Friday, January 30, 2009

Uni timetables... are bullshit

The 9am rush for online timetable selection was this morning. As expected the Uni server crashed from the load it was put under at 9am on the dot. Twenty minutes later it was back up and working. I'd worked out a 'suitable' timetable to complement my work hours.... Or so I thought.

Seems that Monday to Friday scenario is out the window. The only available days for the courses I'm enrolled in are Wednesday and Thursdays. Thats it. However on the 'pre' timetable options. Monday - Friday were listed. This isn't good as two of the classes don't finish until 5pm. I start work at 4pm.

There are other class times that finish before 4pm. But they are 'reserved' whatever that means!

I've e-mailed the head of department re my work schedule and the dodgy timetable for the writing majors. I'm awaiting a response.

The only other option should Uni NOT budge (I'll work on that scenario!) is sweet talking a change of work hours.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google search thingo

My cousin brought this to my attention. I was then the one who broke her heart and told her it's been around for a while. She told me to shut up and just do it :P So I did. Here are my answers.

Needs: Sal needs to pimp this site.

Looks Like: Sal look like a dumb-ass once again.

Says: Sal says but I must say that I am not as impressed with Entourage as I used to be.

Wants: Sal wants reply in 3 days (and I mean it!)

Does: Sal does not deal with the question.

Hates: Sal hates the new facebook (So true!)

Asks: Sal asks if she will do a good job.

Likes: Sal likes to barbecue, and write for pleasure.

Eats: Sal eats steak.

Wears: Sal wears jersey vest by Karen Walker (is it bad that I have no clue who Karen Walker is?)

Was arrested for: Sal was arrested for Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree by Extortion.

Loves: Sal loves you very much.

So there is my google yourself list. Whilst its been around for a while. I'll admit it is still quite amusing.

That's all I've got

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Demeaning language

**Warning** The "C" word is dropped in this entry. Just giving everyone the heads up.

The use of the word ‘Gay’ in a demeaning manner is just fucked! To simply sum it up.

I listen to people talk these days via various mediums. The internet, face to face, on the phone etc and anything that isn’t correct in their eyes, or is deemed a bit odd is automatically summed up as ‘Gay’ Am I offended by this? YES I am – it’s the same as someone who have Middle Eastern heritage being called a terrorist! Narrow-mindedness comes to mind, when I think of this bullshit labelling that some of society like to throw about. What’s got me started… I’ll explain

Strike one: I was in the supermarket today a ‘joyful’ event as most of you who read regularly know (I bloody hate grocery shopping) Anyway… I was in an isle and there was a small group of people in the same isle and something was said about the price of a certain brand of soft drink (Soda in some countries) and one of the group stated ‘That’s so gay talk about a rip off.’

Thus the overall statement was that due to the price of the unmentioned brand of soft drink being ‘high’ it was clearly a bad thing and automatically termed ‘gay’ there was no that’s ridiculous, no unbelievable, no you’ve got to be joking that’s an absurd price… No because it was clearly a negative it therefore was termed GAY! I fumed – I’m sure there was steam coming out of my ears, the death stare I gave the group must have given them the heads up that I wasn’t impressed…. !

Strike two: I signed into YouTube today and as always they have ‘promoted’ videos. I clicked on one of them and the video description for this bloke ranting about money paid out to people on benefits in this country had the following gem of information in the sidebar.

“Sorry for sounding sick and looking like a lesbian”

I hovered over the comments button, thinking I should tell the guy he’s a fucking cunt for his derogatory comment! But then thought why bother? Why waste my letters! My hatred would only inflate his pathetic ego more by ranting at him over his description which I found offensive.

So instead, I ranted here.

I’m off to watch the x-mas special of Doctor Who which is finally being aired in Australia. I’ve held off leaching off the net due to the ABC finally deciding to not make us all wait six months before showing the program.

That’s all I’ve got.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama’s inauguration

It’s not often that a moment in history unfolds before you – enabling you to watch ‘history in the making’ sorry to flog a dead horse in ‘pun’ land there. *lol* as I throw in a double pun!

I’m off to get an early night so I can set my alarm to get up at about 2am to see Barack Obama’s inauguration. Whilst my friend commented that it will be repeated at lunchtime later that day – I explained that it wasn’t the same as watching it live. Those snippets of his hand on the bible etc will be played over and over in news broadcasts for the next week probably. But to see it live for the first time whilst it’s ‘really’ happening, it is a once in a life time experience.

In the lead up to this event I watched various interviews with people who have gathered in Washington DC to be there in the flesh to watch this event. One lady had purchased a t-shirt, with some sort of slogan along with a picture of Barack Obama’s face on it, explaining to the news reporter who was interviewing her that this would be given to her grandchildren so that in the future they will be able to say that their grandmother was there to witness the first African American president to be sworn into office. The look of joy and hope on this woman’s face was such an uplifting feeling. I think the majority of Americans are once again proud to call themselves American after years of embarrassment from Bush.

It also made me think of a program I watched on white supremacist groups in America which aired just before Hilary Clinton stepped down from the race against Barack Obama. This troubled individual made a huge statement saying ‘If a black man was to become the president of the ‘free world’ I’ll shoot myself in the face.’ I’m looking forward to that live cross once Obama has been made ‘official’ just to know that one less racist moron is no longer breathing or worse still possibly breeding!

If you’re watching this historic event, all I can say is enjoy the moment.

That’s all I’ve got.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Liam aka LittleRadge

After I wrote a blog ages ago re going back in time to talk to your younger self (See entry called: Eight year old self) I wrote an e-mail to a YouTube user I’d been checking out from time to time called Littleradge. I’d stumbled across his blog long before I discovered he was a superstar on youtube. Anyway I e-mailed him asking if he’d be interested in doing a video re going back and giving your younger self some advice. Liam did this video yesterday and in his little blurb mentioned my user name on you tube. Over night the video views for my channel increased by 1,000 hits!

This young man is an extremely talented individual and from my brief correspondence with him he’s polite also. A quality essential to not only move forward, but to be respected in society today.

So I’d like to say thanks to Liam (Littleradge) for listening to a suggestion from a total stranger who doesn’t have a following at all on YouTube (which isn’t really that important) Taking that suggestion and making something out of it. Which by the look of the hits / comments on his YouTube site and also his blog is turning out to be quite a phenomenon.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Edited entry

I started to write a entry about my relationship with Mr X (See entry called Not Happy Jan) in this entry I wrote about how our relationship has changed since those now infamous words.

When I re-read over it... I hit Crtl A then Delete.

Basically I miss him and his friendship and I hope in time he will be at a place where he can see that whilst I love him, I'm not in love with him - He still means the world to me though.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back away from the Vegemite! *Updated*

It would seem that some over paid politician in Canberra has decided to try and remove Vegemite from our shelves as it’s too salty! For fuck sake… Vegemite is an Australian icon – even if it’s manufactured in the US. When international visitors come to Australia they want to see Sydney harbour’s landmarks – the bridge, the opera house etc. If they are lucky they hauled arse on the ferry to Taronga Zoo so they could see Kangaroo’s and Koalas. Whilst they visit Australia they will no doubt try Vegemite, generally put far too much onto their toast / bread / sao and think it taste like shit which it does if you put too much on!

For some politician however to try and ‘remove it’ from the shelves because it contains too much salt – fuck off and get a life! Go out and find something else to berate like cigarettes or fucking fireworks! Or better still put your time and effort into supporting something like the much needed revamp of the health system in Australia, or sorting out some housing for the homeless, put a system in place to help with the astronomical rent prices that are causing the ‘youth’ of Australia to stay in their parental homes longer as they can’t afford to move out into a share house with 12 of their mates sleeping 4 to a room cause they can’t afford to pay the $1,500 a week in RENT!

Taking away Vegemite would be like taking Haggis from the Scottish, Hotdogs from the Americans or Maple Syrup from the Canadians! I mean it’s fucking not on!

I say back the fuck up and step away from the Vegemite you political fuckers. Go shine your seat at my tax paying expense and sort out something a little more important with your time, like better pay for Nurses than ‘too much salt’ in Vegemite

**NB I punched this out in under a minute so Meh to the typos, shitty grammar and fucked punctuation.

I wrote a comment about Vegemite on a user called robofillet's youtube site. He then incorporated that comment I made into a video about Vegemite Click here to see the video. Which I think is awesome! (Thanks Rohan) However it highlighted my pathetic spelling ability that is now out there for millions to see :P Clearly I just love the letter S quite alot it flows so well onto the end of the word remove to make it removes!! *lol* Thank god my 'real name' isn't anywhere near this site or youtube!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oooo look what I found

I want to buy this shirt!

I just randomly found this site and I found this one and a few others highly amusing. I want to wear it to any one of the three writing classes I have this semester. I'll defiantly wear it to Moya's class after she confused the hell out of me in 1st semester about how my prose was confused with nouns, adverbs, adjectives and some other confusing words. I think I depressed her when I told her that I don't know the difference between adjectives, nouns or adverbs! They are just words to me that flow out of my mind into my fingers and onto the keyboard. I never stop to think ohh does this pronoun complement this adjective!?! Because I don't have a clue what they are!

I can still see her face. One of shock and disbelief. What can I say - it's all just words to me.

That's all I've got :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Yeah four days late what can I say… I've no excuses. I do however have a total new respect for Britney Spears… Seriously!! Or maybe it’s just that her song “Circus” is what gets *all* the girls up on the dance floor and allows for random snogging :) I’m going with the abundance of tongue action for my new found respect for Britney :P

So new years has come and gone. I managed to dance with various women whom I have no clue what their names are and three random snogs. So overall a good nite. :) Though the city does open you up for more opportunity for a win on I have to say. I miss Brisbane and well I'll move back there as soon as I finish Uni and get a job.

The big news buzzing around the net today is one Mr Matt Smith. The new Doctor Who though we won’t see him in the role until 2010 so I’m still not sure why they revealed him so early – maybe so the BBC had the say on when he was announced instead of it leaking in the press. I think he looks quite nice. Got Tennant’s hair which is a plus and well it isn’t Rhys Ifans! *Thank fuck* I’m sorry but when I heard that Rhys was a possible contender for the role of the 11th incarnation of The Doctor I was just *groan* Rhys played a great role in Notting hill as Hugh Grants dodgy flatmate – I found his performance fit the role well. However as The Doctor I just think he would have been shithouse and I went as far to make the statement on a Facebook group I’m in to say if Rhys was to get the part I’d not watch it as I couldn’t face watching the bloke massacre the role – I’d be waiting for him to jump out of the door with his ‘blood’ t-shirt on!

On a totally different note – a very good friend of mine has been put onto life support after an operation he had last week – Early indications seem to be he’s got septicaemia (Blood poisoning) Because I’m not family I can’t visit. His mum is keeping me updated. I just hope he pulls through this as he’s far to young to die.

So as the internet goes into Matt Smith hysteria.

That’s all I’ve got.