Monday, October 13, 2008

Oooo Someone famous!

Hurrah I meet someone famous today! Yes other than this one time I meet Robbie Williams in a music store and asked him what the time was (Hey it’s original!) and this other time I ‘bumped’ into fucking Cliff Richard at an airport. I apologised he looked at me like I’d just shit on his shoes the old bastard! Actually I don’t think I’ll count him as a celeb meeting now that I think about it. The only other “celeb” I’ve go close too is Gillian Anderson I sat and stared at when she was in Australia about 6 tables away from me at the same Coffee shop in the Queen street mall in Brisbane – but didn’t have the bottle to approach her!

Anyway – Uni today had a guest speaker a writer called Karen Brooks – she’s a fantasy sci-fi writer along with being a columnist for the courier mail and also appears on some TV programs on the ABC – If all people who were slightly well known were as nice as this woman we’d have a happier environment – she used wanker, frig (Though that was her stopping herself from saying fuck!) and a long list of other swear words. I really liked this woman, isn’t afraid to say ‘shit’ and ‘bloody’. Whilst I’ve not read any of her work I was interested in what she had to say about how to write sci-fi genre and the mammoth amount of research you need to put in for your book to work well. It’s given me confidence that all of us who have ‘a book’ in them can be published – she also gave us all advice about not being wankers – as it just makes people hate you and won’t get you invites to be guest speakers at writers festivals!

So that’s my update for the day…

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SharpFinale said...

lol you met Robbie Williams?!! Wow:P lucky lucky lucky
I remember when I was bout 7, I was at an airport in China and I saw this Chinese celebrity in front of me. I got very excited,cus I've never seen one before; so I "accidentally" bumped her with the luggage cartXD