Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Yeah four days late what can I say… I've no excuses. I do however have a total new respect for Britney Spears… Seriously!! Or maybe it’s just that her song “Circus” is what gets *all* the girls up on the dance floor and allows for random snogging :) I’m going with the abundance of tongue action for my new found respect for Britney :P

So new years has come and gone. I managed to dance with various women whom I have no clue what their names are and three random snogs. So overall a good nite. :) Though the city does open you up for more opportunity for a win on I have to say. I miss Brisbane and well I'll move back there as soon as I finish Uni and get a job.

The big news buzzing around the net today is one Mr Matt Smith. The new Doctor Who though we won’t see him in the role until 2010 so I’m still not sure why they revealed him so early – maybe so the BBC had the say on when he was announced instead of it leaking in the press. I think he looks quite nice. Got Tennant’s hair which is a plus and well it isn’t Rhys Ifans! *Thank fuck* I’m sorry but when I heard that Rhys was a possible contender for the role of the 11th incarnation of The Doctor I was just *groan* Rhys played a great role in Notting hill as Hugh Grants dodgy flatmate – I found his performance fit the role well. However as The Doctor I just think he would have been shithouse and I went as far to make the statement on a Facebook group I’m in to say if Rhys was to get the part I’d not watch it as I couldn’t face watching the bloke massacre the role – I’d be waiting for him to jump out of the door with his ‘blood’ t-shirt on!

On a totally different note – a very good friend of mine has been put onto life support after an operation he had last week – Early indications seem to be he’s got septicaemia (Blood poisoning) Because I’m not family I can’t visit. His mum is keeping me updated. I just hope he pulls through this as he’s far to young to die.

So as the internet goes into Matt Smith hysteria.

That’s all I’ve got.


SharpFinale said...

ahh ye Matt Smith...his name sounds so ordinary lol. Nonetheless I can't judge til I've actually seen him.
He's going to have A LOT to live up to though.
'm very sorry to hear about your friend:( What a horrible thing for his family and friends.

JustSal said...

Thank you - They took him off life support yesterday, but he's back on again today - things aren't looking good at all :(