to work well. It’s given me confidence that all of us who have ‘a book’ in them can be published – she also gave us all advice about not being wankers – as it just makes people hate you and won’t get you invites to be guest speakers at writers festivals!

So that’s my update for the day…

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Speech without titles

This is a piece I did for uni - requirements where - characters where to 'speak' without being named. (Speech without Titles) 500 words

Not that hard when you see it - though trying to write something that allows the reader to keep track of who is saying and thinking what without putting and 'Adam said' and 'Lucy answered' isn't as easy as I thought it would be - thankfully it only had to be approx 500 words!


Her fingers traced the outline of a tattoo “Made in Australia” that sat just below her collarbone she looked at her fine white skin, soft under her touch. ‘This lie you’re living… it will consume you in the end’
‘You know my situation, it’s not a lie, it’s just a withholding certain information’
‘Whatever helps you to sleep at night’ she brushed her off coldly.
‘I’m not like you, I’m not ‘out and proud’ she replied angrily.
‘Being seen coming in here with me, practically puts a gay flag on your back, or at least a sign that says ‘I’m with her’.
‘What do you want from me?’ she asked as she got out of bed and searched for her clothes
‘I want you to be happy’
‘I am happy. I’m happy with this arrangement, I’m happy with my job, I’m happy with my life.’
‘But are you?’ she asked? ‘Are you really happy?’
‘Not all of us have to ‘come out’ to our friends and families to be happy you know. What I do in my private life is my business.’
‘So I’m you’re dirty secret then am I?’
‘Always about you isn’t it, regardless of how the conversation starts it always, always manages to get back to you!’ she answered angrily pulling on her jeans and buttoning them up.
‘Well no-one knows about us, so I simply assume you’re ashamed of this!’
‘Define this!’
‘Fucking me, fucking a woman, laying down with the same sex and fucking her!’ she retorted bluntly, throwing her t-shirt at her.
‘And here I was thinking ‘this’ meant more than a fuck, for one moment there I though ‘this’ might be defined as you and I, as love, as friendship, as something more.’

Silence filled the room as both girls stared at each other – what started out as a loving encounter, of passion and desire was ending once again with anger and resentment.

‘If you need a label so fucking badly, then fuck off and get your post-it notes and put a label on my box! Put on it – “Not for labelling because I’m not ready to be labelled!” She stood there anger filling her veins staring at her just laying there on the bed knowing that in her mind she couldn’t let her leave without getting in the final word… she waited for those final words to part from her lips, moments seemed like an eternity, she was sick of waiting – perhaps this time she got the final word. She collected her keys, wallet and mobile from the table and headed for the door, her hand on the door handle, she pushed it down and pulled the door open, thinking to herself ‘bloody hell I think I just got the last word in for the first time ever!’ but the silence was broken.

‘This lie you’re living… it will consume you in the end’ she yelled from the bed. She’d got her ‘last word’ on an argument in.

‘Goodbye, I won’t be back’ the door shutting behind her, she quickly slipped past the door into the stairwell – she’d gotten the last word for once, in the 8 months she’d been with her, she had finally managed to get the last word in on an argument, however her last words where really the last ones.

Quick update

I've removed the 'progress' of my life writing project as it's now been handed in and was just taking up space. The other stuff that's part of the 'marking' is still there along with a soon to be updated posts in time for submission.

So much for the weekly 'updates' I'm shocking at this online journal stuff - however here is a pic of my dog who's laying on the floor keeping me company whilst I type this.