Sunday, October 26, 2008

Participation mark is in :)

So the official ‘Uni’ side of this journal is done. It’s been ‘marked’ as part of my participation for the subject and I got a credit plus for it (I know even I’m surprised!) however now that it’s not being assessed. I’m free to talk about anything I like…..

Which brings me to…

How hard is it to fucking indicate, whilst driving!?! On top of that do people know how to ‘give way’ on roundabouts? I realise that traffic lights are a no brainer. Red is stop. Green is go. Orange is ‘Fuck I missed the light’ however roundabouts and giving way to the traffic already ON the roundabout seems a little ‘hard’ for some drivers!

So Sunday morning drivers strike again! (I’m not going out on a Sunday morning anymore!) Here I am obeying the road rules when some arse totally tried to make my car become part of his on the roundabout! He then had the audacity to horn me! I horned him back shouted profanity that he never would have heard, though hand gestures do help, found a park and went into the paper shop. For one moment I though it might be a repeat of psycho guy from the overtaking lane a few weeks ago, (long story) and he might have followed me in, but he didn’t. Papers, bread, milk, a custard tart (for breakfast!) and home. Sunday mornings are made for reading the paper, eating a custard tart and drinking a cup of tea in the sun.

Paper perusal over, I got into this assignment for philosophy. This is the question: Drawing on arguments in aesthetics, do you think the movie “Brick” is a work of art of not?

I’m totally fucked. I rented the movie from the video store on Wednesday and tried to get through it ‘again’ and failed dismally. I fell asleep! That’s a big thing with movies. If I fall asleep in the middle of the day whilst watching a film, clearly it didn’t hold my attention!

On a scale of one to ten, this assignment is about a seven! Its due Friday. I’ll keep you posted

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