Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back away from the Vegemite! *Updated*

It would seem that some over paid politician in Canberra has decided to try and remove Vegemite from our shelves as it’s too salty! For fuck sake… Vegemite is an Australian icon – even if it’s manufactured in the US. When international visitors come to Australia they want to see Sydney harbour’s landmarks – the bridge, the opera house etc. If they are lucky they hauled arse on the ferry to Taronga Zoo so they could see Kangaroo’s and Koalas. Whilst they visit Australia they will no doubt try Vegemite, generally put far too much onto their toast / bread / sao and think it taste like shit which it does if you put too much on!

For some politician however to try and ‘remove it’ from the shelves because it contains too much salt – fuck off and get a life! Go out and find something else to berate like cigarettes or fucking fireworks! Or better still put your time and effort into supporting something like the much needed revamp of the health system in Australia, or sorting out some housing for the homeless, put a system in place to help with the astronomical rent prices that are causing the ‘youth’ of Australia to stay in their parental homes longer as they can’t afford to move out into a share house with 12 of their mates sleeping 4 to a room cause they can’t afford to pay the $1,500 a week in RENT!

Taking away Vegemite would be like taking Haggis from the Scottish, Hotdogs from the Americans or Maple Syrup from the Canadians! I mean it’s fucking not on!

I say back the fuck up and step away from the Vegemite you political fuckers. Go shine your seat at my tax paying expense and sort out something a little more important with your time, like better pay for Nurses than ‘too much salt’ in Vegemite

**NB I punched this out in under a minute so Meh to the typos, shitty grammar and fucked punctuation.

I wrote a comment about Vegemite on a user called robofillet's youtube site. He then incorporated that comment I made into a video about Vegemite Click here to see the video. Which I think is awesome! (Thanks Rohan) However it highlighted my pathetic spelling ability that is now out there for millions to see :P Clearly I just love the letter S quite alot it flows so well onto the end of the word remove to make it removes!! *lol* Thank god my 'real name' isn't anywhere near this site or youtube!

That’s all I’ve got


SharpFinale said...

What does vegemite taste like?
Yea I agree that a this is an extremely stupid thing for a politician to pursue.
What is he thinking..

JustSal said...

Vegemite has a unique taste. It's a bit beefy, kinda salty. The secret is not to put too much onto your toast. I'll suss out if it's banned or not in Canada, as the US have banned it. If it's not banned in Canada I'll try and find somewhere you can buy it from.