Saturday, October 11, 2008

Speech without titles

This is a piece I did for uni - requirements where - characters where to 'speak' without being named. (Speech without Titles) 500 words

Not that hard when you see it - though trying to write something that allows the reader to keep track of who is saying and thinking what without putting and 'Adam said' and 'Lucy answered' isn't as easy as I thought it would be - thankfully it only had to be approx 500 words!


Her fingers traced the outline of a tattoo “Made in Australia” that sat just below her collarbone she looked at her fine white skin, soft under her touch. ‘This lie you’re living… it will consume you in the end’
‘You know my situation, it’s not a lie, it’s just a withholding certain information’
‘Whatever helps you to sleep at night’ she brushed her off coldly.
‘I’m not like you, I’m not ‘out and proud’ she replied angrily.
‘Being seen coming in here with me, practically puts a gay flag on your back, or at least a sign that says ‘I’m with her’.
‘What do you want from me?’ she asked as she got out of bed and searched for her clothes
‘I want you to be happy’
‘I am happy. I’m happy with this arrangement, I’m happy with my job, I’m happy with my life.’
‘But are you?’ she asked? ‘Are you really happy?’
‘Not all of us have to ‘come out’ to our friends and families to be happy you know. What I do in my private life is my business.’
‘So I’m you’re dirty secret then am I?’
‘Always about you isn’t it, regardless of how the conversation starts it always, always manages to get back to you!’ she answered angrily pulling on her jeans and buttoning them up.
‘Well no-one knows about us, so I simply assume you’re ashamed of this!’
‘Define this!’
‘Fucking me, fucking a woman, laying down with the same sex and fucking her!’ she retorted bluntly, throwing her t-shirt at her.
‘And here I was thinking ‘this’ meant more than a fuck, for one moment there I though ‘this’ might be defined as you and I, as love, as friendship, as something more.’

Silence filled the room as both girls stared at each other – what started out as a loving encounter, of passion and desire was ending once again with anger and resentment.

‘If you need a label so fucking badly, then fuck off and get your post-it notes and put a label on my box! Put on it – “Not for labelling because I’m not ready to be labelled!” She stood there anger filling her veins staring at her just laying there on the bed knowing that in her mind she couldn’t let her leave without getting in the final word… she waited for those final words to part from her lips, moments seemed like an eternity, she was sick of waiting – perhaps this time she got the final word. She collected her keys, wallet and mobile from the table and headed for the door, her hand on the door handle, she pushed it down and pulled the door open, thinking to herself ‘bloody hell I think I just got the last word in for the first time ever!’ but the silence was broken.

‘This lie you’re living… it will consume you in the end’ she yelled from the bed. She’d got her ‘last word’ on an argument in.

‘Goodbye, I won’t be back’ the door shutting behind her, she quickly slipped past the door into the stairwell – she’d gotten the last word for once, in the 8 months she’d been with her, she had finally managed to get the last word in on an argument, however her last words where really the last ones.

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