Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Edited entry

I started to write a entry about my relationship with Mr X (See entry called Not Happy Jan) in this entry I wrote about how our relationship has changed since those now infamous words.

When I re-read over it... I hit Crtl A then Delete.

Basically I miss him and his friendship and I hope in time he will be at a place where he can see that whilst I love him, I'm not in love with him - He still means the world to me though.

That's all I've got


Letterhead.Loyalty said...

Go ahead and use the book thing! I just found it through a google search.

I'll have to check out the Romulus thing he did and take in the movie not so much him.

I have been watching Billie Piper do Secret Diary,. It's a nice guilty pleasure kind of show for me.

SharpFinale said...

I hope "in time" will be sometime soon.