Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google search thingo

My cousin brought this to my attention. I was then the one who broke her heart and told her it's been around for a while. She told me to shut up and just do it :P So I did. Here are my answers.

Needs: Sal needs to pimp this site.

Looks Like: Sal look like a dumb-ass once again.

Says: Sal says but I must say that I am not as impressed with Entourage as I used to be.

Wants: Sal wants reply in 3 days (and I mean it!)

Does: Sal does not deal with the question.

Hates: Sal hates the new facebook (So true!)

Asks: Sal asks if she will do a good job.

Likes: Sal likes to barbecue, and write for pleasure.

Eats: Sal eats steak.

Wears: Sal wears jersey vest by Karen Walker (is it bad that I have no clue who Karen Walker is?)

Was arrested for: Sal was arrested for Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree by Extortion.

Loves: Sal loves you very much.

So there is my google yourself list. Whilst its been around for a while. I'll admit it is still quite amusing.

That's all I've got

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Hey, Lia said...

lol it's interesting to see the siliness on the web:P