Monday, January 19, 2009

Liam aka LittleRadge

After I wrote a blog ages ago re going back in time to talk to your younger self (See entry called: Eight year old self) I wrote an e-mail to a YouTube user I’d been checking out from time to time called Littleradge. I’d stumbled across his blog long before I discovered he was a superstar on youtube. Anyway I e-mailed him asking if he’d be interested in doing a video re going back and giving your younger self some advice. Liam did this video yesterday and in his little blurb mentioned my user name on you tube. Over night the video views for my channel increased by 1,000 hits!

This young man is an extremely talented individual and from my brief correspondence with him he’s polite also. A quality essential to not only move forward, but to be respected in society today.

So I’d like to say thanks to Liam (Littleradge) for listening to a suggestion from a total stranger who doesn’t have a following at all on YouTube (which isn’t really that important) Taking that suggestion and making something out of it. Which by the look of the hits / comments on his YouTube site and also his blog is turning out to be quite a phenomenon.

That’s all I’ve got


Alyssa said...

congrads! That's really cool :)

I only recently started watching Liam's youtube videos a couple months ago...

but I did not know he had a blog too!

SharpFinale said...

You started a youtube phenomenon!^_^
It was a great idea, I really enjoyed that entry of yours.